This volume is dedicated to Nathaniel Dominy and his offspring. He, being one of three brothers who emigrated from England to America.

A companion of John Winthrop at its head, who sailed seventeen ships, carrying some fourteen hundred Puritan emigrants from England ó landing at Salem, founded the colony (The Great State of Massachusetts) in 1630. 

It appears that some drifted to other colonies such as Connecticut, Rhode Island and the eastern end of Long Island, being settled by the English from the Plymouth Rock Colony.
Itís a well established fact that this Nathaniel was born in England, date unknown. He married Sarah Edwards, daughter of William and Sara (Cole) Edwards, Decem≠ber 25, 1669, died about 1690 at East Hampton, Long Island, New York. 

About 1650 or 1655, built his log cabin at Dominyís Point, on Three Miles Harbor which beats back into the island from Gardners Day, a distance three miles long and three miles from East Hampton. 

Tradition will support this being the starting point of the Dominyís; who were among the builders of this great and glorious democracy we enjoy today.

Dated 1952