SIXTH GENERATION:- or seventh in line.

DOMINY, WILLIAM H., Born September 26, 1859. Madison County, Ohio. Died June 4, 1934. Plain City, Ohio. Age 75 years. MARRIED:- April 12, 1883 to MARY EMMA NEFF, Born January 9, 1862. Franklin County, Ohio. Died March 2, 1892, said County. Age 30 years. CHILDREN: ANNIE, Born June 10, 1885. Died April 1, 1950. Married William A. Pendleton. LUCY, Born ?. Died?. Married J. CAD PENDLETON. (Refused cooperation.) FEARN, Born February 25, 1890. Living. Married J. Wesley Walton . SECOND MARRIAGE:- Date ?. to EDITH HOUCHARD, WIDOW. Born ?. Died ?. THIRD MARRIAGE:- Date ?. to MYNERVIA FICKLE, WIDOW. Born ?. Died ?.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, R.F.D., No. 1, Amlin, Ohio. Removed to Plain City, Union County, Ohio.

William was born in Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio. When a small boy he came with his parents to Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio in1863,his father having purchased the Kidwell and Elrick farms. William received his education in the common school located upon his father's farm.

He remained with his parents on the farm, where he jointly with his father worked until after his first marriage. Then he assumed charge of the farm under the supervision of his father. At the death of his parents, he purchased the home farm where he continued to operate until about 1920. His health began to fail, and not being able to operate the farm without extra help, he traded with C. A. Sherwood for his small farm of 50 acres, receiving cash for the difference. There he resided and continued to farm.

When his health became so impaired he was forced to quit and sell his farm, he removed to Plain City, Ohio where he retired under the constant care of his devoted wife Mynervia..

William was a singular man having been married three times during his seventy-five years. Thence, there is only one other instance in the history of the Dominy family in which this has happened, Nathaniel of East Hampton, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, having been married three times during the eighty-three years of his life.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, ANNIE - Born June 10, 1885. Franklin County, Ohio. Died March 1, 1950, said county Age 65 years. MARRIED:- November, 1904 to WILLIAM A. PENDLETON. Born July 17, 1875. Franklin County, Ohio. Died September 12, 1951. Hilliards, Ohio. Age 76 years. CHILDREN: LUCILLE - Born July 18, 1905. Married Eldon M. Schatz. KENNETH HERBERT - Born December 10, 1907. Franklin County, Ohio. Married ?. DON - Born June 17, 1913. Franklin County, Ohio. Married Arlene Constant Cramer.

RESIDENT:- Amlin, Franklin County, Ohio, removed to Hilliards, said county, Ohio.

William, the son of Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pendleton, whose family were among Washington Township's early settlers, received his' education in the school of Sub-District No. 3, known as Sandy's.

He was a carpenter by trade but when his health began to fail, he moved his family to Hilliards, Ohio and retired from active work until his death in 1951.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

PENDLETON, LUCILLE, Born July 18, 1905. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- June 19, 1925 to ELDON M. SCHATZ - Born February 27, 1900. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- GEORGE WILLIAM - Born January 24, 1927. Married Juanita Mae Armstrong. SHIRLEY LUCILLE - Born October 6, 1931. Married Kenneth Fulk. WALTER ELDON - Born March 20, 1938. Hilliards, Ohio, Student.

RESIDENT:- Hilliards and Norwich Township, Franklin County, Ohio.

Eldon was born and raised in Norwich township, receiving his education in the schools at Hilliards. He is a professional barber, which trade he has followed since his teens. He now believes he is eligible to retire from active duty and let the younger generation step in to render the service to the community.


NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

SCHATZ, GEORGE WILLIAM - Born January 24, 1927, at Hilliards, Ohio. MARRIED:- May 26, 1947 to JUANITA MAE ARMSTRONG, Born September 22, 1926. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- None.

MILITARY SERVICE:- In World War Two, enlisted in the United States Army in May 1945, and was discharged in October 1947, at Fort Lewis, Washington.

RESIDENT:- Hilliards, Franklin County, Ohio

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

SCHATZ, SHIRLEY LUCILLE - Born October 6, 1931. Hilliards, Ohio. MARRIED:- August 19, 1950 to KENNETH FULK, Born June 11, 1928. Union County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- None.


RESIDENT:- Hilliards, Ohio, removed to R. F. D. No. 3, Plain City, Ohio.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, FEARN, Born February 25, 1890. Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- July 27, 1912 to JOHN WESLEY WALTON, (WES) - Born October 4, 1870. Norwich Township, Franklin County. Died March 7, 1953. Franklin County, Ohio. Age 82 years. CHILDREN None.

MILITARY SERVICE:- None. RESIDENT:- Hilliards, Franklin County, R. F.D. No. 1, Ohio.

Fearn, the youngest daughter of William H. and Mary Emma (Neff) Dominy of Washington Township, Franklin County, where she resided until her marriage to John Wesley, known to all as WES, son of William H. and Sarah (Hart) Walton.

His parents owned and operated a General store in Hilliards, Ohio until they purchased the Ferris farm from Ezra Dominy. Wes has lived in his native township of Norwich all his life. He was industrious, honest and commanded the respect of all who knew him. He was taken by death March, 1953.