Schroeder, Murphy, Dominy These family photos include pictures of: 
- Schroeder's: Andrew Lewis, Elsie, Ivadel Mabel, Harry, Alva Mae, and Lawrence 
- Sadie and William B. Murphy 
- Gerald Dominy 
- Retha Van Ocker
Alva Schroeder       Andrew Lewis Schroeder
Alva (Schroeder) Dominy       Alva Schroeder
Sadie Murphy
AmosMurphy_FuneralRcpt       Auburn Cottage - "Nov 10-77; This is my little cottage in Auburn next to Ruth's"
Elsie Schroeder at Grand Canyon - "This is yours truly with a baby porcupine taken at Maine(?) near the Grand Canyon; Elsie"       Elsie Schroeder
Della Schroeder
Elsie Schroeder
Paulina Wolf
      Elsie Schroeder
Grace Schroeder       "Grandpa Schroeder"
Harry Schroeder       Larry Schroeder
Lawrence Schroeder - "Larry & Mom"       Lawrence Schroeder
"June 1922"
Lawrence Schroeder (23 yrs))
Retha Van Ocker
      Mabel Schroeder
Schroeder Grocery Store - May30, 1952       "Mother Murphy
Died March 23, 1904"
 (Virginia Murphy?)
"Nov 10-47; This is Old Grandpa Schroeder"       Oliver Schroeder
"Dover Del 3-17-15; Well Bird. I hope you are getting along all right. I among a lot of nice people. It is somewhat lonesome for me at times. Otherwise I am getting along all right don't forget what I told you. To: Mrs A.L. Schroeder; 719 E. Jefferson St; Fort Wayne, IN"       Postcard Front
"Hello. How are you? I am fine. Wish you were here. Having a good time. Be sure & ans(?). From Daniel. To: Miss Alva Schroeder, Chururbusco, IN. Postmark: Jun 21-10, Kalamazoo, MI"       Postcard Front
"A.L. Schroeder Farms"       "farm on yellow stone trail"
- Grandpa Schroeder
- Gerald Dominy
- Alva Dominy
- Elsie & Clyde
- Lawrence Schroeder
- Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Schroeder (Sadie Murphy)
- Alva Schroeder
- Elsie Schroeder
- Lawrence Schroeder
- June/Jane(?) Seiler(?)
- Buster the dog
      "Aunt Mabel Sieler Home - Dayton Ohio"
"June 24, 1941"
- Bro.(?) Bill (William B. Murphy?)
- Bird (Sadie Murphy)

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