Dated: August 23, 1936. 

NEWTON J. DOMINY, Historian 

Dublin, Ohio

FIRST GENERATION:- or second in line.

MITCHELL, CHARLES W. - Born March 9, 1746. Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Died March 9, 1823. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Age 77. MARRIED:- (Probably) in 1766. First to (Christian name unknown.) CHILDREN:- Two daughters and one son. JANE Born probably 1768. Died ?. Married ?. ELIZABETH - Born probably in 1770. Died ?,1833. Married ?. ANDREW - Born probably in 1772. Died ?. Married ?. MARRIED SECOND:-(probably) in 1791 to JANE ROBINSON- Born August 11, 1769. Pennsylvania. Died August 11, 1853. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Age 84 years. CHILDREN:- Six sons and one daughter. JOHN - Born probably in 1793. Died ?. Married ?. SARAH - Born probably in 1795. Died ?. Married a Mr. Wagner. CHARLES W. - Born February 26, 1797. Died August 2, 1882. Married Eliza D. Reed. WILLIAM - Born in 1800. Died ?. Married Mary W. Reed. HUGH - Born April 10, 1802. Died September 15, 1862. Age 60 years. Married Jane M. Reed. THOMAS - Born ? 1804. Died?. Married first Rachel ?.Second Sarah Huston. DAVID - Born in 1806. Died ?. Married June 19, 1852 to Sarah Morrison.

RESIDENT:- His first, was Robstown, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, where he married, and reared his family, thence migrated as a pioneer and settled in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio

He, his wife and family consisting of six sons and three daughters (John, William, Charles, Hugh, Thomas, David, Jane, Elizabeth, and Sarah) migrated from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania in 1815.

Andrew went to New Orleans, Louisiana when a young man, and the last intelligence from him was that he had joined the army under General Jackson.

The family came in a large flat boat from Robstown on the Youghiogheny River to the Ohio at Pittsburgh, from there down the Ohio to the Scioto River, up the Scioto to Chillicothe.

Stopping at Chillicothe, Ohio he purchased from Walter Dunn 1070 acres of land one half mile north of Dublin, Ohio adjoining the Sells brothers' purchase.

Some of the boys came with him on the trip, while the rest of the family came overland from Pennsylvania in four horse covered wagons. Their cows and other stock were driven along at the same time. They met their father at Chillicothe, where they all came by wagons to their new home in Washington Township, Dublin, Ohio.

The cargo of the boat consisted of the greatest variety of household goods then generally brought by the early pioneers of that day. Also were included three barrels of Rye Whiskey, which was made into bitters, and taken by the family. None of them were ever sick with malarial diseases while it lasted, which was some fifteen years.

SECOND GENERATION:- or third in line.

MITCHELL, CHARLES W. JR., - Born February 26, 1797. Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Died August 2, 1882. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Age 85 years. MARRIED: September 1, 1835 to ELIZA DUNLAP REED Born May 24, 1812. Where ?. Died January 3'0, 1899. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Age 87 years. CHILDREN:- Four daughters and three sons. MARTHA J. - Born November 15, 1837. Died at Worthington, Ohio. Married Asher Brand. CALVIN W. - Born June 20, 1840. Died in 1923. Age 83 years. Married Sophiah Ashbough. ANNE E. - Born November 24, 1842. Died August 6, 1920. Age 78 years. Married Harlon Johnson. OLIVE H. - Born October 15, 1845. Died November 27, 1903. Age 58 years. Married Joseph Thompson. MARY E. - Born December 12, 1848. Died November 30, 1925. Age 77 years. Married Frank P. Goble. CHARLES W. MITCHELL JR. - Born October 27, 1853. Died January 31, 1904. Married Melvina McCauley. LUTHER R. - Born October 21, 1856. Died August 4, 1938. Age 82 years. Married Julia Armstead.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, Dublin, Ohio.


At their farm home built by his father Charles W. Mitchell Sr. in 1822 and

continuously occupied, at present by Mr. and Mrs. George W. Quillin.

The subject of this sketch was born in Pennsylvania, and migrated to Ohio with his parents in 1815. His education was limited, that being the case in those pioneer days where the development largely depended upon stalwart and sturdy frontiersmen. Although limited as he was he became one of the township's most influential farmers and business men of that day.

All people knew him - and in need called upon "Uncle Charlie" as he was known to them and assistance was willingly given.

At the death of his father in 1823 he took charge of the estate who by Will devised his property to his wife and children, giving each 150 acres of land, with the exception of his wife Eliza and sons Charles and William, to whom he gave 300 acres, on condition that they pay his debts, which was a considerable sum.

A short time after the death of their father, Charles and William started down the Scioto River in a flat boat they built, loaded with flour, pork, potatoes and other produce of the farm.

This being in the spring, when the river was high by the spring freshets, so they could shoot the rapids and dams built across the river, their destination being New Orleans, Louisiana On their arrival at that city, they found the market supplied with produce, and in consequence they received but enough to clear expenses which had been made on the trip.

Quite early by the records "Charles" slaughtered some 2200 head of hogs in one season. Of the pork made most was shipped to Liverpool, England. I take from his (Charles) records, which I have in my possession the following which might be interesting to the family in future generations: 

October 18, 1849: Bought from George W. Dunn, 1519 hogs for $3142.42.

March 11, 1850: Paid George W. Dunn /or in all 163 barrels o/ salt - $289.10 Paid George W. Dunn for in all 746 empty pork barrels - $491.35. For in all Paid George W. Dunn /or hauling 746 barrels to Columbus, Ohio c@ 23¢ barrel - $171.58. Paid George W. Dunn for hauling 147 barrels of salt from Columbus, Ohio - $26.82. For in all for killing and packing 1010 hogs $320.00 

This pork was shipped to Liverpool, England, making a nice investment at that time.

Another incident connected with this family is interesting to note, that three brothers, Charles, William, and Hugh married three sisters, Eliza D., Mary W., and Jane M. daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Reed, who were early settlers in Darby Township, on Big Darby Creek near Milford Center, Union County, Ohio.

After his marriage to Eliza D. Reed, Charles still occupied the home built by his father in 1822, and since has been continuously occupied. It is a strongly constructed frame building, and from ail appearances will stand another century.

He and his wife were early members and were the founders of the Presbyterian Church in the community of Dublin, Ohio. The first service of this church was held in his father's Log Cabin. They were constant members of the church of their choice for more than forty years.

To his politics, he was an ardent believer and supporter of Jeffersonian and Jackson principles having been elected a number of times township land appraiser, giving the people of his township his best efforts in the appraised value of their farms from their productiveness to produce.

In behalf of my wife Anna Mitchell Dominy, I am inserting the founding of the Presbyterian Church of Dublin by Charles W. Mitchell Sr., which was read by her at the Ladies Guild of the Community Church of Dublin, Ohio.

"I will try to give a brief memoir of the Presbyterian Church, whose principles were held in the highest esteem by my ancestors, Charles W. Mitchell Sr. and Jane Robinson Mitchell, his wife, and family of six sons and three daughters, who migrated from Robstown on the Youghiogheny River, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania by flat boat and overland by four horse wagons, to Chillicothe, Ohio. Stopping there, he purchased 1070 acres of land from Walter Dunn, just a ,,mile north of Dublin on the west bank of the Scioto River in the spring of 1815.

"He erected their Log cabin just about a hundred yards south of the present two story home built in 1822, which has been constantly occupied, and at present by Mr. and Mrs. George Quillin.

"Charles W. Mitchell and wife, my great grand-father, the founder of this church, threw open their log cabin, and the first sermon in Dublin was preached by a Presbyterian Divine , the Reverend James Hoag in 1817. He continued its pastor for a number of years.

"A handful of Christian neighbors gathered at the Mitchell cabin, enjoyed a discourse by a member of the church they favored, which was greatly received, but was no organization until about 1829, when a church was formed. Some of the early members were: the Mitchells, the Johnsons, the O'Haros, the Donaldsons, the Isenburgs, and others.

"Grandfather and Grandmother Mitchell were constant members of the church of their choice for more than sixty years, and the Mitchell family held Deacons and Deaconesses through ninety years of the church's existence.

"About 1870 Grandfather Mitchell suggested to the church trustees and elders, that if they would build an entrance and belfry, he would purchase a bell. The entrance to the church was a large platform extending across the front of the church. The belfry was built in the center of this platform about six steps up. The trustees and elders consented, the entrance provided, and the bell purchased. This bell was solid Bronze Bell Metal, and the cost was five hundred dollars.

"It was the largest bell in Dublin and vicinity. When rung, its notes pealed out joyous tidings a distance of three miles telling that the hour was approaching for communion or the passing on of one of the church members.

"After disbandment this bell was given to the Presbyterian church at Worthington, Ohio, by the membership of the church, who authorized the trustees to give this bell, if they would accept it as a memento of the early founders of the churches in these communities, where they so dearly loved to worship.

"The last minister to serve was Reverend H. I. McAdams of Worthington, Ohio, and some of its members at that time were: The Mitchell's, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Goble, Doctor and Mrs. Seeds, Doctor and Mrs. McKitrick , Miss Addie Davis, and the retired Doctor Reverend Curtis, and others, about forty in all.

"On Sunday at midday the 16th day of June 1912, this church was badly damaged by the storm, which also destroyed the Methodist church in the south end of Dublin.

"The Christian church being in the direct path of the storm escaped without the slightest injury. Following this storm, meetings were held and union was perfected of the three denominations into the Congregational church, "now known as the Dublin Community Church.". The old church property was sold, moved, repaired and is now occupied by Hill's grocery.

' Live while you live,' the epicure would say ' And seize the pleasure of the present day.' ' Live while you live,' the sacred preacher cries, ' And give to God each moment as it flies.' Lord! in my views, let both united be; I live in pleasure, when I live in thee."


United in the holy bonds o/ matrimony at the farm home of Squire Deabrow, Mill Creek Township, Delaware County, Ohio


THIRD GENERATION:- or fourth in line.

MITCHELL, CHARLES W. JR. - Born October 27, 1853. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Died January 31, 1904, Dublin, Ohio. Age 51 years. MARRIED:- July 29, 1871 to SUSAN MELVINA McCAULEY - Born March 24, 1855, Mill Creek Township, Union County, Ohio. Died October 10, 1930, Dublin, Ohio. Age 75 years. CHILDREN:- Three daughters and one son. NELLIE ELIZA - Born May 1, 1872. Died May 19, 1874. Age 2 years. INFANT SON - Born March 8, 1874. Died March 19, 1874. ANNA MAY - Born June 23, 1875. Died September 4, 1953. Married Newton J. Dominy. ADA OLIVE - Born May 17, 1878. Died June 19, 1879. Age 1 year.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, Dublin, Ohio.

He spent his entire life in the township and county of his nativity, receiving his education in the school of Old SubDistrict No. 4, known as the Mitchell district.

He married young to Melvina, the daughter of ASA and SUSANAH (CORK) McCAULEY of Mill Creek Township, Union County, Ohio. After his marriage, he pursued farming until 1879·

Owing to ill health, he moved his family to Dublin, were he followed the trade of a butcher for a number of years. He became quite active in town politics, being elected a number of years to council. He also served in the capacity as town Marshal.

He was an old line Democrat. He believed fully in its principles as his forefathers did.


FOURTH GENERATION:- or fifth in line.

MITCHELL, ANNA MAY - Born June 23, 1875. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Died September 4, 1953. Dublin, Ohio. Age 78 years. MARRIED:- December 15, 1896 to NEWTON J. DOMINY - Born July 1, 1872. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Living. CHILDREN:- Two sons and two daughters. NORMAN LLEWLLYN -- Born February 6, 1899. Died June 11, 1900. Age 1 year, 4 months, 5 days. CORLISS NEWTON - Born May 3, 1901. Died August 18, 1904. Age 3 years, 3 months, 15 days. ELEANOR MELVINA - Born March 6, 1903. Married Charles W. Lewis. RUTHELLA

Born November 27, 1905. Married Henry Albert Termeer.

RESIDENT:- 29 South High, Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio.

FIFTH GENERATION:- or sixth in line.

DOMINY, ELEANOR MELVINA - Born March 6, 1903. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- in 1923. He (Chuck) was to graduate from North High, Columbus, Ohio date could not be known. To CHARLES W. LEWIS, (CHUCK),-Born September 19, 1905, Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- One daughter and four sons. PATRICIA JEAN, WILLIAM NEWTON, CHARLES OTTO, DAVID BRUCE and JAMES EDWARD.

RESIDENT:- Karl Road, Columbus, Ohio. Removed to 6036 Flora Villa Drive, Linworth, Franklin County, Ohio.


FIFTH GENERATION:- or sixth in line.

DOMINY, RUTHELLA - Born November 27, 1905. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- May 14, 1925 to HENRY ALBERT TERMEER - Born August 23,1905. Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- Five sons. HENRY ALBERT JR., JERRY DOMINY, RICHARD DUANE, GARY NEWTON, and LARRY EUGENE (died at birth).

RESIDENT:- 25 South High, Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio.