Youth fades; love droops; the leaves o/ friendship fall; 
a mother's secret hope outlives them all.

THIRD GENERATION:- or fourth in line.

McCAWLEY or McCAULEY, SUSANAH CORK, A WIDOW - Born July 27, 1835. Concord Township, Delaware County, Ohio. Died July 17, 1912. Dublin, Ohio. Age 77 years. MARRIED: March 17, 1865 to SETH GRIFFITH HYLAND, A WIDOWER - Born August 9, 1831. Blendon Township, Franklin County. Died January 5, 1905. Jerome, Union County, Ohio. Age 74 years. CHILDREN:- Four daughters and three sons. CLARA - Born April 14, 1866. Died December 12, 1951. Age 84 years. Married Parker Corbin. IZETTA - Born November 10, 1867. Died January 4, 1944. Age 77 years. Married Joseph Norris. INFANT SON - Born and died January 3, 1869. FLORENCE (NETTIE) born June 2, 1870. Died June 9, 1944. Age 74 years. Married Howard Dort. SETH GRIFFITH - Born March 10, 1872. Died December 20, 1938. Age 66 years. Married Maryetta Latimer. PEARL - Born January 2, 1875. Died ?. Married Elsie Salisbury. MERTIE - Born July 1876. Died August 16, 1945. Age 69 years. Married George H. Thompson.

MILITARY SERVICE:- SETH G., entered the Civil War as a private, age 32, on the 26th day of February 1864, for a period of three years, in Company G, 34th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Transferred February 20, 1865 to Company G, 36th Regiment O.V.I. and was mustered out with the Company, July 27, 1865. Volume 3, Page 573-587. Ohio Roster of Men.

"When I volunteered in the 34th Regiment, Company G, O.V.I., I was sick in the United States Hospitalat Gallipolis, Ohio for six months, then I joined my Regiment. Some time after that I was captured at Beverly, West Virginia, on the morning of the 11th day of January 1865, and was taken to Richmond, Virginia, as a prisoner.

"Put in Libby Prison, where I was a prisoner of war for 36 days, during the first year's service. Left my companion and children. I have done without sleep and something to eat for three days. I have seen men eat body lice - they were by the millions - men die begging for the want of something to eat. I saw a living man being devoured by maggots, who laying on the ground in such an emaciated and weakened condition he could not move."

COMMENT - NOTES: On the corner of a street, a dingy old brick building in Richmond, Virginia, at that day- may be seen a small sign, that reads, "LIBBY & SON", ship chandlers and grocers. "It was three stories high, eighty feet wide, and a hundred and ten feet in depth."

The name LIBBIE, became synonymous with terror; it carries tyranny and oppression in its simple sound, but during the war not less than twelve hundred and sometimes thirteen hundred officers and men lived within those desolate rooms and filthy cellars, with a space only ten feet by two allotted to each for all purposes of living.

The soldiers who were taken prisoners in the Virginia's are at once haunted with visions of darksome den entering a place so full of bitter experiences as that is known to be.

"It is said that men drew their Bean Soup in their Shoes" for want of cups, or things to put the soup in. Over run with Vermin, punished by cold, breathing a tainted atmosphere, no space allowed thus to rest by day, and lying down at night, "woven and dove-tailed together like sardines in a box."

Their daily rations were only two ounces of stale beef - uneatable - "when gotten", and their lives were forfeited if they caught but one streak of GOD'S blue sky through those filthy windows. They endured all the horrors of the middle ages for the love of their country.

RESIDENT:- Frankfort, now Jerome, Union County, Ohio.

Seth G., born at Blendon, in Blendon Township, Franklin County, Ohio in 1831, and moved from there in about 1834, three and a half miles west of Dublin, Ohio where he lived until 11 years old, thence to Union County, near Watkins, Ohio.

After a few years in Delaware County, Ohio and back to Union County near Marysville, Ohio at a little past 21 years old, he served two years at apprenticeship at Pottery business in Hardin County, near Kenton, Ohio.

He was married to Jane Scott, born September 9, 1834, on December 4, 1854, who died July 6, 1864. When an apprentice, he worked a year getting five dollars per month, working at that trade until 1864, when he volunteered for service in the Civil War. He was still at his trade in 1896. He joined the I.O.O.F. Lodge in 1863, and was still an active member until his death.

How well do I remember - when during my courtship (Anna Mitchell) who became my wife, going up to Grandma and Grandpa Hylands. He would take me out to the Kiln-house, where he showed and told me the process it took to make the "Crocks and jugs", the dipping process in boiling hot red oxide of lead, while green, to water proof them before placing them in the Kiln to burn.

He made crocks by the thousands to be used to catch the sugar water in from the tapped maple sugar trees, boiled down in large iron kettles to syrup. Also a large amount was made into maple sugar, for daily use upon the family table.

During the boiling down process, how well do I remember the gay parties the girls and boys would have. The necessary eats would be brought, even to the live chickens, to be dressed at the sugar house. Fresh sugar water would be furnished to cook the chickens in, which gave them the most delicious flavor, or be table drawn, then stuffed with the most delicious dressing flavored by sugar water, with the feathers on. Then a clay mud batter would be made, the mud thoroughly mixed into the feathers to make a large mud ball for baking. A place was made between the kettles in the red hot coals, for this process, When done a club was used to crack the shell. When taken out, off came the feathers, the chicken as clean as hand picked, ready to be served at the party.

My wife often related, that when she was a girl, she often went up to visit her Aunt Mertie, also in her girlhood. And how they would ride "Old Jack" the horse to the grinding machine. This machine ground the mud up to the consistency that was needed to make the crocks on the turn-table.

This machine was manual driven, the operator sitting upon a small seat. This rotary table was driven by the operator's legs and feet, while he worked the mud with his hands into shape, the crocks were upon the top of this rotary-turn-table. It looked easy, but it was an "Art" within itself.

fifth in line.

HYLAND, SETH GRIFFITH - Born March 10, 1872. Jerome, Union County, Ohio. Died December 20, 1938. Delaware County, Ohio. Age 66 years. MARRIED:- June 12, 1893 to MARYETTA LATIMER- Born March 30, 1876. Delaware County, Ohio. Died November 18, 1953. Jerome, Union County, Ohio. Age 77 years. CHILDREN: Three sons and three daughters. RAYMETH Born January 8, 1893. Married Grace Parsons. GEORGE - Born September 10, 1894. Died October 5, 1947. Age 53 years. Married First to Ruth Brown. Second to Marie Weaver. Veteran World War One. Ohio Sgt. 78th Infantry, 14th Division. BERTHA - Born February 27, 1896. Married First to Leo Felkner. Second to Walter Fox. LYDIA - Born June 20, 1901. Married Leonard Swallow. MAGGIE - Born May 12, 1904. Married Paul Lehmann. HAROLD - Born June 19, 1905. Married Lola Wilcox.

RESIDENT:- Jerome Township, Union County, Ohio. Moved to Concord Township, Delaware County, Ohio.

Seth Griffith, was known to all as Griff. He was the son of Seth G. and Susanah McCauley Hyland, and was born and educated in Jerome Township, Union County, Ohio. During his boyhood days he helped his father in the pottery business until his marriage.

After his marriage to Maryetta, he took up farming which he followed until his death, as one of the foremost in the township. His political affiliation was a stalwart Republican..


FIFTH GENERATION:- or sixth in line.

HYLAND, RAYMETH (RAY) - Born January 8, 1893. Jerome, Union County, Ohio. MARRIED: November 12, 1914 to GRACE PARSONS - Born February 6, 1893, Powell, Delaware County Ohio. CHILDREN:- One son and four daughters. KENNETH - Born April 7, 1916. Died April 21, 1916, MARY ETTA - Born August 4, 1918. Married James Geese. DORTHA, infant born and died March 11, 1922. MONA - Born December 18, 1924. Married Earl Pinney, Veteran World War Two, United States Navy. MARJORIE JUNE -Born June 12, 1930. Married Jerry D. Termeer.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, R.F.D. No. 1, Amlin, Ohio.

Raymeth, is known as Ray to all, was born in Concord Township Delaware County, Ohio, the son of Seth Griffith and Maryetta Latimer Hyland. He received his education in the Jerome-Ryand Special Schools.

After his marriage to Grace, he came and took charge under the supervision of his wife's foster-parents (Mr. and Mrs. Al Schoby) farm, which he operated on the shares, until Ray and Leonard Swallow, his brother-in-law, purchased the old Scott farm of 100 acres, where Ray built his beautiful farm home.

Ray is considered one of the township's foremost agriculturists and has one of the best improved and productive farms in his township today.

SIXTH GENERATION or seventh in line.

HYLAND, MARJORIE JUNE - Born June 12, 1930, Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- August 21, 1949 to JERRY D. TERMEER (JAKE) Born November 9, 1930. Dublin, Ohio. CHILDREN:- One son. STEVEN JERRY - Born November 4, 1951.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, R.F.D. No. 1, Amlin, Ohio. Removed to 6160 Riverside Drive, R.F.D., Worthington, Franklin County, Ohio.