SIXTH GENERATION:- or seventh in line.

DOMINY, AMANDA L., Born July 28, 1844. Madison County, Ohio. Died March 15, 1918. Franklin County, Ohio. Age 74 years. MARRIED:- June 21, 1866 to MARTIN LUTHER MATHIAS, Born April 3, 1841. Franklin County, Ohio. Died July 7, 1926. Columbus, Ohio. Age 85 years. CHILDREN: HATTIE, Born June 16, 1867. Died July 7, 1946. Married Slater B. Shriver. ALBERT, Born March 11, 1871. Died August 23, 1947. Married Cora Mock. HENRY IRWIN and HARVEY ERVIN, TWINS, Born June 12,1878. HENRY I. Died August, 1949. Married Clara Swearingen. HARVEY E., Living. Married Cora Blackwell. CHANCEY PIERCE, Born December 15, 1882. Died April 1, 1944. Married Ora Preston. RAY and FAY, TWINS. Born December 25, 1887. RAY died August 26, 1943. Married first Flora Bluhm, Second Clara Bluhm. Third Opal Machias. FAY died May 5, 1943. Married L. D. Cremeans. FLORA BELLE, Born May 29, 1887. Living. Married First Wilson Clemeans. Second, George H. Wood. Third, Luther C. Mitchell.

MILITARY SERVICE:-In the Civil War, he enlisted as a private, Company B, 18th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, United States Infantry, on the 10th day of August 1861, and was honorably discharged August 10, 1864, after three years of faithful service to his country.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio, in later years he moved to Columbus, Ohio to live.

Although twins were no surprise in this pioneer home, little did father Mathias dream when he took unto himself - Amanda Dominy as his wife, that twins always have been an expected recurrence from the second generation.

With the snow swirling deep around the log farm home of the Machias family, three miles north of Hilliards on that blizzard Christmas Day of 1884, Mr. Santy Claus and Mr. Stork, who both had calls to make, decided to buck the drifts together, to arrive at the same time.

The hour came after early darkness. Father Mathias whipped up his steed and raced for the doctor in the village of Hilliards, a few miles away, soon after 10:00 o'clock P.M. and to and behold! The Stork brought twins - a boy and a girl - this time. Upstairs in the loft reached by a ladder (tucked away in bed for the night) were the six year old twin brothers, who came to greet the family in 1878.

Father Machias was a carpenter and builder by trade, who had built some of the most beautiful country homes in that day. After his removal to Columbus, he retired from active work and watched the other fellow do it!

In his politics he was a standard bearer of the Republican party believing wholly in its principles. He lived past the three score and ten to see his children grow to man and womanhood, and to enjoy the pleasures with his children.

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Luther Mathias celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary June 21, 1916 at their country home, one mile south of Grove City, Ohio, on the Harrisburg Pike, Stop 33, The Grove City - Orient Interurban Car line.

It was just a family affair and all the children consisting of five sons and three daughters, and grand children were present. Each family brought well filled baskets, and after a bounteous dinner, through the afternoon they enjoyed ten gallons of home-made ice cream.

The guests of honor received many lovely and useful gifts. Those present to wish them many more happy anniversaries were: Mr. and Mrs. Slater Shriver; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitchell; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mathias, and children Martin Dewey, Zella and Ruth; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mathias, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Mathias, and children Nelson, Wayne, Pauline, and Marion; Mr. Chantey Mathias and friend (later his wife) Miss Ora Preston, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mathias, and daughter Lillian; Mr. and Mrs. Linzy Cremeans, and daughter Opal; Mr.and Mrs. Wilson Cremeans, and children Evelyn and Lucille.

This celebration being the third golden Era in the Dominy family and you will note through the "Course of Time" it continues to shine.


June 21, 1916.

Seated - Martin Luther and Amanda L. Dominy Mathias. 

Standing left to right - Hattie, Albert L., Henry I. and Harvey E. Twins, Chancey P., Ray and Fay twins, Flora Belle.


SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

MATHIAS, HATTIE, Born June 16, 1867. Franklin County. Died December 13, 1946, age 79 years. MARRIED: September 15, 1886. SLATER B. SHRIVER, Born December 22, 1857. Died May 23, 1937. Franklin County, Ohio. Age 80 years. CHILDREN:- CARRIE., Born June 6, 1888. Married Frank R. Mitchell.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, R.F.D. No. 1, Amlin, Oho.

Slater was born in Pennsylvania accompanied his parent to Ohio, where his father (Henry) purchased his farm from John Graham in Washington Township.

He like his brothers and sister was early Pedogogue, which he followed til his marriage, building his home on the north west cornet of his father's farm, then entering the pursuit of farming until his death in 1937.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

SHRIVER, CARRIE, Born June 16, 1888. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- June 16, 1909 to FRANK R. MITCHELL, Born September 15, 1883. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- ALETA, Born April 8, 1913. Married Robert Watson. HELEN, Born November 10, 1915· Married John Geese.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, Brand Road, R.F.D., No. 2, Worthington, Ohio.

Frank was born and reared upon the farm purchased by his Great grand-father Charles W. Mitchell in 1815. He also
occupied with his parents and after his marriage the old Mitchell home, built in 1823, living there until after the death of his parents. The farm was sold to W. W. McKitrick & Son, breeders and raisers of Registered Guernsey Cattle.

He received his elementary and high school education in the schools of the township; and now resides upon land originally purchased by his great grand-father in the township - as a dairy farmer.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

MITCHELL, ALETA, Born April 8, 1913, Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- June 17, 1939 to ROBERT WATSON. CHILDREN:- NONE.

RESIDENT:- Columbus, Ohio

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

MITCHELL, HELEN, Born November 10, 1915, Franklin County, Oho. MARRIED:- May 25, 1938, to JOHN W. GEESE, Born July 27, 1913. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- CAROLYN LOU, Born September 6, 1942. Franklin County, Ohio. RONALD LEE, Born August 17, 1945, Franklin County, Ohio.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, No. 6270 Frantz Road, R.F.D. No. 1, Amlin, Ohio.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

MATHIAS, ALBERT LUTHER, Born March 11, 1871. Franklin County, Ohio. Died August 22, 1947, Columbus, Ohio. Age 76 years. MARRIED:- November 1897 to CORA MOCK. Living. Born February 1, 1880. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- MARTIN, Born June 8, 1898. Died July 14, 1927. Married Opal Jones. ZELLA, Born April 12, 1901, a spinster. RUTH, Born February 24, 1902- Married John Triance.

RESIDENCE:- Dublin, Franklin County, moved to Linden, Columbus, Ohio.

Albert, the oldest son of the Mathias family, received his education in the Old Sandy School District, about a 100 yards from his home. Although he was born and raised upon the farm, farming did not appeal to him, so he followed in the foot steps of his father as a general carpenter builder until his health became so impaired he was forced from his duties.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

MATHIAS, MARTIN (DEWEY). Born June 8, 1898, Dublin, Ohio. Died July 14, 1927. Age 29 years. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- about 1919 to OPAL JONES. CHILDREN:- NONE.

RESIDENT:- Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

MATHIAS, RUTH. Born February 24, 1902, Dublin, Ohio. MARRIED:- March 3, 1927 to JOHN TRIANCE, Born August 19, 1901. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- RUTHIE MAY, Born January 15, 1928. Columbus, Ohio. Married George Raidinger, September 15, 1951. JOHN, Born November 28, 1930, Columbus, Ohio. Married Madge Hines, October 14, 1950. HAROLD, Born 1932. Columbus, Ohio. Married Joan Strosnider.

RESIDENT:- 2715 Winchester Pike, Columbus, Ohio.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in dine.

MATHIAS, HENRY IRWIN. TWIN, Born June 12, 1878. Franklin County. Died August 1949. Columbus, Ohio. Age 71 years. MARRIED:- Date ? to CLARA SWEARINGEN, Born ?. Columbus, Ohio. Died?. Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- WILLIARD C. - Born ?. Married?.(REFUSED DATA).

RESIDENT:- 327 Thurman Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.

Henry was born upon the farm in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio, receiving his education in the schools of the township a short distance from his home (known as Sandy's). So the story goes, when it came to serve the family meat; "It seems Henry gave Harvey (his twin brother) all the lean meat, while he ate all the fat", hence Henry was stoutly built, Harvey grew tall and lanky.

He was a butcher by trade, taking his apprentice ship with the old Teeters packing house where he worked until he entered business for himself. He operated a stand in the Central and North Market house where he served his many loyal friends until his health began to fail, retiring from business to be with his devoted wife, who proceded him to the great beyond.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

MATHIAS, HARVEY ERWIN, TWIN, Born June 12,1878. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:October 4, 1899 to CORA VIRGINIA BLACKWELL, Born December, 1875. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- NELSON, Born November 8,1901. Married Mary McChett. WAYNE, Born November 24,1903. Married Lillian Noice. PAULINE., Born February 19,1906. Died September 24, 1926. Married Bill Killian. MARVINE, Born May 27,1912. Married Lillian Robinette.

RESIDENT:- Canal Winchester, Franklin County, later removed to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

Harvey, the twin brother of Henry, (they became the first set of twins to enter the Henry Dominy (4) family) was reared upon the farm in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio, receiving his education at the old Sandy's school District.

His eyes were in bad shape (being very near sighted) necessitating his using glasses which was a great handicap to him in his life's work. He followed farming for some time, until his eyes became in such a weakened condition that it forced him to retire from active work to be under the constant care of his devoted wife, Cora.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

MATHIAS, NELSON. Born November 8, 1901. Franklin County. MARRIED:- Date ? to MARY McCHETT, Born?. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- DUGLASS, Born June 16, 1937. Franklin County, Ohio.

RESIDENT:- Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

MATHIAS, WAYNE. Born November 24, 1903. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- September 24, 1924 to LILLIAN NOICE, Born Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- WESLEY WAYNE, Born May 11, 1926. Married ?. DARRELL, Born May 1, 1928. Married Lois Rush.

RESIDENT:- Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

MATHIAS, WESLEY WAYNE, Born May 11, 1926. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- Date ? to name? Born?. CHILDREN:- MICHAEL, Born August 14, 1946. Columbus, Ohio. JEAN, Born 1948. Columbus, Ohio.

RESIDENT:- Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

MATHIAS, DARRELL. Born May 1, 1928. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- to LOIS RUSH. Born Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- SHIRLEY ANN, Born Columbus, Ohio. STEPHEN WAYNE. MARILYN SUE. Born, Columbus, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- Darrell, Harvey's grand-son, entered the service April 11, 1947. After completing basic training, he was shipped to Chanute Field, Illinois to the Weather school graduating. He was then sent to Cleveland, Ohio, where he spent five months as a weather observer, receiving his skilled rating, and was sent to the Pentagon Building, Washington, D. C.

His assignment there was top secret work. After completing his assignment there, he was NCOIC of the weather station in the Pentagon Building for seven months, and then was transferred to the United States Weather Bureau in Washington, D. C. Darrell was stationed there until his discharge as a Sergeant, April 11, 1951.

RESIDENT:- Washington, D. C. and Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

MATHIAS, PAULINE, Born February 19, 1906. Columbus, Ohio. Died September 24, 1926. Age 20 years. MARRIED:- to WILLIAM (BILL) KILLIAN. CHILDREN:- None.

RESIDENT:- Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

MATHIAS, MARVIN, Born May 27, 1912. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:-to LILLIAN ROBINETTE, Born Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- Not given.

RESIDENT:- Columbus, Ohio.


SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

MATHIAS, CHANCEY PIERCE, Born December 15,1882. Died April 1,1944. Columbus, Ohio. Age 62 years. MARRIED:- About 1916 to ORA LONORA PRESTON. Born December 19, 1875. Columbus, Ohio. Died February 19, 1943. Age 68 years. CHILDREN:- None.

RESIDENT:- 1457 South Wall Street, Columbus, Ohio.

Chan, as he was known to all, was born on a farm in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio, receiving his education in the township schools at Sandy's, a short distance from his home. He followed in the steps of his father, a carpenter by trade.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

MATHIAS, RAY (TWIN), Born December 25, 1884. Died August 28, 1943, at Columbus, Ohio. Age 59 years. MARRIED:- FLORA BLUHM, Born?. Died?. CHILDREN:- LILLIAN, Married to Joseph Brockmeyer. MARRIED: Second to CLARA BLUHM, Born ?. Died ?. MARRIED:- Third to OPAL MATHIAS, WIDOW. Born?.

RESIDENT:- 555 Frebis Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.

Ray was born in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio receiving his education at Sandy's - just a stone's throw.

He got his sense of humor early in life by across-up in his ancestral descendants. On his first day at school when the teacher would see a little boy and a little girl dressed alike in their home made garments she would ask if they were twins. Ray's answer would be "Fay's older than I" - being born first.

His only complaint was being born on Christmas. He "gets cheated", that one present "Doo's" both.

Ray followed the carpenter trade for twenty years as such for the Brown Lamp Factory on Marion Road. Receiving an injury that caused him to retire from the work, he became watchman at the home of Edgar T. Wolfe, 714 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

MATHIAS, LILLIAN, Born in Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- to JOSEPH BROCKMEYER, Born in Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- FREDERICK, Born December 21, 1935, Columbus, Ohio. RICHARD (DICK), Born February 11, 1943. Columbus, Ohio. WILLIAM (BILL), Born June 15, 1940. Columbus, Ohio.

RESIDENT:- 621 Sheldon Avenue, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

MATHIAS, FAY (TWIN). Born December 25, 1884. Franklin County, Ohio. Died May 5, 1943· South Bloomfield, Ohio. Age 59 years. MARRIED, March, 1905 to L.D. CREMEANS. CHILDREN; OPAL MAE, Born January 31, 1906. Married Vergil Thomas.

RESIDENT:- Darbyville Road and Jackson Pike, Pickaway County, R.F.D., South Bloomfield, Ohio.

Fay, one of the (Dominy - Mathias) twins, came into the lime light when her parents had gone to the city to supply the family needs taking upon herself at teen age of twelve to surprise them by baking some pies.

"She mixed and mixed the dough", but low and behold the dough did not mix to suit her! Her brothers suggested to the little cook to add more lard and flour so she did! But still is didn't come out right. By this time the kitchen was full of dough and covered with flour and the dough wouldn't roll.

It was about time for the return of her parents, so finally Fay gave it up as a bad job, clearing the premises, putting it back as left and gave "the Dough" to the hogs. Thus ended her first house keeping stunt.

Fay, nor her seven brothers and sisters, have begot twins. She feels certain, that the Dominy "Twins" will be perpetuated. Doctors claim that twins are never born to a generation in which twins occur, but behold you, - let the third generation look out into the future - for what might happen.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

CREMEANS, OPAL MAE, Born January 31, 1906. Pickaway County, Ohio. MARRIED:- VERGIL THOMAS, Born?. CHILDREN:- None.

NOTED: Divorced decree granted, restored to maiden name.

RESIDENT:- 785 South High Street, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

MATHIAS, FLORA BELLE, Born May 29, 1887. Living. MARRIED:- May 29, 1905 to WILSON CREMEANS, Born March 2, 1887. Franklin County. Divorced in 1932. CHILDREN:- HADDON P. Born April 24, 1906. Columbus, Ohio. Died August 17, 1907. Age 1 year, 3 months, 23 days. EVELYN B., Born December 16, 1907. Married John W. Elder. LUCILLE, Born November 9, 1909. Married first, Foster Moore. Second to Georger Stammler. SECOND MARRIAGE:-April 2, 1935 to GEORGE H. WOOD, Born?. Died May 17, 1936. CHILDREN:- None. THIRD MARRIAGE;June 16, 1937 to LUTHER C. MITCHELL, Born September 15, 1883. Franklin County, Ohio.

RESIDENT:- Kileville, Madison County, removed to Plain City, Madison County, Ohio.

Flora, last but not least of the Mathias-Dominy Clan, was reared on a farm in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio, receiving her education in the schools of the township ac Sandy's, close to her home.

She accompanied her parents on their removal to the city of Columbus, Ohio, where she married, raised her family and resided there until after the death of her second husband.

She was then united in marriage to Luther C. Mitchell, twin son of Luther and Julia Armstead Mitchell of Kileville, Ohio. Luttie, as he is known, was a telegraph operator for the Toledo and Ohio Central Railroad, now the Chesapeake and Ohio. On his retirement from the service, he sold his home at Kileville and purchased his present home in Plain City, where they now reside.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

CREMEANS, EVELYN BELLE, Born December 16, 1907. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:-August 7,
1930 to JOHN W. ELDER, Born February 23, 1907. Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- BARBARA LUCILLE, Born May 30, 1931. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Student. WILLIAM FOY, Born August 6, 1933. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Student.

RESIDENT:- 57 South Cassingham, Bexley, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

John William, son of John and Myrtle Stith Elder, was born in Columbus, Ohio. He attended the Bexley schools for twelve years, graduating, his parents having moved to Bexley in 1913. He attended Ohio State University and graduated in the Class of 1929 from the College of Electrical Engineering. After graduation he received a position with the American Bridge Company of Ambridge, Pennsylvania, until April 1934.

He returned to Columbus, Ohio to accept a position with Buckeye Steel Casting Company, and at the present time he is Superintendent of Maintenance in charge of Mechanical Power and Yard Department.

He has been an active member of the Broad Street Presbyterian Church all his life, being a Deacon now, a position he has held for several years.

His two children are Barbara Lucille, a junior at Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. and William Foy, a freshman at Ohio State University, in the College of Electrical Engineering, Columbus, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

CREMEANS, LUCILLE, Born November 9, 1909. Columbus, Ohio. MARRIED:- September 6, 1934 to FOSTER B. MOORE, Born December 2, 1907. Died April 17, 1940, Columbus, Ohio. Age 33 years. CHILDREN:CONSTANCE (CONNIE), Born March 16, 1938, Columbus, Ohio. FOSTER BURTON, Born December 13, 1939. Died December 31, 1939. SECOND MARRIAGE:- November 9, 1946 to GEORGE LEWIS STAMMLER, Born March 29, 1910, Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:JEFFREY GEORGE, Born November 25, 1952, Columbus, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- In World War Two, George Lewis, was inducted into the United States Army at Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio, on May 6, 1942; sent to Fort Knox, Kentucky, for eight months Basic training, with the 8th Armored Division.

He received the Classification- Bandsman; carrying the rank of Technician 5th Grade, serial do. 35403495· After a continental service of two years, six months, and six days of rigid training the 8th Armored Division was ready for overseas duty.

On November 7, 1944, his outfit left New York City, New York, on an English Passenger Ship made over into a transport.

Embarking at Southampton, England about November 20, 1944 and after a short reconioiter, the division moved up to the front ready for action.

In the following Campaigns and Battles: the Division made a great record for themselves. Rhineland, Ardennes, and Central Europe. After a foreign service for one year, and thirteen days, they left for Le Havre, France, port of embarkation arriving back in the good old U.S.A., and George was discharged at Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania, on November 25, 1945.

DECORATIONS AND CITATIONS:- Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal, European, African, Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, with three Bronze Stars, World War II Victory Medal.

RESIDENT:- 915 Francis Avenue, Bexley 9, Ohio.

George Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Stammler, was born in the city of Columbus, Ohio. He received his elementary and high school education in the Columbus City schools, graduating from South High in 1928. He attended Ohio State for one year in the College of Arts and sciences. He entered the field of Commercial Produce Business on his return from active service He reentered the Produce Business as a General Superintendent, which he now serves.