Mayflower Connection

Descendents of either Nathaniel Dominy III or Elizabeth Dayton may be interested to know that they have ancestors who came to America aboard the Mayflower.  Here is the ancestry as it relates to those individuals (and further down my line).

1. Name of your Mayflower Pilgrim Ancestor: William Brewster  AND IsaacAllerton
2. Son/Daughter: Fear Brewster Married: Isaac Allerton
3. Son/Daughter: Issac Allerton II Married: Elizabeth
4. Son/Daughter: Elizabeth Allerton Married: Simon Ayers/Eyres/Ayres
5. Son/Daughter: Benjamin Eyres Married: Deborah Parsons
6. Son/Daughter: Elizabeth Eyres Married: Nathaniel Dominy III
7. Son/Daughter: Henry Dominy Married: Elizabeth Dayton
8. Son/Daughter: Jeremiah Dominy Married: Abigail Norton
9. Son/Daughter: Almond Dominy Married: Rachel Cook
10. Son/Daughter: David Dominy Married: Angeline Billingsly
11. Son/Daughter: Frank Dominy Married: Mary Ferguson
12. Son/Daughter: Daniel Dominy Married: Alva May Schroeder
13. Son/Daughter: Thurman Dominy Married: Bernice Witte

There's a great web site with details on the Mayflower and passengers at:

This lineage is well documented in two books published by the General Society of Mayflower Descendents.

Generations 1-6 are documented in:
Book: Mayflower Families Through Five Generations - Volume 17 Isaac Allerton
Author: Robert S. Wakefield
[You can purchase this book through the Mayflower Society or click here to buy on]

Generations 1-4 are documented in:
Book: Mayflower Families in Progress -- William Brewster
Author: Barbara Lambert Merrick
[You can purchase this book through the Mayflower Society]