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1.4x Teleconverter Image Comparison

30 April 2023

The 1.4x teleconverter from Canon, when paired with a 100-500mm lens, effectively extends the focal length to 700mm. I have used the converter a few times but have not done much in the way of quality comparison. While shooting some Common Murres, I had the chance to capture some images from the same location with and without the converter and do some pixel peeping comparisons.

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4K Video vs. HD

23 February 2023

Initially when shooting videos on the Canon EOS R6 Mark II, I have been using the default HD resolution at 24FPS. But how much more detail do you get with a 4K video? Does 60FPS add noticeable improvements?

Video Resolution

  • HD: 1920x1080
  • 4K: 3840x2160

Sure, 4K gives four times as many pixels, but can you use that without a 4K monitor? Certainly if you end up cropping the video, the difference is quite noticeable. Here is an example of the extra level of detail you get when shooting in 4K vs HD and 60FPS vs 24FPS.

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Canon vs iPhone

13 February 2023

Having used an iPhone as my sole camera for years, I wanted to understand some of the practical differences between it and my new Canon EOS 6 Mark II. One of my big motivations for getting the Canon is for telephoto capabilities. Here are some comparison photos (apologies for the ginormous table, but I wanted to provide the full resolution).

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