The subject of this sketch is -from data that could be gathered - as follows

PHOTO 1876

FIFTH GENERATION:- or sixth in line.

DOMINY, JOHN H.- Born 1825· Madison County, Ohio. Died in the State of Nebraska. MARRIED September 24, 1848, to MARTHA SCRUBNER, Born ? in the State of New York. Died in the State of Nebraska. CHILDREN:- Three daughters and two sons. CHLOE, Born ?, in Madison County, Ohio. Died ?. Where ?. Married Hiram Douglass. JULIA, Born ?. Madison County, Ohio Died ?. Where ?. Married J. Forshee. EVA, Born ?. Madison County, Ohio. Died?. Where?. Married name?. HARRY (HAD) - Born ?. Madison County, Ohio. Died ?. "Killed" in Nebraska. Married Sara Jewett of Amity, Ohio. EMMETT -Born?. Madison County, Ohio. Died in Nebraska. Married who ?. when ?.

RESIDENT:- Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio. Emigrated to Nebraska in the Eighties.

John was the sixth son of Jeremiah and Abigail (Norton) Dominy, born in Darby township, Madison County, Ohio. His parents migrated with his grand-father, James and Deulana (Howe) Norton, natives of New York State in 1811.

He married Martha, the daughter of Abram and Chloe (Marsh) Scrubner, also a native of New York State. They reared a family of three daughters and two sons.

He owned a farm of 180 acres of land, east of Amity, Ohio in Canaan township, Madison county, Ohio. Selling his farm, he removed his family to Nebraska State, where he homesteaded and resumed farming - the work he loved to do!

In politics, he was a staunch Republican, having filled many township offices while a resident of Canaan township.

"HAD KILLED!" As related to me years ago, the State was opening up new homestead lands. Uncle John and his sons were making arrangements to be at the opening day. All was in readiness - the horse teams hitched the seat on the wagon in those days was close behind the team - the foot rest was over the double-tree.

They had broken a team of colts for this occasion. "Had" mounted the seat, ready to move, when the wagons started. The young team became excited from the wagon's rattle and started to run away - kicking viciously with both hind feet. From where Had sat, trying to hold his team, he received the full impact in his stomach and liver, causing a rupture, which resulted in his death.