SIXTH GENERATION:- or seventh in line.

DOMINY, EZRA -Born November 23, 1847. Madison County. Died March 7,1902. Franklin County. Age 55 years. MARRIED:- January 1, 1870 to ANNA MARIA FERRIS. Born ,January 21, 1849. Franklin County, Ohio. Died September 2, 1919. Age 70 years. CHILDREN:- HARRIETT L. Born April 22, 1869. Died October 28, 1886. Age 17 years. RUTH A. - Born February 6, 1871. Died May 28, 1874. Age 3 years. LAURA JANE. Born March 3, 1873. Died February 5, 1900. Married Count L. Bower. CARRIE D. - Born September 18, 1875. Living. Married Henry H. Cramer. HENRY EGBERT. - Born August 19, 1877. Died September 13, 1930. Married First to Harriet Mary Post. Second to Florence M. McDermott. MAGGIE M. - Born July 8, 1879. Died 1895. Age 16 years. GERTRUDE A.- Born January 8, 1882. Died December 6, 1892. Age 10 years. ESTELLA F. - Born July 6, 1884. Living. Married Alfred M. Peeler. ROBERT E. - Born September 23, 1886. Died December, 1886. Age 4 months.

RESIDENT:- Norwich Township, Franklin County, Hilliards, Ohio

Ezra, the third son of Henry (4) and Harriett (Barlow) Dominy, was born in Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio. He received his education in the six months winter school terms of that day in the township of his nativity. He accompanied his parents to Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio, in 1864.

He was united in marriage to Anna M. Ferris, daughter of N. E. and Maria L. (Samuels) Ferris, who located in Brown Township, in 1870, after their marriage (it is stated, as none of this family ever lived within the confines of the township) they located on a farm in Norwich township, a short distance from his parents.

In his early manhood, he learned the carpentry trade, which he followed in conjunction with farming. Later he sold his farm, having a closing out sale and moved his family to Urbana, Ohio, to do cabinet work for the Kent - Barlow Furniture Company, which occupation he followed until his health began to fail.

After several years were spent to see if his health could be regained, which proved to no avail, he was taken by death in the prime of his life at 55 years.


SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, LAURA JANE, Born March 3, 1873. Franklin County, Ohio. Died February 5, 1900. Urbana, Ohio. Age 27 years. MARRIED:- in about 1892 to COUNT L. BOWER, Born 1869. Franklin County, Ohio. Died December 9, 1919. CHILDREN:- RALPH EMERSON, Born November 14, 1893. Married First to Ruth West. Second to Margaret Koons. IVALOU, Born February 9, 1896. "Only information available."

RESIDENT:- Urbana, Champlain County, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.


MILITARY SERVICE:- ARMY! His life's ambition. "Only data available."

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, CARRIE D. - Born September 18, 1875. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- July 10, 1895 to HENRY H. CRAMER - Born February 20, 1872. Franklin County, Ohio. Died September 17, 1949, Columbus, Ohio. Age 77 years. CHILDREN:- HAZEL M. - Born August 6, 1896. Married James I. Noxon. LAURA E.-Born June 18, 1898. Died June 19, 1917. Age 19 years. HAROLD H. - Born July 12, 1902. Married Helen Madden. Chester O. - Born July 16, 1904. Died December 11, 1947. Married Katheryn Fishinger. RUSSELL (BUD) and RALPH E.-TWINS. RUSSELL - Born July 29, 1910, before midnight. Married First to Geraldine Bowser. Second to Hazel Vick. RALPH - Born July 30, 1910, after midnight. Married Evelyn Carlsen.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, R.F.D. No. 1, Amlin, Ohio. Removed to 396 Martha Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. 

Henry H., son of Owen T. and Margaret (Caton) Cramer, was born in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. He received his education in Sub District No. 5 of the township schools.

After his marriage to Carrie Dominy, they built their new home upon the farm where Henry was born. He became one of the township's most influential agriculturalists, a great believer in conservation by the rotary system to preserve the fertility of the soil.

His oldest son, Russell of the twins, (known as Bud) became interested in the art of farming. He received his education in the centralized grade and high schools of Norwich Township, and also the Ohio State University. When he became old enough to assume the responsibility of management of the farm, his father and mother then moved to the City of Columbus in 1937.

Henry retired from active duty. He and his devoted wife celebrated their Golden Era. But he did not drop from sight. His responsibility as a farmer made him call at least once or twice a week to help - to see if BUD was carrying into effect his principles of rotary farming as had been established by them before he retired from the farm.

He continued this activity until his health became so impaired that he was unable to make the trips - thus ended his labors, on September 17, 1949, when he was summoned to the great beyond.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- > or ninth in line.

CRAMER, HAZEL M. - Born August 6, 1896. Amlin, Ohio. MARRIED:- September 1, 1921. to JAMES I. NOXON, Born May 21, 1894, in New York. CHILDREN:- JAMES N., Infant son, Born and Died November 27, 1922. ROBERT LOWELL - Born August 24, 1924. Auburndale, Florida. Student. Married ?. GEORGE HENRY - Born October 28, 1928. Auburndale, Florida. Student. Married ?. CARRIE JEAN - Born Auburndale, Florida.

MILITARY SERVICE:- In World War One, from January 1918 to February 1919, Officers training. Discharged.

RESIDENT:- Auburndale, Florida, removed to 174 East Maynard Ave., Columbus, Ohio.

The subject of this sketch, Hazel, was born on the farm near Amlin, Ohio, educated in the centralized schools of Norwich Township, and taught school for a number of years in Auburndale, where her parents maintained their winter home.

James, her husband, managed the Orange grove plantation for his mother. After the birth of their children, they migrated to Amlin, Ohio, about 1936, where they lived for a few years.

James, a graduate of agriculture, being greatly interested in this work, receiving a position in the Horticulture Department of Ohio State University, where he is still employed.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

CRAMER, HAROLD H. - Born July 12, 1902, Amlin, Ohio. MARRIED:- August 25, 1925 to HELEN MADDEN Born 1900. CHILDREN:- HAROLD LESLIE. Born October 19, 1926. Student. EARL HERBERT - Born May 28, 1928. Student. HENRY L. - Born September 18, 1939. Student.

RESIDENT:- Boston, Massachusetts.

Harold, was born on the farm near Amlin, Ohio, receiving his elementary and high school education in the centralized schools of Norwich Township.

He attended Ohio State University, graduating in the College of Arts and Sciences; took his Theological work in eastern seminaires - graduating with LLD degree with high honors.

He has made the Ministry his life's ambition - traveling extensively throughout the country and different sections of the world, lecturing on "Methodist" principles of Christian Religion as taught "by our LORD - JESUS CHRIST - OUR SAVIOR." 


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line

CRAMER, DOCTOR CHESTER C. - Born July 16, 1904. Amlin, Ohio. MARRIED:-February 22, 1926 to KATHERYN MARIE FISHINGER, Born February 28, 1906, Hilliards, Ohio. CHILDREN:- MARILYN ANN, Born January 8, 1935. Columbus, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- "In World War Two, he served as a Captain in the United States Army from September 1, 1942 to November 21, 1944, when he retired because of physical disability. He served with the 7th Armored Division at Camp Polk, Louisiana ( Leesville, La.) and later transferred to La Garda Hospital in New Orleans, where he rendered service until retirement.

RESIDENT:- 188 South Westmoor Avenue, Columbus 4, Ohio.

"Chester Owen, son of Henry H. and Carrie Dominy Cramer was born on a farm at Amlin, Franklin County, Ohio. He attended elementary school at Amlin and graduated from Norwich Township High school at Hilliards, Ohio.

"He attended Ohio State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1928 and his Doctor of Medicine in 1932. He practiced medicine for fifteen years on West BroadStreet, Columbus, Ohio.

"He suffered a coronary on December 11, 1947, and expired that same day. He was active in Civic affairs work, and also a member of the City Board of Health at the time of his death. He was buried at Wesley Chapel Cemetery, near Hilliards, Ohio."

By His devoted wife Katheryn.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.  

CRAMER, RUSSELL (BUD), TWIN. Born July 29, 1910. Amlin, Ohio. MARRIED:- March 13. 1932 to GERALDINE BOWSER, Born ?. Died in 1933, she and infant during child-birth. SECOND MARRIAGE:- September 1, 1937 to HAZEL VICK. Born January 22, 1912. Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- ROGER VICK, Born July 8, 1939. Amlin, Ohio. CAROLYN ELIZABETH, Born September 11, 1945. Amlin, Ohio.


RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, R.F.D. No. 1, Amlin, Ohio.

Russell, known to all as Bud, the oldest son of the Cramer twins, received his grade and high school education in the Norwich Township Local Centralized Schools at Hilliards, Ohio. He attended the Ohio State University in the Department of Agriculture.

He entered into cooperative farming under the advice of his father, closely adhering to the rotary crop system, that had been adopted before the retirement and moving of his parents to Columbus, Ohio, in 1937.

He assumed full responsibility of operating the farm. He, after full and careful consideration, consented entering in township politics, having been elected as Washington Township Trustee - in which capacity, he is now serving. 


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

CRAMER, RALPH E. - TWIN, Born July 30, 1910, Amlin, Ohio. MARRIED:- July 13, 1931 to EVELYN CARLSEN. CHILDREN:- MARGERITE DELL, Born August 1, 1936. Milton, Mass. PHYLLIS, Born February 20, 1939, Milton, Mass. Both girls are students.

RESIDENT:- 24 Cheever Street, Milton, Massachusetts.

Ralph, the youngest of the Cramer twins, was born on a farm near Amlin, Ohio, receiving his elementary and high school education in the centralized schools in Norwich Township, at Hilliards, Ohio.

He went to live in Massachusetts, where his brother Harold lives. He is in the furniture business in Dedham, Mass, with his friend George. The firm's name is The Westwood Furniture Company.



As they appeared at the )arm of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Doming. Solemnized, Eight O'clock P. M. July 10, 1895 by Reverend Mr. Sowers, Methodist Church, Hilliards, Ohio.


At their home 396 Martha Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. Sunday July 8, 1945, nearest Sunday to July 10th, with open house.

Henry was born in Washington Township. Carrie Was born in Norwich Town. ship. Lived all their lives in their native county.

"On July 10, 1895, Carrie Dell Dominy and Henry H. Cramer were united in marriage at her country home near Hilliards, Ohio. They were married by Rev. Sowers of the Methodist church with Alta Homes as her only attendant and her brother Bert as best man.

She was the daughter of Ezra Dominy and Anna Ferris Dominy. He, the son of Owen Thomas Cramer and Margaret (Caton) Cramer. They celebrated their golden wedding with a family dinner at Schmelzer's Restaurant on West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, at High Noon, July 8, 1945, that day being the nearest Sunday to July 10th.

Those present were their children: Hazel, Harold, Chester, Ralph and Russell and their families accompanying Hazel were her husband James (J. I. Noxon), son George and daughter jean, Lowell the eldest son being in the Navy.

Accompanying Rev. Harold H. were his wife Helen, sons Earl, Henry and Chester from Boston, Massachusetts. Their oldest son Harold Leslie was in the Navy unable to attend.

Accompanying Dr. Chester O., were his wife Katheryn (Fishinger) Cramer and daughter Marilyn.

With Mr. Ralph Egbert Cramer from Boston, Massachusetts, were his wife Evelyn (Carlsen) Cramer, and their two daughters, Margaret and Phyllis.

With Mr. Russell Cramer were his wife Hazel (Vick) Cramer and son Roger Vick.

Family pictures and movies were made after which all proceeded to the family home on 396 Martha Avenue, where open louse was held from two to five and from seven to nine P. M.

Approximately one hundred and fifty friends and relatives called bringing gifts and best wishes - a guest register was kept. Their minister Rev. James Thomas from Broad Street Methodist was among those present.

After passing through the reception line, the guests were asked to the dining room where they beheld a beautiful three tiered Wedding cake in white and yellow on a gleaming white table covered with embroidered Madeira cloth, shining silver and crystal punch bowl. A silver coffee service sat at one end and was very much in use.

The buffet and mantle were very festive and beautiful with white and yellow flowers. The ice cream was white with a golden bell. The children presented each of their parents with a gold wrist watch. Her sister, Estella, gave them a beautiful set of pink and gold dishes service for twelve.

Many other beautiful gifts of gold and yellow were received and viewed by all who came Thus ended a happy day."

Written by their daughter Hazel.


Compiling our family history, we find through the years that have passed on, we have been well represented in the Golden Era. First by Grand-father and Grand-mother Dominy, in 1884. Second by my Father and Mother Jeremiah Dominy, in 1914. Third our Aunt and Uncle Amanda Luther Mathias, in 1916. Fourth the above Carrie and Henry Cramer, in 1945.

There are others yet to follow as the years roll by - records will show up to the present writing 1954.


SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line

DOMINY, HENRY EGBERT (BERT) - Born August 19, 1877. Franklin County, Ohio. Died Sept. 13, 1930. San Francisco, California. Age 53 years. MARRIED:- to HARRIET MARY POST, First. CHILDREN:- None. SECOND MARRIAGE-to FLORENCE M. (SHELTON) McDERMOTT, WIDOW. CHILDREN:- None. But, a Step-Son, CHARLES McDERMOTT.

RESIDENT:- Los Angeles, California.

Bert, as known to all, son of Ezra and Anna (Ferris) Dominy, was born upon the farm, receiving his elementary education in Sub-District No. 6, graduating from the Hilliards High school.

His health became impaired, so he went west to Denver, Colorado, where he entered the furniture business. After a few years, through the advice of his physician, who said that the altitude was too high and that he best go to Washington State. There, he entered the lumberman's trade and real estate business and later moved to Los Angeles, California. There he established one of the leading and largest real estate businesses in the city. Bert was stricken with Bright's disease, dying in 1930, at the age of 53 years.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, ESTELLA F. - Born July 6, 1884. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- June 25, 1905 to ALFRED M. PEELER. Born March 19, 1878. Warrensburg, Missouri. CHILDREN:- None.

RESIDENT:- Leadville, Colorado, they removed in answer - "Call of the Wilds", in 1907 to Bremerton, P. O. Box 493, Washington State.

Estella, youngest daughter of Ezra and Anna (Ferris) Dominy, was born at the farm home adjoining the farm home of her Grandfather Henry Dominy (4) near Hilliards, Ohio.

She attended school at a very early age with her sisters and brothers at the little red school house known as the Dominy school or Sub-District No. 6.

When about five years of age, her father owing to poor health, moved his family to Urbana, Ohio. Estella, carrying her McGuffey reader, accompanied the other children to be entered in the city schools.

When she gave her age and said she could read and count the teacher laughed and called the Principal remarking "This baby says she can read and count." "Well!" said he, "Try her out." This she did and so they entered her in advance first grade. But today at sixty-nine she still feels the sting of injured pride in having her veracity questioned.

Returning to the farm three years later, Estella continued in the home school becoming the first district student to graduate under the Boxwell Examination System. She attended Hilliards High School for three years before moving with her parents to Denver, Colorado, where she attended Central Business College and Barnes Commercial School, graduating, later being employed by the Telephone Company.

At Business College she met a fellow-student, Alfred March Peeler, formerly a student at Warren's Normal School of Warrensburg, Missouri, whom she married. The ceremony was perform ed by Reverend Christian F. Reisner, pastor of the Grace Methodist Church of which she was a member.

These two made their first home in Leadville, Colorado, the highest city in the United States. In 1907, answering the call of the West, they found the Pacific Coast much to their liking. Alfred followed the teaching profession for nearly ten years before becoming a clerk under Civil Service in the Puget Sound Navy yards at Bremertoh, Washington, in 1917.

Estella entered the same service a year later, both being employed in the Time and Payroll section of the Accounting Department from which they both retired on August 31, 1

He having served thirty years and three months, and she twenty-nine years. The occasion was unique in that they were the first man and wife known to have retired on the same day. 

Since retirement they have traveled most of the auto-routes between Washington, Ohio, and Missouri including California and most of the southern states. 

Estella has had a membership in the N.S.D.A.R. for many years, serving actively since retirement with the Elizabeth Ellington Chapter of Bremerton, Washington.

Alfred is eligible to membership in Sons of American Revolution, although not affiliated, there being no chapter in his city. He is the fifth son of twelve children born to Doctor David and Isabelle Henderixson Peeler of Appleton, Missouri. Being of German ancestry, the name was originally Von Buehler becoming anglicised to (Buller, Beeler and lastly Peeler after coming to the United States of America, were Johannes Von Buehler) the Peeler landing at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1727.

He later moved to Ruthford now Cleveland County, North Carolina where many Peelers may still be found. Alfred is of the seventh Generation from Johannes (Von Buehler) Peeler.

Many changes have come to the Pacific North-west since Alfred and Estella arrived in 1907. At that time it required 24 hours by boat and two days by stage and horse-back and foot trail to reach the frontier school at Hoh River where they spent their first year deep in the Olympic Forest. They now arrive at the same place in a few hours over fast highways.

Seattle has grown from a raw young city to a metropolis as modern as tomorrow. These Peelers love the salt air from the blue waters of Puget Sound, the snow-capped Olympics and Cascades chat towers nearby, the clean fragrance and soft shadows of the beautiful ever-green forest and the independent friendliness of the people who make temporary residence at the Port of Entry from every quarter of the globe. Many return to make a permanent home.

However, fond memories call these two back to the beloved scenes and dear faces of friends and family in Ohio and Missouri as frequently as possible.

Estella and Alfred have not enjoyed the blessing of children.

Dear Estella and Alfred, with your marriage of June 28, 1905, you now are entering the Golden Era of life span, for which, the Dominy's family is noted, as they have had six representations of the "Course of Time".



These photos show Estella at the age of twenty years, and Alfred at the age of twenty-seven years as they said, "I Do".


Now, as they have traveled Life's journey together, some forty-nine years, they'll impart to others by this recent photo.

Life is Real, Life is Earnest,
and the grave is not its goal.

Life! I know not what thou art, 
But know that thou and I must part; 
And when, or how, or where we meet, 
I own to me's a secret yet.

But this I know; when thou art fled, 
Where're they lay these limbs, this head, 
No clod so valueless shall be 
As all that then remains of me.

Life! we've been long together 
Through pleasant and through cloudy weather; 
'Tis hard to part when friends are dear 
Perhaps 'twill cost a sigh, a tear; 
Then steal away, give little warning, 
Choose thine own time; 
Say not good Night, - but in some brighter clime, 

Good Morning

These Gems of Literature, were chosen for our far away Cousins. But it is not today, as it was in 1907, under our present day mode of transportation. But, where-so-ever Ye may be! so near and dear to [Js - "We think of thee".

The Author.


MR. and MRS. JAMES 1. NOXON, 174 East Maynard Avenue, announce the engagement of their daughter, Carrie jean to Mr. Frank Ellis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Curtis Ellis of Madison, Ohio.

Miss Noxon is a graduate of Ohio University. She is district director of Girl Scout activities in the Canton area. Mr. Ellis is a graduate of Ohio University and vas awarded a commission in the U.S. Air Force. The date of the wedding has not been set.