FIFTH GENERATION: - or sixth in line.

DOMINY, ALMOND, TWIN - Born November 4, 1817. Madison County, Ohio. Died December 3, 1882. Delaware County, Ohio. Age 65 years. MARRIED:- in about 1835 to RACHEL COOK, Born September 16, 1818. Died September 27, 1865. Union County. Age 47 years. CHILDREN:- were 6 Daughters and 2 Sons. KEZIAH - Born?. Died?. Married. LOUISA JANE - Born October 22, 1839. Died October 2,1897. Married First, Eliphus Tarpening. Second Elihu Knapp. CATHARINE Born December 31, 1844. Died April 4, 1925. Married William H. Billingsley. LIANTHIA JAMSON Born?. Died?. Married Peter Grumley. ELECTIA MELEDA -- Born?. Died?. Married Joseph Bailey. HARRIET ELIZABETH - Born ?. Died ?. Married Joseph Grumley. DAVID - Born in 1841. Died in Michigan.. Married First Angelina Billingsley. Born March 28, 1837. Died August 4, 1876. Second ?. Third ?. SILAS LESTER (EDDIE) Born ?. Died ?. Married ?.

RESIDENT:- Darby Township, Madison County, Ohio. Removed to Mill Creek, Union County, Ohio; later to Delaware County, Ohio, where he died in 1882.

ALMOND, son of Jeremiah (1) and Abagail (Norton) Dominy, and his twin brother (Alvin) were the first set of twins to be born in this family, which tradition has been frequently repeated down to the present time.

I found in my research, that twins in the Dominy family is hereditary coming from Nathaniel (3) and Elizabeth (Eyers) Dominy, of which our line descended to issue by Henry (1) and his wife, Elizabeth Dayton.

My wife's mother was a McCauley, born and raised in the neighborhood of the Dominy's. We would often take her to visit her aunts at Long's Chapel and Ostrander, traveling the Jerome and Ostrander Pike. When we would come to a large two story brick house she would remark, "that's 'the Old Dominy Home', I have visited there quite often also at parties." She was a great friend to those Dominy girls, she married young - came to Dublin to live, often wondered what became of this family.

SIXTH GENERATION:- or seventh in line.

DOMINY, LOUISA JANE, Born October 22, 1839. Madison County, Ohio. Died October 2, 1897. Madison. County. Age 58 years. MARRIED:- in about 1860 to ELIPHUS TARPENING, Born in 1827.--MAdison County, Ohio. Died August 1862, killed at Cumberland Gap, Maryland. Age 35 years CHILDREN:- One daughter. LAURA ANN, Born October 7, 1861. Died June 14, 1942.  Married Amos Strickland.

MILITARY SERVICE. :-- Old Madison County History gives- Company G. for 90 days. On the first call for troops in April, 1861, this company was immediately raised at Plain City, went to Lancaster, Ohio, where it was mustered into the 17th Regiment on the 5th of June 1861, consisting of 90 men and Officers.

On the 3rd day of August 1861, having served over his time, he returned home and two days later was mustered out of the service. Two companies formed in Madison County, if not all of the men who returned joined other regiments returning back to service.

Company K. Three year men. This company was organized in Madison County, mustered into the service as the Ninty-fifth Ohio Regiment August 19,1962 at Camp Chase, consisting of 100 men, including its Officers.

He was killed at Cumberland Gap, Maryland, in August, 1862.

RESIDENT:- Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio.

NOTE: "I have nothing on the Tarpening family. I only know he entered the Civil War before my mother (Laura Ann) was born. He saw her just once when she was a few months old.

"They traveled by horse and wagon to Camp Chase so that Grandfather Tarpening could see his daughter before he went to battle. He was killed a few months later at Cumberland Gap."

By Geraldine Maud (Strickland) Crandell.


PETER STRICKLAND - A native of New England, he settled on the east bank of Big Darby Creek, opposite Amity, Ohio and remained a resident of Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio, throughout his life.

He was married four times, (but, in my research have been unable to find who they were) and raised a large family of children, of whom all but one were residents of the township.

Mr. Strickland was one of the township's early settlers, a very industrious man, a good neighbor, and highly respected by all who knew him, and a well-to-do farmer.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

TARPENING, LAURA ANN - Born October 7, 1861. Madison County, Ohio. Died June 14, 1942. Madison County, Age 81 years. MARRIED:- Date ?. to AMOS STRICKLAND, Born July 1, 1864. Madison County, Ohio. Died June 20, 1937, Madison County. Age 73 years. CHILDREN:- One son and two daughters. FRED - Born September 22, 1880. Married Maude Bell Metzler. ABIGAIL JANE - Born September 12, 1886. Married Edward Carl Schultz. GERALDINE MAUD Born November 17, 1906. Married Carl M. Crandell.


RESIDENT:- Madison County, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

STRICKLAND, FRED - Born September 22, 1880. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:- October 10, 1905 to MAUDE BELL METZLER, Born September 17, 1886. Died October 8, 1939. Madison County, Ohio. Age 53 years. CHILDREN: One son. FRED CLAIR JR., Born January 29, 1919. Madison County, Ohio. Married Naomia Hanna.

MILITARY SERVICE:- World War One, Joined the Army July 13, 1918, Company E, Second Battalion. Discharged January 16, 1919, after the Armistice was signed, stationed at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland.

RESIDENT:- Madison County, Ohio

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

STRICKLAND, FRED CLAIR JR. - Born January 29, 1919, Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED :Date ?  to NAOMIA HANNA, Born ?. CHILDREN:- One son, FRED KENNETH, Born June 21, 1943.


RESIDENT:- Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

EIGHTH GENERATION or ninth in line.

STRICKLAND, ABIGAIL JANE - Born September 12, 1886. Madison County, Ohio. Died June 30, 1922. Age 36 years. MARRIED:- February 3, 1910 to EDWARD CARL SCHULTZ, Born July 8, 1886. Franklin County, Ohio. Died November 25, 1952. Whitehall, Columbus, Ohio. Age 66 years. CHILDREN:- One daughter, MARY LUCILE, Born April 1, 1916. Married Reed K. Bidwell.

MILITARY SERVICE:-Reserves Ohio National Guard.

RESIDENT:- Bexley, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.


TWO OF THEIR THREE CHILDREN - Fred and Abigail Jane (Dain).


NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

SCHULTZ, MARY LOUISE, Born April 1, 1916. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- April 11, 1937 to REED K. BIDWELL, Born November 11, 1906. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN: None.


RESIDENT:- Alton and Darby Creek Road, R. F. D. No. 1, Hilliards, Ohio.

Reed K. is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bidwell, formerly of Madison County, Ohio. He takes an active part in all civic affairs, especially with the Ohio State Grange - where he is widely known for his work.

He and his wife, Mary, own and operate the "Keith's Keepsake Photo Studio" of Hilliards, Ohio, where special work is given to weddings, also public gatherings where the community pleases to be remembered.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

STRICKLAND, GERALDINE MAUD, Born November 17,1906, Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:June 1, 1929 to CARL M. CRANDELL, Born November 10, 1907. CHILDREN:- One daughter and one son. JOY ANN, Born August 8, 1933. Married Donald A. Nicholls. JAMES STRICKLAND, Born December 25, 1936, Columbus, Ohio. Student.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

CRANDELL, JOY ANN - Born August 8, 1933. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- April 25, 1953 to DONALD A. NICHOLLS, Born January 20, 1933, Cleveland, Ohio. CHILDREN:- One daughter LAURA JANE, Born July 15, 1954. Memorial Hospital, Norwalk, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- Registered. Is now in Lenggries, Germany. 7717 U. S. A. R. E. U. R. Q. M. School.

He is training German Sheperd Dogs for Scout Dogs. Just 13 in his group that are training dogs. He has not been put with a definite company as yet, being in the Quarter Master School.

RESIDENT:- Columbus, Ohio. Now Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio.



LUKE KNAPP, an Englishman by birth, emigrated to America, settling in Connecticut and served in the Revolutionary War, (His service record can be found in the Archives of Connecticut)

He moved to New York State where he died. In 1812, his son ELIHU came to Pennsylvania, and in 1815 to Madison County, Ohio, settling on the west side of Big Darby Creek in Darby Township. He died in 1823 and his wife in 1836.

His wife was AMY ANDERS, by whom he had three children. ELECTA, married Joshua Holter and settled in Worthington, Ohio in 1808, where she died.

CYNTHIA married Solomon Norton, son of James and Delana Norton, settled in Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio, and later moved to Illinois, where his wife died.

ELIHU, married December 31, 1819, to Keziah Norton, daughter of James and Delaney (How) Norton, settled on the farm, later owned by Henry Kent in Darby Township, Madison County, Ohio

By this union there were four children born - Albertus, Anna, Delany and Jacob. Keziah, his wife, died in 1833. In 1837 Elihu married a Miss Polly Hayes, by whom he had three children. His second wife also died. He then married Hannah Patch for his third wife. She died in about four years.


From Left to Right - Lola Knapp Crayton. May Knapp Beyer

Laura Ann Tarpening Strickland.

For his fourth wife, he married Phoebe (Norton) Converse, a widow of Charles, and a sister of his first wife (Keziah). Phoebe also died and for his fifth wife, Elihu married JANE (DOMINY) TARPENING, a daughter of ALMOND end RACHEL (Cook) DOMINY, and the widow of Fliphus Tarpening, who was killed at Cumberland Gap in 1862 during the Civil War. By Jane he had two daughters, LOLA and MAY, whose family history will appear later.


SIXTH GENERATION:- or seventh in line.

TARPENING, LOUISA JANE, A WIDOW, Born October 22, 1839. Madison County, Ohio. Died October 2, 1897, Madison County, Ohio. Age 58 years. MARRIED:- Date ?. to ELIHU KNAPP, A WIDOWER, Born February 12, 1800. New York State. Died January 29, 1890. Madison County, Ohio. Age 90 years. CHILDREN:- Two daughters. LOLA, Born 1879. Died February 5, 1920. Married William Crayton. MAY, Born May 25, 1883. Married Carl Herman Beyer.


RESIDENT:- Madison County, Ohio.

ELIHU came to Darby Township, Madison County, Ohio, in 1816. After eight years residence he removed to Canaan Township, Madison County. He had also been a resident of both Delaware and Union Counties, and a resident of Plain City, Ohio.

He owns 100 acres of land about a mile south of Amity, Ohio. He is a farmer by occupation, but in former years worked at the tanning and shoemaking trade.

He is now in his eighty-third year, one of the oldest residents of the township, having resided here for sixty-seven years, has been fully identified with the growth and improvement within the county, and has held many township offices.

He's had his "ups and downs", having been very unfortunate in the loss of his wives, but has kept a steady course onward and upward, having sustained an unblemished character, and an undoubted integrity, has the entire confidence of his community; and is a most respected citizen of Canaan Township.

He and his wife are members of the Universalist Church of Plain City, Ohio, he has been many times its Deacon. He being the largest donor in the building and upkeep of the Church that both he and his wife so dearly loved to worship. (The author attended his funeral, at that time being one of the largest held in Plain City.)

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

KNAPP, LOLA, Born July 22, 1879. Madison County, Ohio. Died February 8, 1920, Madison County. Age 59 years. MARRIED:- February 2, 1902 to WILLIAM CRAYTON, Born?. Died ?. CHILDREN:- Three sons and two daughters. CHARLES LELAND, Born January 30, 1904. Married Elfreda Catherine Koch. HERSHAL, Born October, 1905. Married ?. MARTHA JANE, Born December 12, 1907. Married Walter B. Cook. WILLIAM, Born June 24, 1912. Died May 2, 1953. Age 41 years. LAURA MAY, Born September 1913. Married ?.

RESIDENT:- Darby Township, Madison County, R. F. D., Plain City, Ohio.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

CRAYTON, CHARLES LELAND, Born January 30, 1904. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:-- March 1, 1930 to ELFREDA CATHERINE KOCH, Born January 17, 1901. Madison County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- Names ?.

RESIDENT:- Place ?.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.
CRAYTON, MARTHA JANE, Born December 12, 1907. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:- August 24, 1929 to WALTER B. COOK, Born July 11, 1904. Place ?. CHILDREN:- Names ?.
RESIDENT:- Place ?.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.
KNAPP, MAY, Born May 25, 1883. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:- April 2, 1913 to CARL HERMAN BEYER, Born September 22, 1883. Germany. CHILDREN:- Five, two sets of twins. CAROLYN JANE and UNNAMED, TWINS. Born February 5, 1915, one died at birth. CAROLYN JANE, Born February 5, 1915. Married Eugene Driggs. HERMAN FREDERICK, Born June 13, 1918. Married Betty Steiner. CLARA ANN, and CARL KNAPP, TWINS - Born October 14, 1922. CLARA ANN, Married Eugene H. Ryerson. CARL KNAPP, Married Reta Dunn.

RESIDENT:- 658 Southwood Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

BEYER, CAROLYN JANE, Born February 5, 1915. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- January 1, 1940 to EUGENE DRIGGS, Born March 4, 1918. Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- One daughter and two sons. CAROLYN JANE, Born February 8,1943, Columbus, Ohio. Student. JAMES EUGENE, September 28, 1950. Columbus, Ohio. GERALD EDMUND, Born August 15, 1951. Columbus, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:-Enlisted May 29, 1943. In the 755 Engineers basic training Camp Clayborn, Louisiana; Camp Ellis, Illinois; Columbus General Depot. March 15, 1944. Advance training Fort Slocum, New York. January 1, 1945, England, Marseilles, France, July 31 to September 11, 1945, then to Philippine Islands. January 1, 1946, San Francisco, California. Discharged January 22, 1946 at Camp Atterbury, Indiana.

RESIDENT:- 987 Francis Avenue, Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

BEYER, FRED H. - Born June 13, 1918, Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- December 5, 1945 to BETTIE STEINER, WIDOW., born April 11, 1925. Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- One daughter; FRANCIS MAY, Born May 19, 1940. Columbus, Ohio. Student.

MILITARY SERVICE:- Enlisted December 1943. 1944-starioned at Fort Thomas, Kentucky; Kessler field, Biloxi, Mississippi; Sq. A.C.C. Air Cadet, San Antonio, Texas. 1945 - Lincoln Air Base, Lincoln, Nebraska; Willow Run, Fort Detroit, Michigan; Tyndall Field, Panama City, Florida Buckingham Field, Fort Meyers, Florida. 1946 - Greensboro Replacement Center, Greensboro, North Carolina; Fort Slocum New Rochelle, New York. Discharged at Mitchell Field November 1946, Long Island, New York, as Assembleman Engineer.

RESIDENT:- Massillon, Ohio.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

BEYER, CLARA ANN, TWIN - Born October 14, 1922. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- December 5, 1950 to EUGENE HAROLD RYERSON. CHILDREN:- One son - STEVEN. Born October 1, 1952. San Diego, California

MILITARY SERVICE:- 1945. Enlisted at Naval Reserve Station, Columbus, Ohio. Eugene, reenlisted as Radio and Radar Operator at San Diego, California.

RESIDENT:- 2500 Kreg Street, San Diego 10, California.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

BEYER, CARL KNAPP, TWIN -Born October 14, 1922. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- in 1946 to RETA DUNN, Born?. Where?. CHILDREN:- Two sons and one daughter. CARL ANTHONY, Born November 18, 1948. Columbus, Olio. MARY PETRESIA, Born June 20, 1950. Columbus, Ohio. MICHAEL , Born January 22, 1953. Columbus, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- In October 1942, enlisted in United States Coast Guard. 1943 - January to August beach patrol Brewster, Massachusetts. August 1943 to January 1944 Radio School, Atlantic City, New Jersey. 1944 - January to August, Coast Cutter Cowslip, (Coastguard). August 1944 to February 1945, U. S. Coast Guard Unit 192. Mobile Aircraft Aid to Navigation Unit, was at Curtis Bay, Maryland, then shipped to San Francisco, California, to wait shipment to the Philippine Islands. September 1945 in Philippines until April 1946. Discharged at Detroit, Michigan in April 1946.

RESIDENT:- 692 East Jenkins, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.