Dated: August 21, 1932 NEWTON J. DOMINY, Historian

Dublin, Ohio

The ancestors of this pioneer family of America, according to tradition's well supported facts, sprung from MELCHOIR SAEGER. He was a member of the Jury and an Elder in the Church.

He was born probably in Reichenbach, and died March 1, 1720, in Brandau at the age of 84 years. Therefore he must have been born in 1636.

He was married to ANNA MARIA?, her christian name not known. Since nothing is known about his wife, she must have died outside of Brandau.

His second marriage was April 27, 1713, to a widow, KATHERINA WIRTTENBERGER, who died October 23, 1746. Melchoir Seeger had six children by her, amongst them were two sons Johan Phillip Seeger and Johan Nicholis Seeger.


JOHAN NICHOLIS SEEGER, was a blacksmith born June 9, 1689, in Reichenbach, married January 10, 1719 to BARBARA BITSCH. Emigrated to America in 1733 with his wife and eight children.

JOHAN PHILLIP SEEGER, his brother, was born 1686, married January 14, 1712 to ANNA KATHERINA MILLER from Neutsch. They had five children. One son died at the age of six.

The two older daughters were married at the time their parents emigrated and two sons were single, it is presumed that these children came to America at the time their parents did.

The oldest brother of the two above mentioned is: JOHAN GEORG SEEGER, Born November 28, 1674, died in Allertshofan, March 16, 1740, married on January 11, 1700 to ELIZABETH MAGDALENA GORSCHER, who died at Allertshofen at the age of 80 years on December 30, 1753. She was probably born in 1673.

The second oldest brother to the two above mentioned before: JOHAN CHRISTIAN SEEGER Died December 16, 1739, at the age 63 years, 2 months, 18 days, probably born, September 28, 1676. He married February 21, 1702 to ANNA ELIZABETH MEISTER, who died February 9, 1753,

He had one son JOHAN GEORG, born April 24, 1719, in Branau. It is tradition well founded that he emigrated to America. He is also said to be a student of great learning and married after coming to America.

It is further noted that according to tradition, our family, the SEEGER, SEAGER and the SAGER as it is known today, originated in Switzerland, a branch of this family are the Freiherrn Knight VON SEEGER in Tyrol.

The name Seeger is derived from the word SEE, which means a person living by the sea or owning a lake, this family lived in 1388 on Lake ZUG in Switzerland.

It is also further noted that this family dates back beyond BURK SAGER, who in 1402, was a councillor at Berne.

In 1553 a JOHN SAGER was governor of Arberg. A JOHN NICHOLIS SAGER, who was born in 1694 in Bavaria, married ANNA BARBARA ?, who was born 1705 and came with her seven children to Pennsylvania in September 1733. The SAGERS of eastern Pennsylvania are descendants from these men.


I. JOHAN GEORG SEEGER - Born November 28, 1674, in Hoxishol (a small village near Allertshofen), Died March 16, 1740, age 65 years, at Allertshofan, married January 11, 1700 to ELIZABETH MAGDALENA GROSCHEN, Born ?, 1673. Died December 30, 1753, at Allertshofen age. 80 years. (see notes) (ALLERTSHOFEN, ODENWALD, HESSEN, GERMANY.)

II. JOHAN CHRISTIAN SEEGER, Born March 5th or 6th, 1676, (according to leap year Georgian Calendar.) Died December 16, 1739, age 63 years, 2 months, and 18 days. Married February 21, 1702, to ELIZABETH MEISTER, Born ?. Died February 9, 1753. (BRANDAU, ODENWALD, GERMANY.)

III. ANNA MARIE SEEGER - Born ?, 1681. Died ?. Married date ?, to Johan Peter Roth, Brandau

IV. JOHAN PHILIP SEEGER, Born ?, 1686. Died ? in Pennsylvania. Married January 14, 1714 to ANNA CATHERINA MUELLER of Neutsch. They had six children in Germany, and emigrated to Pennsylvania landing at Philadelphia, September 26, 1737. They came over on the ship Saint Andrew.

RESIDENT: - In Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

V. JOHAN NICHOLIS SEEGER - Born June 9, 1689, in or near Reichenbach, Oldenwald, Hessen, Germany. Died January 1762, in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Married January 10, 1719 to BARBARA BITSCH. With his wife and seven or eight children emigrated to America, arriving at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 28, 1733. They came over on the ship Brigantine Richmond and Elizabeth. It appears that one child had died previous to this date and that two were born after arriving in America.

RESIDENT:- Whitehall Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.

VI. ANNA ELIZABETH SEEGER - Born August 13, 1693. Died ?. It appearing that no other information was available relative to Anna Elizabeth.

(NOTE) - From data collected it appears that this is the starting point of the SAGER'S in America, that they are of (Swiss) or German origin and descent, the tradition supporting these facts that they came from Baden in the Providence of Alsace, Lorraine commonly called the Shoe String State of Germany.

It also further shows that JOHAN CHRISTIAN SEEGER was the father of DOCTOR JOHAN GEORG SAEGER, who emigrated to America, landing at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 5, 1737, on ye good old ship Townshead. (Rupp's 30,000 Immigrants, Page 110.) He settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, married on the 13th day of June 1739 to MARIA KLOETER or CLOETIN. He died in the Spring of 1767, leaving a Will of Record.

- History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

FIRST GENERATION:- or second in line.

SEAGER, DOCTOR JOHAN GEORG - Born April 24, 1719 in Germany. Died in 1767. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. MARRIED:- FIRST to ANNA MARIA KLOETER OR CLOETIN, Born ?. Died ?. MARRIED:SECOND to CATHERINA ?. Born ?. Died ?. HIS CHILDREN: One son and one daughter. DOCTOR JOHAN GEORG. ELIZABETH.

RESIDENT:- He evidently shortly after his arrival located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

A question is raised as to the translation of the German Church records as to the name of Anna Maria, his first marriage.

This wedding took place at Emanuel Lutheran Church, Brickerville, Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and the minister was the Reverend John Stoever.

The records of his second marriage will be found in Volume 111, Page 97, of the Lancaster County Historical Magazine.
At his death in the spring of 1767, he conveyed by will all his property to his son Dr. Johan George Sager Jr., and his only daughter Elizabeth, who married Henry Cadel residing at Menheim, Pennsylvania.

SECOND GENERATION:- or third in line.

SAGER, DOCTOR JOHN GEORGE - Born January 19, 1739, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Died in 1824, Darby Township, Union County, Ohio. Age 85 years. MARRIED:- in 1767 to MARIA ELIZABETH SCHULTZ or SHEETS, Born ?, in Pennsylvania. Died ? in Union County, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- In the Fifth Pennsylvania Battalion, Colonel Robert McGraw, Commanding, January 3, 1776. January 3, 1777, The Muster Roll of Captain John Miller's Company.

January 5, 1776, gives George Sager, Private.

At the battle of Germantown was taken prisoner November 16, 1776, sent to prison camp at New York City, and was later paroled. VOLUME TWO, Page 172, PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES. SECOND ENLISTMENT - In the Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Militia in the year 1779, in Captain Samuel Roger's Company, the Eight Battalion Cumberland County Militia, Class Sixth, gives George Sager, private. VOLUME VI, Page 541, FIFTH SERIES. PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES

CHILDREN:- To this union ten children were born, eight sons and two daughters. It appears that one son and one daughter did not come to Ohio when the family did. As shown by the records of Union County, Ohio, seven sons and one daughter came, namely: George, Christian, Frederick, Jacob, Henry, Samuel, Abraham, and Barbara.

We have no records to show that they died in Virginia, but it does reveal that after the War of 1812, they did join the SAGER settlement between 1820 and 1825.

RESIDENT:- Rapoh Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. After the death of his his father and one enlistment in the Revolutionary War, he settled in Anthrim Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, where they resided until after 1779.

It was in Pennsylvania troops that he gave service to his country as a private, as there is nothing shown that he gave service as a physician or surgeon, from my search of the Archives on physicians serving as such.

From the above place mentioned the family migrated to Lovettsville, Loudoun County, Virginia, where the last of the children were born, and there remaining until the year 1805 when the family removed to and settled in the territory now comprising Union County, Ohio, that being before the county was established, at that date the township being known as the North-west Quarter Township of Franklin County, Ohio.

Here the family permanently settled and became very large and influential, the exact date of the settlement of the SAGER'S is not known, but was about 1805. This family was not only one of the earliest but probably the largest in the vicinity.

The first mill of any importance in Union County was a water mill which was built by Frederick Sager, in what is now Jerome township. This mill stood on the north bank of Big Darby Creek, about a mile above (Pleasant Valley) now Plain City, Ohio.

A short race-way was constructed to convey the water to the mill to propel the machinery which was by a water wheel. On "this wheel", the direct action of water was applied to the bottom, known in those days as the Under Shot-wheel.

The stone used by SAGER, he manufactured from a boulder found in the neighborhood. He ground everything that was brought for flour, - corn, wheat, rye, buckwheat and etc. But corn was the main crop of these pioneers, for upon it their dependence was placed for bread stuff.

Distilleries abounded in all settlements where large quantities of grain were raised. To them, a bushel of corn was the price paid for a gallon of whiskey.

One of the earliest distilleries in the county was owned and operated by Jacob Sager, about one and a half miles west of (Pleasant Valley) now Plain City. The whiskey manufactured was considered by all the genuine article.

The records have shown that the family is of German descent, and that Doctor John George and Elizabeth (Schultz or Sheets) Sager were natives of Virginia and Pennsylvania.

He was a pioneer physician of the early times and was widely and favorably known to all. He raised his family up to man and woman hood. Some of his sons were married, within a few years after they arrived in the new settlement. The cabins of the Sager's dotted the valley of Big Darby Creek in both Darby and Jerome township, Union County, and occupied some of the best farming land in these townships. Although a large part of the family settled in Darby township, Henry, Frederick, and Abraham lived in Jerome township.

From the military records of Union County it shows that the Sager family was well represented in the War of 1812, by the following: The first military company organized in this county was recruited during the year 1813. Strange as it may seem, very little can be learned of the members of this Company, although recruited from the old families such as Robinson, Kents, Mitchells, Ewings, Sagers and others.

After diligent research among the records, the following named citizens are known positively to have served as members of this Company to wit: James A. Curry, Captain; Samuel Mitchell, 1st Lieutenant; Adam Shover, 2nd Lieutenant; Privates: George Sager, Christian Sager, Abe Sager, David Mitchell, Andrew Noteman, James Buck, Calvin Carey, and William Taylor. FIRST REGIMENT LIGHT HORSE DRAGONS.

The farm upon which they first settled was purchased in 1806 from Lyon Starling, in Survey 3272, about one half mile south of Unionville. Until they had erected their cabins, the family resided with James Robinson, across the creek.

I also found that their political affiliation of that day was Jackson Democrats. The sons and daughters married and settled in various sections of the state and also in other states.

A brief historical sketch of his children will be given as far as I have been able to learn, for future generations to ponder over.

GEORGE JR.- Born ?, in Pennsylvania. Died ?, Union County, Ohio. MARRIED:- Date ?, to ELIZABETH FIRESTONE, Born ? ,Loudown County, Virginia. Died ?. Where?. CHILDREN: Two daughters and one son. ELIZABETH, MARGARET, and BENJAMINE. Married three times.

He settled in the western part of Darby township, Union County, where he engaged in farming and gunsmithing, where he died. NOTE:- "He made a rifle for my Grand-father JOHN, his brother, when he came to Ohio to live in 1820. It's still in the family, owned by Mrs. Bessie (Sager) Armentrout, a grand-daughter, who's father was John Thomas Sager, son of my Grandfather JOHN SAGER."

BENJAMINE -Born August 12, 1800, Union County, Ohio. Died May 31, 1889. Marion County, Ohio. Age 89 years. MARRIED:- Three times, First to DEBORA DEVAUL, Born ?. Where ?. CHILDREN:- Seven, three sons and four daughters. BENJAMINE, JR., LUCAS, HENRY, LOUISA, SARAH, MINERVA, and EVELYN. Second marriage to SARAH KERSEY GAIL, a Widow, CHILDREN:- one son, ELIJAH. Third marriage to MARY ANN STINER. CHILDREN:- one daughter, ELIZABETH deceased. The youngest son MARQUIET LAFAYETTE.

In 1833, he removed his family to La Rue, Marion County, Ohio, where he purchased his farm, becoming one of the county's leading and influential farmers.

CHRISTIAN - Born September 22, 1769, Pennsylvania. Died January 18, 1866. Union County, Ohio, Age 97 years. MARRIED:- Date ?, First to MARIAH ?, Born February 1.770, Virginia. Died June, 1835, Unionville, Ohio. Age 65 years. Second Marriage to ELIZABETH SHOVER, Born ?. Where ?. Died ?.

He settled on the site of Unionville and raised a large family. Farming was his pursuit. He possessed a strong constitution temperate in habits, and by industrious and close economy accumulated considerable property.

The records show that Unionville, Darby Township, Union County, was laid out by JOHN, FREDERICK, and DAVID SAGER, his sons, February 8,1847, originally containing fifteen lots and two streets, a total area of 7 and 5/8 acres. It was surveyed by William B. Irwin. An addition was made February 12, 1852, by Christian of 33 lots, lying mostly south of the original town plat.

J. F. Sager, his grandson, was elected County Surveyor of Union County, in which he gave excellent service rendered.

It is interesting to note from my research, that CHRISTIAN was his Great Grand-Father's name, being the second son of MELCHOIR SEEGER of Swiss and German origin.

I would like to relate a little incident, I have heard Mother tell dozens of times. - That she and her mother would visit Uncle Chris who lived at Unionville, as he and his sons laid out the village. Uncle Chris was in his nineties. He would get his brother JOHN'S old Sword and remark "Daughter" (wave it high above his head as he stood straight as an arrow) "this is what we licked the British with". He would always take her upon his knees - tell her stories - often give her little presents (as little trinkets), but her mother would never let her keep them! She would give them to his wife, which would make her very displeased and angry - then give Uncle Chris an awful scolding for giving her the little presents.

SAMUEL - Born June 6, 1778, Pennsylvania. Died August 12, 1856. Union County, Ohio. Age 78 years. MARRIED:- Date ?. First to ELIZABETH SANDOWER - Born March 3, 1788. Virginia. Died March 3, 1850. Union County, Ohio. Second, Date ? to MARIA DELAND - Born ?. Where ?. Died ?.

He settled on a farm east of Unionville, by issue of his first wife had six children, by his second wife had five children. Two of his sons GEORGE M., a private, Company D. 40th O.V.I. enlisted September 10, 1861. Killed at Kennesaw Mountains June 20, 1864. EDWARD, a private, Company I, 121st, O.V.I. enlisted August, 1862. Killed at Kennesaw Mountains June 27, 1864.

Samuel died upon his farm after a long and faithful career as a farmer. He was honest and pursued good judgment. Although he enjoyed few educational advantages, his children received as thorough education as the times afforded.

JACOB - Born ,January 20, 1781 in Virginia. Died April 24, 1847, Corroll County, Illinois. Age 66 years. MARRIED: Date ? to SUSANNAH ?, Born January 20, 1783, in Virginia. Died May 26, 1851, Corroll County, Illinois.

He settled in the south-west corner of Darby Township, Union County, Ohio on a farm where he also operated a still house in connection with his farming. He sold out in 1828, and removed his family to Corroll County, Illinois.

ABRAHAM - Born ?, in Virginia or Pennsylvania. Died ?. Where ?. MARRIED:- ?.

He purchased his farm in Section 3686, and was one of the influential farmers in his township of that day. In my research, the above was all that could be found. Therefore the presumption is that he left the community - his where-abouts unknown.

HENRY - Born ?, in Pennsylvania or Virginia. Died ?. Where ?. MARRIED:- Date ? to LAVINIA HAYNES - Born ?,Virginia or Pennsylvania. Died ?. Where ?.

He purchased his farm just north of Big Darby Creek, in Section 3686, locating his cabin east of the old trail. He was a blacksmith by trade, and when not clearing or tilling his land he labored at his trade.

He was a genial, good-natured citizen. In his day customers usually furnished the material, from which he fashioned the various implements they wanted. Iron was scarce and very valuable, so much that it was "pilfered". Whenever missing the complaint was made to him, he (Sager) would reply very seriously that he strongly suspected the Rats had eaten It! He was the first'

person to be elected County Commissioner with Robert Nelson and David Comer, who held their first meeting May 20, 1820.

FREDERICK - Born ?, in Virginia or Pennsylvania. Died ?, Kalamazoo, Michigan. MARRIED: Date ? to HANNAH HARRISON, Born ? in Virginia. Died in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

He purchased a large farm in Survey 3686, on the east bank of Big Darby Creek. He had the honor of erecting the first mill in the county. He was a genius man, but like many pioneers was rough in manners.

MILLING - was after the Indian fashion, grinding their corn by hand. This mill was called the "Hominy Block" made by burning a hole in the top of a stump, so two could pound the corn into meal. For a sifter, a deer skin was stretched tight over hoops and small holes made by hot iron, often a table fork was used for that purpose.

Tiring of this, the settlers would make the long journey to his mill to bring home the precious sack of meal. The site he (Sager) selected was a few rods above the bridge on the (Pleasant Valley) now Plain City and California pike.

He built a dam with the assistance of his neighbors and erected the necessary building. Doctor Converse says of it: - "The great question was how and where he could produce the Buhrs for this enterprise. To go to Maine, Vermont or New York, would be expensive."

It is said that "necessity is the mother of inventions", and as the country abounded with boulders, he started out for a mill stone, finding one on the farm of John Taylor. With rude and clumsy tools, he went to work to split the boulder open, for days he labored with picks and and drills on the unyielding rock, until at last it gave way. To dress this flinty rock into shape, required weeks of labor. Finally it was declared that Sager's mill was in running order. For miles around, neighbors came with their grain to mill, even the Indians that were still in the country came on the same errand.

Wheat now being introduced in the county necessitated the attaching bolting cloth in the mill. He procured a piece of Sea-Grass cloth, attached the same to a reel, placed it in the flour chest ready to meet the wants of the settlers. For many years he did the bolting by hand.

A few years later he attached to. his water power, a saw mill, supplying the people with lumber for their buildings. Prior to this, split puncheon were made, smoothed and fitted by the ax.

Still later, he put into operation a Still House. As peaches were nature's production at that day, the farmers for miles fetched their crop to his still and had them made into peach brandy.

This mill was called a "Wet Weather" mill; but during a dry season, it could be operated for a short time each morning when a good head of water was on. The dam was made of timber and was constantly getting out of order, with water washing under it. As this often occurred, he called upon the neighbors to help in its repair. A service they gladly rendered because of the milling privileges afforded them. He sold his mill in 1830 to Fannery Heaminway.

He removed his family to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he settled and reared a large family of fourteen children. His wife was supposed to be a niece of President Benjamin Harrison.

JOHN-Born January 20, 1768, in Pennsylvania. Died in 1850, Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:Date, in 1799 to EVA CUMBAKER. Born ? in Virginia. MARRIED:- Date, in 1830 to MARGARET (BOGAN) WRIGHT, a WIDOW., Born in 1800, Virginia.

MILITARY SERVICE:- War of 1812, as to State troops, Regiment and Company, this is unknown at present; but I find on investigating from the war records of the State of Pennsylvania: There is a John Saeger among the list of men who was drafted, mustered and equipped in the War of 1812. Page 553, series 6, Volume 7, Pennsylvania Archives.

Also the name JOHN SAGER appears under the command of Captain Jacob Solt, in active service, being the 8th Company of the 118 Regiment, September 23, 1814, Series 6, Volume 9, Page 117, Pennsylvania Archives.

The State of Virginia, by their Attorney General, regrets that War played havoc with their war records to a great extent. I have in my possession, a picture, belonging to my Grand-mother Dominy, showing the Union troops burning the Capitol, the City of Richmond, Virginia. It also shows the inhabitants and Confederate troops fleeing across the bridge over the Potomac River on the night of April 2, 1865.

RESIDENT:- Migrated with his parents from Pennsylvania to Virginia, but evidently did not come with the family to Ohio in 1805. Tradition well supports this fact that he was a resident of Jefferson County, Virginia, (now West Virginia,) and there served his country in the vicinity of Harpers Ferry in the War of 1812, as a Teamster or Wagonmaster. Later he was promoted to an officer. His sword is somewhere in the vicinity of Unionville, because I have heard my mother talk about when she was a girl going with her mother to visit Uncle Chris, as he was known to her, who was then in his nineties. He would get the old sword "saying this is what we used to lick the British".

The Census of 1810 gives him as having a family of four or five children, thus revealing that he must have been married twice. About 1820 or 1825, he came to the SAGER settlement at Unionville. In 1830 he married the widow of Dr. James Wright of Amity, Ohio. Thus he settled there having the occupation as a wagon-maker and cabinet-maker, the trade he followed until his death in 1850, during the Cholera Epidemic - place of burial unknown.

THIRD GENERATION:- or fourth in line.

SAGER, JOHN - Born January 20, 1768 in Pennsylvania. Died in 1850 in Amity, Ohio. Age 82 years. MARRIED: Date, in 1799 to EVA CUMBAKER - Born in Virginia. Died ?. Where?.

CHILDREN:- NOTE - The census of 1810 says he had four or more children, names not given, only head of family. What they are and where they may be is a mystery to me.

"Your letter came at a time when I was unable to write, but was carefully taken care of. I am sure we are blood cousins, as EVA was a sister to my Grand-father Jacob Cumbaker, who came from Loudoun County, Virginia, my father was Joseph Randolph.

"I remember of hearing our people speak of the SAGER'S of Virginia, as being very near relatives. For though blood may run with age, it never loses its color.

"I am, believing we are blood cousins. Truly yours, Roseanna Cumbaker Moore, Route 7, Zanesville, Ohio. September 12, 1935."

MARRIED:- Date in 1830 to MARGARET FREDERICA (BOGAN) WRIGHT, WIDOW - Born June 7, 1800. Fredericktown, Maryland. Died May 6, 1864, Amity, Ohio. Age 64 years. CHILDREN: Three sons and two daughters. GEORGE NICHOLIS - Born February 9, 1831. Died December 7, 1858. Married Amanda Daugherty. JOHN THOMAS - Born June 20, 1833. Died October 8, 1924. Married Cynthia Ann Porter, First. Mary Dobbins, Second. JACOB ANDREW - Born January 27, 1835. Died in 1847, Amity, Ohio. Age 12 years. CAROLINE ELIZABETH - Born November 24, 1840, Amity, Ohio. Died in Missouri. Married a Mr. Norton. ELEANOR FREDERICKA.- Born December 19, 1844. Died May 3, 1929. Married Jeremiah Dominy.

NOTE:- The following was taken by use of a reading glass - written more than a century ago! "1800 June the 7th in the afternoon at 4 o'clock today a daughter was born, her name was Fredericka Margaret, her Godfather and Godmother are Henry Koontz and Margaret Koontz, Fredericka Town, Maryland."

RESIDENT:- A native of Pennsylvania, removed to Loudoun County, Virginia with his parents and in later years moved to Jefferson County, Virginia (now West Virginia) came in 1820 or 1825 to the SAGER settlement in Union County, Ohio. He remarried residing in Amity, Madison County, Ohio.


NOTES: "John Sager did not accompany his father and family to Union County, Ohio in 1805, but he went to Jefferson County, Virginia (now West Virginia) where he enlisted as a Wagon-master in the War of 1812 and later became an officer in the United States Army. His sword is some where in the vicinity of Unionville, Ohio.

"In 1820 he arrived at Sager's at Unionville, Union County, and afterward he married in 1830 settling at Amity, Ohio, Madison County, Ohio.

"He had four or more children by his first marriage and five children by his second; he was a wagon-maker and cabinetmaker all his life. His father Doctor John George Sager served in the American Revolution as a private under two enlistments. First as a private in Captain Miller's company, Colonel Robert McGraw, Fifth Pennsylvania, Regiment. Colonial Lines, January 3,

1776 to January 8,1777. He was taken prisoner at the battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania, November 16, 1776 and sent to a Prison Camp at New York City and was later paroled.

"His second enlistment was as a private in Captain Samuel Rogers Company, 5th Battalion Cumberland County Militia, 6th Class. He has no war record as a physician or surgeon.

"In 1779, he migrated to Lovettsville, Loudoun County, Virginia, where the rest of his children were born. In 1805 he migrated to Union County, Ohio with eight of his children, seven sons and one daughter to wit: George, Christian, Frederick, Henry, Jacob, Samuel, Abraham and Barbara.

"They were the largest pioneer family in Union County, Ohio. Later on we hope to publish the complete family tree of this pioneer family.

"His father, Doctor John George Sager, founder of the family in America, came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 5, 1737, on Ye good old ship Townsend and settled in Lawrence County, Penn.

"He was a student of great learning, and the Sager Family is of ancient Swiss origin dating back to 1402 at Bert.

"He was married by Reverend John Casper Stower, at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Brickerville Warwick Township, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, to KLEOTER or CLOTIN, after his two children were born Doctor John George Jr. and Elizabeth, he died leaving a Will of Record."

By Dr. Frank Gardner, Historian, Sons of American Revolution.

FOURTH GENERATION:- or fifth in line.

SAGER,. JOHN THOMAS - Born June 20, 1833, Amity, Ohio. Died October 8, 1924, Hilliards, Ohio. Age 91 years. MARRIED FIRST:- April 14, 1850 to CYNTHIA ANN PORTER, Born?. Amity, Ohio. Died April 16, 1863, Milford Center, Ohio. CHILDREN:- Two sons and one daughter. BURR - Born in 1858. Died in 1920. Married Hattie Dominy. JAMES - Born October 9, 1860, Milford Center, Ohio. Died June 6, 1933, Springfield, Ohio. Age 73 years. Married Alice Clark, Widow. NELLIE - Born September 9, 1862, Milford Center, Ohio. Died December 4, 1947. Hilliards, Ohio. Age 85 years. Married Alexander McCullough, Widower. MARRIED SECOND: January 1874 to MARY DOBBINS. Born April 17, 1850, Franklin County, Ohio. Died March 21, 1912, Hilliards, Ohio. Age 62 years. CHILDREN:- Three sons and three daughters. WALTER S. Born May 13,1876. Died July 30, 1876. Age 2 months, 17 days. MINNIE - Born January 17, 1879, Franklin County, Ohio. Died September 12, 1952, Hilliards, Ohio. Age 73 years. Married John Tilcox. CHARLES W. - Born August 5, 1882, Franklin County, Ohio. Died February 3, 1914, Columbus, Ohio. Age 32 years. Married Jennie Short. ETTIE L., Born February 27, 1886, Franklin County, Ohio. Died September 8, 1887, said County. Age 1 year, 6 months, 11 days. BESSIE, Born October 16, 1889, Franklin County, Ohio. Living. Married Clarence Armentrout. HARRY - Born November 1, 1891, Franklin County, Ohio. Living. Married First - Helen De Barr. Second Gertrude Arnhold.

MILITARY SERVICE:- Company I, 133 Regiment, National Guard, Ohio. Mustered into service May 6, 1864, as ninety day men, proceeded immediately to Bermuda Hundred, assigned to the First Division, Tenth Army Corps, to destroy the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad, thence to Fort Powhatten, where they rendered valuable service.

On August 10th, the regiment proceeded to Washington for review, received from President Lincoln, each, a personal citation scroll for service rendered in the protection of Washington thence to Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio, mustered out August 20, 1864.

RESIDENT:- Amity, Madison County, Ohio, Milford Center, Union County, Ohio. Hilliards, Norwich Township, Franklin County, Ohio.

He and his brother, Henry had a wood-working shop 'where They built wagons, .farming tools, and cabinet work, also made coffins when needed for burial, at that day.

After his marriage to Cynthia Ann, he removed to Milford Center, Ohio as a funeral director which he followed until the death of his wife in 1863.

He sold his business and brought his children to make their home with their grand-parents Mr. and Mrs. Porter of Amity, Ohio. After his service in defense of his country, he came to Billiards, Ohio, where he opened up a cabinet and woodworking shop. After his second marriage to Mary, he sold his shop and proceeded to farming which was followed until his wife's death in 1912. Having a public sale, he then purchased his home in Hilliard s, retiring, and lived to attain the age of 91 years.

FIFTH GENERATION:- or sixth in line.

SAGER, BURR - Born in 1858, Amity, Ohio. Died about 1920, Columbus, Ohio. Age 62 years. MARRIED:- Date, about 1883 to HATTIE DOMINY, Born June 15, 1865, Franklin County, Ohio. Died in about 1889, said County. Age 24 years. CHILDREN:-One daughter and one son. DELLA, Born October 24, 1884, Died January 1, 1940. Married John H. Wirick. INFANT SON born and died.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio.

They built their home on the east side of her father's farm, living there until his wife's death. Burr then sold the house to John Cramer, who moved it to his farm. Burr left his daughter with her grandmother to care and raise, and he went to Columbus to live.

SIXTH GENERATION:- or seventh in line.

SAGER, DELLA - Born October 24, 1884. Franklin County, Ohio. Died January 1, 1940. Columbus, Ohio. Age 56 years. MARRIED:- October 14, 1904, to JOHN H. WIRICK, Born May 14, 1883, St. Paris, Ohio. CHILDREN:-One son. RALPH, Born May 11, 1906. Married Cleo Collins.

RESIDENT:- St. Paris, Champaign County, Olio, moved to Plain City, Madison County, Ohio, removed to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

John, after his marriage followed the hardware and farm implement trade, until they moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he entered the J. I. Case Company in the parts department. At present he is general floor manager of this department.


SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

WIRICK, RALPH (BUDDY) - Born May 11, 1906, St. Paris, Ohio. MARRIED:- June 14, 1930 to CLEO COLLINS - Born November 9, 1909, Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- One daughter, BARBARA - Born February 24, 1933. Maiden.

RESIDENT:- Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio; Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio; Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio, now at Jacksonville, Florida.

Ralph is a traveling salesman, who visits manufacturers of household furniture, etc, also the Chicago Mart, to purchase furniture and other supplies for these large department stores.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

WIRICK, BARBARA - Born February 24, 1933, Columbus, Ohio. A Maiden Lady.

FOURTH GENERATION:- or fifth in line.
SAGER, ELEANOR F. - Born December 19, 1844, Amity, Ohio. Died May 3, 1929, Franklin,
County, Ohio. Age 85 years. MARRIED:-December 15, 1864 to JEREMIAH DOMINY, Born October 17, 1841. Madison County, Ohio. Died June 17, 1921, Franklin County, Ohio. Age 80 years. CHILDREN:- One daughter and two sons. MAGGIE F.-Born July 26, 1870. Died August 26, 1872. Age 2 years. NEWTON J., Born July 1, 1872. Living. Married Anna M. Mitchell. CARL S. Born August 29, 1874. Died April 16, 1944. Married Jennie Jones.


FIFTH GENERATION:- or sixth in line.

DOMINY, NEWTON J. - Born July 1, 1872, at 4:30 P. M., Franklin County, Ohio. Living. MARRIED:- December 15, 1896 to ANNA M. MITCHELL, Born June 23, 1875. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Died September 4, 1953, Dublin, Ohio. Age 78 years. CHILDREN: Two sons and two daughters. NORMAN LLEWLLYN - Born February 6,1899. Died June 11, 1900. Age 1 year. CORLISS NEWTON - Born May 3, 1901. Died August 18, 1904. Age 3 years, 5 months 15 days. ELEANOR MELVINA - Born March 6, 1903. Married Charles W. Lewis. RUTHELLA Born November 27, 1905. Married Henry Albert Termeer.

RESIDENT:- East Warren Street, Columbus, Ohio, removed to 29 South High, Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio.

FIFTH GENERATION:- Or sixth in line.

CARL S. - Born August 29, 1874. Franklin County, Ohio. Died April 16, 1944, said County Age 70. MARRIED:- January 1, 1913 to JENNIE JONES - Born September 22, 1885, Hilliards, Ohio. CHILDREN:- Two daughters. MARGARET DOROTHY - Born November 20, 1913. Married Harold P. Michel. ANNABELLE JANE - Born June 28, 1916. Married Clarence R. Holt.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, Hilliards, R.F.D. 1, Ohio.



The Whitman Massacres: Marcus Whitman, an American Pioneer, born in 1802, at Rushville, New York. In 1836 he emigrated with others to work as a missionary among the Indians of the Columbia River District.

Accompanied by his young wife, he crossed the plains by wagon, settling in what is known as the State of Oregon, when it became evident to him to secure the territory from the English. He (Whitman) decided to forestall it, knowing full well the true state of affairs, that the government should have knowledge. He rode over 3000 miles on horse-back to Washington D. C. reaching there on March 3, 1843, to find the treaty had been signed.

He (Whitman) at once went to work and the fact that Oregon could be reached by wagon, he returned at the head of 1000 emigrants.

By this daring ride and his earnest endeavor, he won this great section for the United States, the results of his work were secured by treaty of 1846. In 1847, with his wife and many others, he was massacred by the Cayuse Indians.

HENRY SAGER, left the Sager settlement, selling his farm in Section 3686, Union County, Ohio and moved his family to Missouri about 1838. When the big push was on to the Northwest or the Oregon territory, he with other families left Missouri at that day! It was called an emigrant train for Oregon! Everything was moved in fairly good order.

The wagon train upon reaching the Clarkman District- was in the Whitman Massacre by the Indians, who murdered all the adults leaving only the children to survive.

Portland, Oregan March 5, 1936

Mr. Newton Dominy Dublin, Ohio Dear Sir:

The only information that I have of your family is the following: `Record Book C, Pages 449450,C1ackamasProbateCourt Records, Oregon City, Oregon. June 3, 1845. J. W. Mesmich, Judge.'

"Now on this day comes Marcus Whitman of Clackamas District and represents as follows, to wit: That HENRY SAGER, late of the State of Missouri, died as it is said on or about the 30th day of August 1844 while on his journey emigrating to Oregon and that one William Shaw did then take possession and charge of the goods, chattels and effects of said Henry Sager deceased and also took charge of the children of said Henry Sager deceased, which were as follows: John C. Sager, Francisca Sager, Catherine Sager, Elizabeth M. Sager, Matilda J. Sager, Hannah L. Sager, and Henrietta Sager, all as it is said under the age of 14 years and further more that the said William Shaw on the 6th day of November 1844 delivered up to Marcus Whitman at his station all goods, chattels and effects belonging to the estate of the fore mentioned Henry Sager deceased, together with the aforesaid children, all to remain with the said Marcus Whitman until further arrangements could be made.

"And now said Marcus Whitman requests that a guardian be appointed to said orphan children by the Court and also that measure may be taken to secure the estate of Henry Sager deceased for the use and benefit of his heirs. Whereupon the court appointed Benjamine Nichols, Solomon Fads, and Edmund B. Magruder to appraise and fix the value of said estate of the said Henry Sager at the time it was delivered up to the said Marcus Whitman. The appraisers after being sworn returned a bill of appraisement which amounts to $262.50. Whereupon the said Marcus Whitman gave bonds for double the above amount and was appointed guardian of the aforesaid children subject and accountable to the Probate Judge of Oregon. Signed by J. W. Nesmith, Judge of Probate."

A book that might be interesting to read, although I believe that it is mostly fiction, "On To Oregon", by Honore Willisie Morrow. There is a little pamphlet of only nine pages entitled, "Survivors of Whitman Massacre", by Matilda Delaney.

Sincerely yours,
M. Leona Nichols, (Mrs. Frank Nichols) 3819 North Willamette Blvd., Portland, Oregon
Quoting from "Morrow's On To Oregon":

"HENRY SAGER, a farmer and blacksmith with his wife NAOMA SAGER, and their three children JOHN the oldest born in 1831, FRANCES about 1833, CATHERINE about 1835, left their Ohio home - emigrating to Missouri in 1838.

"After their arrival in Missouri the "Stork" called on the family regularly, leaving ELIZABETH, LOUISA, and MATILDA,

"The people of Missouri were forming a Caravan to follow Doctor Marcus Whitman, a Missionary, to Oregon. In the spring of 1843, over the road passed the Sager's home, went two hundred covered wagons, with men, women, children, and cattle headed for Oregon, and with them went the Sagers.

"Everything moved along fairly well with the wagon train, the "Stork" visited again on July 20, 1844, left a daughter ANNA. Sometime before this the Father showed signs of Mountain Fever. Just before sunset August 20, 1844, Henry Sager died, age 38 years, (possibly born 1806) and was buried on the banks of Green River.

"Soon following the father, a few months, wife and mother was taken on September 1, 1844, age 32 years, (probably born in 1812) leaving a family of orphans for the oldest brother John age 13 - to care for! Catherine saying "the last words that Mother said was for US all to help John to keep the little family together!" John says "I want to change baby's name from Anna to HENRIETTA NAOMA." So in the Bible where the records were kept, he jotted it down, after scratching out Anna, to change her name."

Author said, John Sager, was a great friend and PAL of KIT CARSON the Indian Scout! "Kit" saved John's life. The Indians had captured him and stripped him of all his clothing; Kit found him hiding in the sage bushes. From then on - they were fast friends - they scouted together at times! After the death of John's Father and Mother, Kit saw the orphans safe on their journey, assisted by William Shaw, landing them safely at Doctor Whitman's Mission, where they were given the best of care.