The following notes, that are of interest to the Dominy family, by their narrative account of events thereto:

NO. 1. JAMES NORTON with his family came to Darby Township, Madison County, Ohio, about the year 1810 or 1811, purchasing his farm on Sugar Run, east of Big Darby Creek, and lived there until his death in 1836.

His two sons, John and Solomon, came with him. The former in the year 1820, married Miss Sarah Taylor, daughter of Daniel Taylor, this little girl being the playmate with the Indian Children of Johathan and Barshaw Alder.

John became the owner of the greater part of his father's farm, where he spent his entire life. He was an exemplary man, in his political life, a justice of the Peace, Township Trustee, Assessor, and other minor offices were held by him. He died in 1880.

Solomon lived in the township for several years, but nothing definite is known of his history. After his marriage to Catherine Elizabeth Sager, he removed to Illinois or Missouri during the rush to the Northwest.

NO. 2. DANIEL NORTON, farmer, born in Darby Township, Madison County, Ohio, April 7, 1828. His father was John, born in Gennesee County, New York. Afterward he came with his father to Madison County, where he spent his entire life.

His mother Sarah Taylor, was born in 1802, and in 1803 came to this county with her father

Daniel Taylor. She was remarkably active for one of her age, retaining full possession of her mental faculties, and entertaining her friends with anecdotes of the early pioneer days in her said county.

Our subject was a farmer by occupation, with the exception of a few years he spent in the west. He gave his life's work to that honorable vocation. On November 12, 1850, he married Sarah E. Daugherty, a daughter of William and Mary (Biglow) Daugherty.

NO. 3. HENRY H. GANDY, who settled one mile south of Amity, Ohio, about 1812 - 1814, lived and died there. He raised a large family of children, all believed to be deceased. In my research of this family, one by the name of TAMSON was the second wife of JEREMIAH DOMINY (1), our Great grand-father, who was the father of our Grand-father HENRY (4).

In his political career, he served the township in the following public offices in his day: in 1822, Township Fence Viewer, and also Township Clerk; in 1824 and 1827, Township Overseer of Poor; in 1825, Township Trustee.

I recently came in possession of an old Atlas of Union County, Ohio dated 1877. I found in the Honor Rolls the following names; (as it is here-to-fore mentioned-believed Henry Gandy's children to be all deceased.) Alexander Gandy, Private, Company I, 121st. O.V.I., enlisted August, 1862. Date of Discharge or Death not given. William Gandy, Private, Company A, 121st., O.V.I., enlisted September 1862. Discharged June, 1865. Abijiah Gandy, private, Company, B, 174th O.V.I., enlisted September, 1864. Discharged June, 1865.

N0.4. DOCTOR WILLIS HIX TWIFORD, Son of Reverend Clement, born and raised in Ross County, Ohio. Studied with Doctor J.S. Skinner, and commenced the practice in Pleasant Valley, (now Plain City, Olio) about 1840.

Moved to Union City, Indiana about 1853. He was a surgeon of an Indiana Regiment during the Civil War. He was a member of the American Medical Association.

He married Miss NANCY DOMINY, daughter of Jeremiah and Abagail (Norton) Dominy, Darby Township, Madison County, Ohio about the time he commenced his professional life, August 29, 1846.

After his service as a surgeon in the war, they returned to their native state of Ohio for a short stay, then removed to St. Paul, Minnesota, where he continued his professional service.

NO. 5. LEMUEL M. MARSHALL was born in Madison County, Ohio, June 20, 1838. He was the son of G. W. Marshall, a native of Virginia, English descent, attended the common schools of his native county, early adopted the occupation of a farmer, which he followed all his life, with the exception of a few years as a merchant in Illinois.

He owned 164 acres of good land, which he cultivated in the most approved manner. On April 26, 1860, he married MELISSA DOMINY, a daughter of Jeremiah (1) and Tamson (Gandy) Dominy, a native of Darby Township, Madison County, Ohio, by whom he had four children, Electa (wife of George Van Doren), Etta May, Jerry H. (married Flora Cosgray), and Frank.

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall were members of the Universalist Church. Mrs. Marshall's parents came from New York State in 1811. Her father was a prominent Whig, a United States Revenue Collector, and for twenty years a justice of the Peace.

He (Mrs. Marshall's Father) was the proud parent of twenty children, twelve by his first wife and eight by his second wife. He owned 1500 acres of good land. Mrs. Marshall was the youngest daughter of his second wife.

NO. 6. JOHN E. McCUNE, M.D. was born in Madison County, Ohio, on November 14, 1826. He was the son of John and Polly (Hager) McCune, the former a native of Kentucky, of Irish and English descent, and the latter a native of Vermont, of English ancestry.

His Grand-parents came to this county in 1802, he attended the schools of his native township, after which he taught school to obtain the means for further education.

His literary education was obtained at Central College in Franklin County, and his professional education at Starling Medical College, Columbus, Ohio. After leaving college, he located at Plain City, engaging in practicing his profession.

He married in 1850 to Anna Barlow, daughter of Edmund W. Barlow, a Major in the War of 1812, who came to this county in 1833- Doctor McCune was a courteous gentleman, of studious habits and an enthusiast in his profession. During his many years of practice in Plain City and community, he wrestled very successfully with some very difficult cases, which built for himself an enviable reputation and a lucrative practice. He was a prominent member of the Plain City Lodge No. 193, I.O.O.F. and a highly esteemed citizen. He was always to be found on the side of morality and temperance, and took a deep interest in the welfare of his community.
He had a farm of 100 acres of land, and interest in a fine business block in Plain City, and other properties. He was a self made man.

NO. 7. CHARLES B. SMITH, Banker, was born in Delaware County, Ohio, July 16, 1840, his parents being of English and German descent, Alvah and Catherine (More) Smith, who settled in Madison County, Ohio, July 16, 1843. The father was a native of Pennsylvania, and came to Ohio with his parents in his infancy. He was President of the Bank of Plain City, of which our subject has been its cashier since 1876.

Charles was married September 5, 1861, to MELISSA, daughter of Alvin and Polly (Barlow) Dominy. By this marriage he had six children, four are living: Katie, Alvin, Emery, Lawrence, and Charles B., deceased and an infant, deceased.

He owned 132 acres of land in Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio six and a half miles south of Plain City, Ohio. He carried on farming in the most up to date manner, and also dealt extensively in fine stock. He was a pleasant gentleman; .also, of good business qualifications, and a useful citizen in his community.

NO. 8. MATHIAS SLYH, Farmer, was born in West Virginia, April 12, 1800, he was a son of Mathias and Mary (Dill) Slyh. His father removed to Ohio at an early date, and of German descent. His mother died in Maryland in about 1817.

His Grandfather Slyh was born at York, Pennsylvania, and he fought in the Revolutionary War, serving as a Major or Colonel. His father was also in the battle of Brandywine when only fourteen years of age, serving as a wagon-master for three years.

He owned 500 acres of land in Franklin and Madison Counties, a successful farmer by occupation. In politics, he was a Democrat. He was married August 10, 1819 to Sophia Martin, who died October 17, 1827. By her he had four children. His second marriage was March 17,1830, to Sarah Patterson.

He served as Township Trustee, Constable and School Director, and also was one of the Trustees in the ,Baptist Church, of which they both were members. He had thirteen children in marriage.

NO. 9. DOCTOR LUCIOUS BURR CARPENTER. A native of Delaware County, he was a nephew of Mrs. Doctor Charles McCloud, living at Amity, Ohio, serving several years as a clerk in McCloud's General Store, he being a generally good student at that day.

He taught school to provide extra money, as he studied medicine with his uncle, and had just entered upon a promising future when he fell a victim to Asiatic Cholera during the epidemic in the year 1850.

He was attending the "Stanton family" over in the plains, who had the cholera and returning late went to bed, not feeling very well, grew worse, and died before morning. He was married to Hester Mann and left one child.

(My mother often related to me, that her father fell by the dreaded disease, saying her two brothers could not make coffins fast enough to bury the dead. A goodly number were just rolled up in their bed clothes and buried that way; 'only to be known--where they sleep the Peace - of their Redeemer!' As this can be seen, when you enter the Alder Cemetery, a large Sign greets you saying, These are the people who died during the Cholera Epidemic. - - By N. J. D.)

NO. 10. JONATHAN ALDER. LIFE. He was taken prisoner in childhood and adopted by the Mingoe Indians. During the rush of emigrants along Big and Little Darby at different points, about 1799, they found a white man named Jonathan Alder living in a cabin with his Indian wife Barshaw. Peace was restored by Waynes Treaty in 1795. Alder said, "I could lie down without fear, and rise up and shake hands with both Indians and white men.

"We got a brood mare for each of us, packed up our belongings and started for Big Darby or Crawfish Creek as it was called in those days. We stopped below Pleasant Valley now (Plain City) and commenced life in good earnest."

His cabin was built on what is since known as the "JEREMIAH DOMINY'S FARM", precisely where he built his cabin is not definitely known. There was a fine spring of water but a few steps from the cabin. The DOMINY farm is on the east bank of Big Darby Creek about one mile southeast of Pleasant Valley, now Plain City. Alter was the first white settler of Darby Township, Madison County, Ohio.

According to Mrs. Sarah Norton, the wife of John, an early settler, who was the daughter of Daniel Taylor, the Alder's had two children. Mrs. Norton says that she often played with the children, before Alder and his squaw wife parted.

NO. 11. In recent research for the lost children of John and Eva (Cumbaker) Sager, as-here-to fore mentioned, the "Census Bureau" of 1810 gave only heads of family. At that date no names of children were given but states they had four or five. The following bears out the above:

ABRAHAM SAGER, farmer, born in Virginia on August 20, 1826, the son of John and Rebecca (Cook) Sager natives of Virginia.

They were married in Virginia in 1825, and emigrated to Franklin County, Ohio where he remained until his death in 1830. Therefore, since John Jr., was married in 1825 and the date of his father's (John's) marriage to Eva Cumbaker was in 1799, then John Jr.'s age would be about 26 years old. Mrs. Sager was twice married thereafter. ABRAHAM, son above mentioned, was married June 12, 1854 to Miss Mary Ann Grabo, who was born in Franklin County, Ohio, September 7, 1833.

He engaged in farming through his life; he also had a good common school education, and was a member of the I.O.O.F. Lodge. His children's names were: Lawrence E., Charles F., Thomas M., and John Wesley. His residence was either Jefferson or Mifflin Township, said county, it being hard to establish from the scanty records available. 


In behalf of our daughter Eleanor Melvina (Dominy) Lewis, who married Charles William (Chuck) Lewis, son of William Isaac and Mary Ann (Wolfe) Lewis, as a memoir to the above families:

GEORGE FOSS - Born February 4, 1790. Where ?. Died July 6, 1870. Age 80 years. MARRIED: in 1810 to OLIVE BOODY - Born September 10, 1788. Died May 28, 1880. Age 92 years. Where ? CHILDREN:- One son and one daughter. JOSEPH B. Born July 13, 1814. Where ?. Died February 21, 1892. Age 78 years. Married June 12, 1808 to ABRA NUTE - Born May 3, 1784. LYDIA, Born September 27, 1816. Died July 8, 1853, age 37 years. Married August 25, 1839 to John K Walker, Born January 15, 1817.

JOSEPH B. FOSS - Children, three daughters and one son. OLIVE ANN (Aunt Ollie), Born March 15,1841, Lowell, Massachusetts. Died July 26, 1900, age 59 years. Married November 28, 1861 to James J. (Si) Tilton, Born August 13, 1830, Byfield, Massachusetts. Died February 6, 1907, age 77 years. Her children: EDITH - Born November 28,1868. Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Died September 18, 1907, age 59 years. Married October 9, 1889 to William Williams (Uncle Bill), Born July 8, 1862. Died June 18, 1944. Age 82 years. Had three daughters, Ethel, Alice and Margaret who died at age 5 years.

MARTHA FRANCES (Aunt Fanny) - Born April 18, 1852, Boston, Massachusetts. Died Oct. 7, 1918. Age 66 years. Married January 2, 1873 to JOHN PHILLIP WOLFE - Born December 23, 1844. Died June 5, 1914. Age 70 years. CHILDREN:- Three daughters and one son.

OLIVE M. - Born October 10, 1874. Died June 5, 1877, age 3 years.

MARY ANN - Born March 10, 1876. Living. Married November 5, 1898 to WILLIAM ISSAC LEWIS - Born August 18, 1876. Living. CHILDREN:- Three daughters and three sons. MABLE JOSEPHINE - Born December 15, 1899. Married August 25, 1920 t o THOMAS FRANCES SHEA, Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- Rev. Thomas William, James Edward, John Robert, Rev. Lewis Mary, Mary Mildred, Kathleen Theresa, Francis Paul. THOMAS PHILLIP -Born September 27, 1901. Married September 12,1926 to ELIZABETH FALTOR. CHILDREN:-Mary Elizabeth, Thomas Dudley, Susan Adeline. ESTHER FRANCES - Born August 4, 1903. Married August 18, 1921 to ROYER LEWIS PFEFFERLE. CHILDREN:- Eleanor Ann, Dorothy Lou, Lewis William, Elizabeth Jean, Edith Esther. CHARLES WILLIAM - Born September 19, 1905. Married December 24, 1923 to ELEANOR M. DOMINY. CHILDREN:- Patricia Jean, William Newton, Charles Otto, David Bruce, James Edward. EDITH ELEANOR - Born December 10, 1909. Married August 10, 1932 to FRANK GOBLE CORBIN. CHILDREN:- Laetitia Lee, Cardine Massey, Samuel William, Susan Ann, Mary Cornolia, Thomas Winton. WILLIAM PAUL - Born September 19, 1919' Married May 16, 1943 to MARTHA ELIZABETH NEWTON. CHILDREN:- Charles Thomas, Paula Sue, Phillip Newton, Robert William.

ESTHER BELLE WOLFE - Born June 19, 1884. Died September 4, 1950. Age 66 years. Married to EDMOND DIAMOND. No children.

HARRY JOSEPH WOLFE - Born May 3, 1889. Died March 10, 1950. Age 61 years. Married .June 15, 1909 to MARGARET HAGGE - Born ?. Died September 15, 1943. CHILDREN:- One daughter and two sons. HELEN - Born ?. Married to CHARLES CARY first. Second marriage to WILLIAM PECK. One daughter. Margaret Helen Peck. Born ?. RESIDENT:- Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. JOSEPH - Born February 10, 1913. (Superior, Wisconsin) Died April 5, 1953, Columbus, Ohio. Married to MARY (Surname not given). CHILDREN:- Three daughters, no names given.  DONALD WOLFE -Born May 11.1918. Living. Married JEAN (no surname given). CHILDREN: One daughter and one son given. Donna Jean - Born 1934. Donald Jr., Born ?. RESIDENT:Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

MARRIED:- CLOE HOSACK, May 11, 1938. (second wife of Joseph Foss, widower.)

JOSEPHANNA FOSS (Aunt Josie) - Born April 2, 1862. Died May 5, 1940. Age 78 years. Married August 18, 1885 to CHARLES T. KARCH. CHILDREN:- Four daughters and one son. Stella, Jessie, Isabel, Robert and Olive.

ROBERT HOSACK FOSS - Born August 1, 1865. Died March 30, 1885. Age 20 years. Killed on railroad. Married July 15, 1875 to SARAH DONNELLY

MARRIED:- July 15, 1875 to SARAH DONNELLY (third wife of Joseph Foss, twice widower, no children by him, but by her first marriage - William and Arthur).

(Grandma Donnelly Foss gave part of the old Pat Donnelly farm in Perry County to St. Aloysius Academy, New Lexington, Ohio, but Joseph B. Foss saved the major part of the property for the boys, who farmed it. After their Stepfather's death, oil was discovered which gave them a good income.)

Hosack Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, was named in honor for Grandpa Hosack, who owned a large area in that part of the city.


JOHN MARTIN WOLFE-Born (Probably in Germany in 1800). Died May 28, 1862, Columbus, Ohio. Married MARIANNA (surname not known) Born February 14, 1814 in Mannheim, Baden-Baden. (From my research - German Archives, her Christian name - MARIA ANNA.) CHILDREN:- One son and one daughter. JOHN PHILLIP - Born December 23, 1844, Mannheim, Germany, who married MARTHA FRANCES FOSS, mother of MARY ANN WOLFE. CATHERINE (Aunt Kate)Born September 12, 1841, Mannheim, Germany. Died May 30, 1925. Age 84 years. Married FRED BECK, one daughter ELEANORE (Aunt Nora had three daughters, Helen, Ruth, and Katheryne.)


THOMAS LEWIS - Born April 6, 1844. Haverford West, Pembrokeshire, Wales. Died June 22, 1915. Age 70 years. Leavittsburg, Ohio, near Youngstown. Married to ROSETTA CORLL - Born in 1854, Canfield, Ohio. Died in 1891. Age 37 years, at Canfield, Ohio. CHILDREN: Two sons. WILLIAM ISAAC (see below) and JESSIE OLIVER, died age 3 years and 8 months.

WILLIAM ISAAC LEWIS - Born August 18, 1876. Living. Married November 5, 1898 to MARY ANN WOLFE - Born March 10, 1876. Living. CHILDREN:- Three daughters and three sons.

MABLE JOSEPHINE - Born December 15, 1899. Married August 25, 1920 to THOMAS FRANCIS SHEA. Born January 2,1895.CHILDREN:-Five sons and two daughters. REV. THOMAS WILLIAM Born June 1, 1921. Ordained June 29, 1946. Hartford, Connecticut. JAMES EDWARD - Born January 10,1923. Married May 24,1947 to VIRGINIA COCHRAN --Born March 11, ?. (CHILDREN: One daughter and one son. CONSTANCE MARY-Born December 15,1950. RICHARD CHARLES Born November 23, 1952.)RESIDENT: 1O Lynette Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut. JOHN ROBERT Born August 23, 1924. Married February 26, 1949 to JEANNE FRANCES FENNELL - Born April 24, 1925. (CHILDREN:-Three daughters and one son. JEANNE MARIE - Born December 19, 1949. Richmond, Virginia. ROBERT MICHAEL-Born February 19, 1951, Willimantic, Connecticut.

SUSAN PATRICIA - Born April 12, 1952. Willimantic, Connecticut. CHRISTINE MARY - Born August 23, 1953, Oceanport, New Jersey.) RESIDENT:- 20 Main Street, Oceanport, New Jersey. REV. LEWIS MARY - Born February 23, 1926 or 27. (Baptized William Francis), Ordained June 22, 1952. RESIDENT:- Chicago, Illinois, and Nigeria. (Missionary). MARY MILDRED - Born June 5, 1930. Married August 29, 1953 to MICHAEL JAMES BOYLE. KATHLEEN THERESA Born September 23, 1932. Married August 23, 1952 to WILLIAM FRANCIS HORAN. (CHILDREN: One son, KEVIN THOMAS - Born June 28, 1953.) RESIDENT:- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. FRANCIS PAUL - Born May 10, 1935. Student. OCCUPATION:- Lawyer. U.S. Inf. Rev. RESIDENT:- 54 Harwich St., Hartford, Connecticut.

THOMAS PHILLIP LEWIS- Born September 27,1901. Married September 12,1926 to ELIZABETH FALTOR. CHILDREN:- Two daughters and one son. MARY ELIZABETH - Born February 28, 1928. Librarian. Married August 16, 1953 to HANS HENRY HOLSEL - Born in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. THOMAS DUDLEY-Born December 13, 1929. Married June 29, 1952 to NANCY MARY YOUNG RESIDENT:- Coronado, California. SUSAN ADELINE - Born April 6, 1934. Maiden Lady. His OCCUPATION:- designing-construction engineer. Mt. Vernon Bridge Company. RESIDENT:244 Parrott Street, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

ESTHER FRANCES LEWIS - Born August 4, 1903. Married August 18, 1921 to ROYER LEWIS PFEFFERLE. CHILDREN:- Four daughters and one son. ELEANOR ANN -Born December 11, 1922. Married January 26, 1942 to LLOYD McMANNUS. (CHILDREN:-One daughter, LOIS JEAN Born June 21, 1948) DORTHY LOU - Born May 22, 1924. Married November 22, 1947 to THOMAS COLEMAN. LEWIS WILLIAM-Born January 23, 1927. Married March 14, 1948 to DOROTHY MAY Born in Huntington, Indiana. (CHILDREN:-One daughter. MARTHA MAY-Born September 22, 1952.)Occupation, Foreman, Elephant Lumber Company, Columbus, Ohio. ELIZABETH JEAN Born October 16, 1923. Maiden Lady. EDITH ESTHER - Born October 30, 1930. Maiden Lady.

CHARLES WILLIAM LEWIS - (CHUCK), Born September 19, 1905. Married December 24, 1923 to ELEANOR MELVINA DOMINY - Born March 6, 1903. CHILDREN:- One daughter and four sons. PATRICIA JEAN, Draftsman. Born July 12, 1924. Married October 12, 1946 to ROBERT LEO HOVORKA. Professional Artist. Born January 25, 1920. (CHILDREN:-Two daughters and one son. HELENE ANN-Born October 7, 1948. SUSAN MARIE-Born November 7, 1953. ROBERT LEO-Born March 23, 1955.)

MILITARY SERVICE:- U. S. Army, Signal Corps., Radar and Radio Operator.

OCCUPATION:- Art teacher and Commercial Artist.

RESIDENT:- 246 Diamond Street, San Francisco, California.

WILLIAM NEWTON LEWIS- (BILL)- Born March 10,1926. Married August 13, 1944 to FRANCES WILDER - Born December 18, 1929. (CHILDREN:-DANIEL REID (DANNY) - Born March 2, 1947. DEBRA LEE (DEBBIE) Born December 18, 1950.)

MILITARY SERVICE:- U.S. Navy. Gunner 3/C.


RESIDENT:- 6036 Flora Villa Drive, Linworth, Ohio.

CHARLES OTTO LEWIS - (CHUCKIE) - Born November 23, 1931. Married June 25, 1951 to RITA CATHERINE WELCH -Born January 30, 1932. CHILDREN:- Two sons, CHARLES OTTO, JR. - Born May 4, 1953. CHRISTOPHER ORIN - Born April 23, 1955.)

MILITARY SERVICE:- U.S. Army, Signal Corp, Camera Repairman. "Ohio State Journal of July 17, 1952. UNIFORM AND CIVIES. PVT. CHARLES O. LEWIS has been awarded an honor certificate for 'superior qualities and adeptness in classroom work, plus soldierly conduct' for the month of July at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, attending Army Signal School."

OCCUPATION:- Carpentering and Camera Repairman.

RESIDENT:- 1016 16th Street, North,St. Petersburg, Florida. Removed to 2491 Granville Road Linworth, Ohio.

DAVID BRUCE-Born May 24, 1937. Student. JAMES EDWARD-Born January 19, 1946. Student. OCCUPATION: Building Contractor - National Home Builders Association.

RESIDENT:- 6061 Flora Villa Drive, Linworth, Ohio.

EDITH ELEANOR LEWIS-Born December 10, 1909. Married August 10, 1932 to FRANK GOBLE CORBIN, (Funeral Director). CHILDREN:-Four daughters and two sons. LAETITA LEE-Born February 8, 1934. Student. CARDINE MASSEY-Born January 7, 1939. Student. SAMUEL WILLIAM -Born February 3, 1940. Student. SUSAN ANN-Born May 16, 1942. Student. MARY CORNOLIA -- Born January 28, 1947. Student. THOMAS WINTON-Born June 15, 1950. Died June 16, 1950.

RESIDENT:- 721 High Street, Worthington, Ohio.

WILLIAM PAUL LEWIS, Professor - Born September 19, 1919. Married May 16, 1943 to MARTHA ELIZABETH NEWTON. CHILDREN:-Three sons and one daughter. CHARLES THOMAS Born' March 2, 1945. PAULA SUE - Born October 15, 1946. PHILIP NEWTON - Born October 14, 1949. ROBERT WILLIAM - Born March 7, 1951.

OCCUPATION:- Mr. Lewis is a retired building contractor.

RESIDENT:- 80 Rosslyn Avenue, Worthington, Ohio.

MAIN SOURCE:- The family Bible and Foss records, from Grandma (Mary Ann Wolfe Lewis), memory of Mrs. Mable Lewis Shea, the records written by Rev. Thomas Shea, Grandson 12/29/53.


''A Great Day in the Mor'n." I would like to relate just another little instance. The evening before, I came to the home of the Bride-to-be, to stay for the night, so we could have an early start the next morning to drive by horse and buggy to Columbus, Ohio. But lo-and-behold a snow storm greeted us!

In those days, we had what they called a storm apron to fasten to the buggy top in front to keep the storm out. The Bride had an Aunt and Uncle living at Grogan or Milo, so we drove there to spend the day. After dinner, I went to the Court House to get the marriage license, for at that time, the bride did not have to accompany. I being well acquainted with Probate Judge Hagerty, and his issuing deputy A1 Rickenbacher, all that was required then was to give your name, age, and color, and the bride's name, age, and color. When it came to her color, The judge spoke up, "Now be truthful in answer - is she white or black!" "Well judge, the last time I saw her - she was white, but I can't tell the color when I get back - probably white."

We dressed for the occasion at her Aunt's. It was still storming when we drove to Worthington, Ohio to Reverend McAdams' home, who was the Presbyterian Minister at Dublin.

Her maid was Miss Mattie Davis, and my companion was Mr. Charles Orrison, but they failed to show up. We waited over an hour. Rev. McAdams stated "We must have two witnesses - my wife can act as one." He said to me, "Do you know any one in Worthington?" "I do not!" "I will go and find some one." In about thirty minutes he returned with a Mr. Vest, and the ceremony was performed and we left for Dublin.

A beautiful wedding supper or dinner was served to the immediate family about 9 o'clock P.M. The next morning with a foot of snow, we left for ,a short honeymoon by horse and buggy to her Aunt and Uncle's, who lived in Magnetic Springs, Ohio.

We stayed about a week or until the weather faired up. We were given a nice reception party by them. It was at this party I met John (now judge) and Roy King, two boys in their teens.

May 11, 1953 the Lazarus 80th year old party. I became eligible to participate in this grand old party. How well do I remember just a few years back, will say in 1880, Father and Mother took us boys to get our first handme-down suit of clothes. A small business just leaving its infancy, coming into the Gay nineties, they began to expand. This was the forerunner to the present establishment. Its success can be attributed to "Fred and Ralph," as I knew them, for their hospitality, always a smile, a hand-shake. Fred greeted you at the door by your Christian name.


THE GOLDEN ERA of the Dominy family is quite remarkable! that is when you look back into the past. Think what this means to promulgate and announce to future generations that they should be proud to be a part thereof:

It started with Henry (4) and Harriett (Barlow) Dominy, on December 18, 1834 - 63 years of Bliss.

Jeremiah (2) and Eleanor (Sager) Dominy, on December 15, 1864 - 56 years of Bliss.

Martin Luther and Amanda (Dominy) Mathias, on June 26, 1866 - 51 years of Bliss, whose father was Henry (4) Dominy.

Henry H. and Carrie D. (Dominy) Cramer, on July 10, 1895 - 54 years of Bliss, whose father was Ezra Dominy.

Newton J. and Anna M. (Mitchell) Dominy, on December 15, 1896 - 56 years of Bliss. Stanley B. and Laura (Wright) Carpenter on October 19, 1899 - 54 years of Bliss, whose mother was Polly Dominy.

At present there are six. If all is well, another can be added in 1955. Through the "Course of Time" they represent 334 years or more than Three Centuries in the "Golden Era". Henry (4) Jeremiah (2), and Newton J., a Hundred Seventyfive years or one and three quarter Centuries "Bliss and Blessed Happiness".

The clock of Life is wound but once,
    And no man has the power
To say just when the hands will stop,
    At late, or early hour.

To lose one's wealth is sad, indeed
    To lose one's health is more;
To lose one's soul is such a loss
    As no man can restore.

Now is the only time you have,
    Live, love, work with a will
Put no faith in tomorrow,
    For the clock may then be still

Author Unknown.



In the spring however, and here in their peaceful Bed. 
Where the wild and tame flowers bloom - we Leave them - to rest, 
- Through all the ages,-until a new day doth dawn, - bring 
forth everlasting light and happiness.

Today we look back into the dim past with loving eyes, and found gratitude for the successful efforts of our ancestors, who left us this beautiful country, and made it possible by their privations for us to enjoy its bounties.

When we look upon the names of our loved ones 
Who are sleeping the sleep of the dead! 
When out hearts fill with deepest emotion
  And we sigh for each spirit that's fled.

Quoting from an old English reader of 1848:

How lov'd, how valu'd once, avails thee not: 
To whom related, or by whom begot: 
A heap of dust alone remains of thee: 
'Tis all thou art, and all the proud shall be.


Washington's Motto