NOTES:-The name McCauley or McCaulay is said to have been of ancient Gaelic or Celtic origin and derived from MacAulaidh, meaning "Son of Olave or Olaf."

It is found on ancient records in eighteen various forms of spelling from which I have selected the names commonly in use: MacAulaidh, MacAuley, MacAwley, MacAulay, McAuley, McCauley, McCaulay and McCawley, with the last three forms most generally in use today in America.

Many different theories are given by various authorities regarding the origin of the family, One authority claims the Macauleys of Lewis, of Scotland, descended from one Amhlaebh in the twelfth century, of Norwegian descent.

Others say the clan descended from Olaf or Olave of Lewis in the twelfth century, who was the King of Man about 1226, through his son Duncan MacAuley.

It is claimed by some, the McAulays or McAuleys of Ardincaple, Scotland, descended from one Duncan, who was succeeded in the middle of the fifteenth century by Alexander, sheriff of Dumbartonshire, said to have been the father of John, who was succeeded by his brother Auley , the father of Alexander and others; who by his second wife had Walter, Auley, Duncan and others.

Walter MacAuley, son of Auley, succeeded his older brother and married Margaret Drummond and had issue of Sir Aulay, John and others. The first died without issue, and was succeeded by his cousin Alexander.

On the Lewis line, one Dungald Macauley said to have been the father in the fifteenth century of among others, John, Ray, Malcolm and others, who were the ancestors of Lord Macaulay, the famous poet, historian and statesman.

It is not definitely known which of illustrious lines of this family first migrated to America but it is believed, that if not all, some of the Macaulays or Macauleys were ancestors at a remote period.

Among the family first to emigrate to America were two brothers James and Alexander McCauley (whose descendants also used the name Macauley and Macaulay), who settled in New Hampshire in the early eighteenth century.

They were of Scotch descent, but came to America from the Province of Ulster, Ireland, and located for a short time at Boston, Massachusetts.

The descendants of these and other branches of the family in America have spread practically to every state in the Union and have aided much in its growth, as their ancestors did in the founding of the nation as in the establishment of its Independence. They have been noted for their energy, ambition, integrity, thrift, loyalty, patience, and courage.

Among those who fought in the War of the Revolution were Captain Daniel and Surgeon Thomas McCalla of Pennsylvania, Lt. Hugh McCauley of Massachusetts, Lt. James and Nathaniel

McCauley of New Hampshire, also Thomas McCauley, resident not known.

A few of the many members of this family who had distinguished themselves in various parts of the world in recent time: Catherine McAuley of Ireland, founder of the first superior of the Sisters of Mercy, 1787-1841. Sir James Buchanan Macauley of Canada, jurist, 1793-1859·

Thomas Babington Macauley, England, Historian, Poet, and Statesman, 1800-1859. James Macaulay, of Scotland, Novelist, 1817-1902. "Jerry" McAuley, New York City, Missionary, born in Ireland 1839. Died in New York in 1884, having emigrated in 1852.

One of the several Coat-of-Arms of this ancient and honorable family of Macauley or Macaulay is as follows:

ARMS:- "Gules, two arrows in saltire, argent, surmounted of a fess chequy of the second and first between three buckles, within a borduer intended or."

CREST:- "A boot, couped at the ancle, thereon a spur, all proper."

MOTTO:- "Dulce Periculum."

Arms taken from Burk's "Encyclopedia of Heraldry," 1851. The above data compiled from the following: ANDERSON - "Genealogy and Surnames," 1865. BARBER - "British Family Names," 1903. BUCHANAN - "Genealogy of Ancient Scottish Surnames." 1820. "DUMBARTONSHIRES," 1860. "The Americana," 1932. HEITMAN - "Officers of the Continental Army," 1914.

I just recently found his day book - where he kept accounts and other items of interest after the death of my wife being her Grand-father, "Asa McCauley", he spelled his name with a (w) as McCawley, as others mentioned.

In my research - would be: FIRST GENERATION -- Christian name unknown, but," Scotch-Irish" descent! Apparently born and died in Ireland. SECOND GENERATION - Christian name not known. Born in Ireland. Died in America. Married "Christian and surname" not known. Birth and Death, probably in America. There are mentioned a brother R. L. McCawley, a sister Miss Ida McCawley, who married Luther Shover, March 15, 1873. Also Miss Vina McCawley, who married Charles W. Mitchell, July 26,1871.

The last notations were written by my wife's mother (Susan Melvina McCawley Mitchell).

I found an old Atlas of Union County, Olio published in 1877, which I have in my possession that gives one W. McCauly owning a 38 acre farm on Marysville, Watkins and Delaware Gravel Pike.

The THIRD GENERATION is here-to-fore mentioned under the CORK'S family history.

FOURTH GENERATION:- or fifth in line.

McCAWLEY or McCAULEY - SUSAN MELVINA - Born March 24, 1855. Mill Creek Township, Union County, Ohio. Died October 10, 1930, Dublin, Ohio. Age 75 years. MARRIED:- July 27, 1871, First to CHARLES W. MITCHELL JR. Born October 27, 1853. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Died January 31, 1904. Dublin, Ohio. Age 51 years. CHILDREN:- Three daughters and one son. NELLIE ELIZA - Born May 1, 1872. Died May 19, 1874. Age 2 years. INFANT SON - Born March 8, 1874. Died March 19, 1874. ANNA MAY - Born June 23, 1875. Died September 4, 1953. Married Newton J. Dominy. ADA OLIVE - Born May 17, 1878. Died June 10, 1879. Age 1 year. SECOND MARRIAGE: January 1, 1908 to DAVID S. BATES - Born April 28, 1840. Leetonia, Ohio. Died April 24, 1925. Dublin, Ohio. Age 85 years.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, Dublin, Ohio.


FIFTH GENERATION:- or sixth in line.

MITCHELL, ANNA MAY - Born June 23, 1875. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Died September 4, 1953. Dublin, Ohio. Age 78 years. MARRIED:-December 15,1896 to NEWTON J. DOMINY - Born July 1, 1872. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Living, CHILDREN:- Two sons and two daughters. NORMAN LLEWLLYN - Born February 6, 1899. Dublin, Ohio. Died June 11, 1900. Age 1 year. CORLISS NEWTON - Born May 3, 1901, Dublin, Ohio. Died August 18, 1904. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Age 3 years, 3 months, 15 days. ELEANOR MELVINA - Born March 6, 1903. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Married Charles W. Lewis. RUTHELLA Born November 27, 1905, Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Married Henry Albert Termeer.

RESIDENT:- 29 South High, Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio.