SIXTH GENERATION:- or seventh in line.

DOMINY, JEREMIAH (2), Born October 17, 1841. Madison County, Ohio. Died June 18, 1921. Franklin County, Ohio. Age 80 years. MARRIED:- December 15, 1864 to ELEANOR F. SAGER, Born December 19, 1845. Died May 3, 1929. Franklin County, Ohio. Age 84 years. CHILDREN: MAGGIE F., Born July 26, 1870. Died August 26, 1872. Age 2 years. NEWTON J., Born July 1, 1872. Living. Married Anna May Mitchell. CARL SCHURZ, Born August 29, 1874. Died April 16, 1944. Married Jennie Jones.

MILITARY SERVICE:- Company K. First Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. Age 20 years. Height 5', 11 1/2", Eyes blue, Hair Brown. Occupation - farmer.

RESIDENT:- Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio. Removed to Washington Township, Franklin County, R.F.D. No. 1, Hilliards, Ohio

Jeremiah (2) was a representative of the agriculture interest of Franklin County. He belongs to one of the oldest agricultural families in Ohio and the nation. His grand-father Jeremiah (1), was born in Suffolk County, Long Island in 1789, New York, and came to the state of Ohio in 1811.

His ancestors being of "Puritan" stock made them well adapted to cope with and well fitted them to meet the dangerous conditions they had to meet in developing this country and the northwest frontier, making it now the leading agricultural section of this day.

He was born in Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio, a son of Henry (4). He spent the first twenty-three years of his life in the county of his nativity. In the spring of 1864, after his discharge from the service, he accompanied his parents on their removal to Washington, Township, Franklin County, Ohio.

He was educated in the common school during the winter months, and in the summer worked on the farm until the Civil War when he enlisted September 21, 1861 at the age of 20 at Camp Chase as a private of Company K., First Cavalry under the command of Captain Forshee and Colonel Smith.

He participated in the battles of Farmington, Boonville, Blackland and Corinth, Mississippi; Bardstown and Perryville, Kentucky; Franklinton and Stone River, Tennessee; Russelville and Courtland, Alabama. At the last named on the 25th day of July 1862, all his company with the exception of sixteen were captured. He, however, was fortunate enough to escape.

There was fighting daily from Manchester to Shiloh, Tennessee. He was on the skirmish line and scouting day and night. In June 1862, he participated in the seige of Corinth. Owing to a disability received in the line of duty, he was discharged at Laverne, Tennessee, on Feb. 27, 1863. His discharge carried the following: "By the physical condition of the soldier, what-so ever may occur renders him unfit for the Army."

Returning to his home, it was some time before he recovered sufficiently to resume farming. On December 15, 1864, he was united in marriage to Eleanor Sager, daughter of John and Margaret (Bogan-Wright) Sager, of Amity, Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio.

After his marriage, he entered jointly with his uncle Jonnie Norton, farming until 1870, when he purchased his home of 10 acres from Rachel Warner, and also 60 acres, from his father, the west half of the Barnard Elrich farm. In later years he purchased 12 1/2 acres belonging to the heirs of Enick Brittingham, which joined his farm on the south making his holding of 80 1/2 acres in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. As the result of his well directed efforts, he was the possessor of a comfortable competence.

He was a member of the John A. Spellman Post, Grand Army of the Republic of Hilliards, Ohio. He was a stalwart Republican supporter, unchangeable in his advocacy of its principles. He was true and loyal to his duties of citizenship always, as when he followed "Old Glory" National Emblem on the southern battle fields.

The second golden wedding anniversary of the Dominy family was on Tuesday the 15th day of December 1914, at the farm home of Jeremiah (2) and Eleanor Sager Dominy, a candle light affair in commemoration of their marriage.

Present were only the immediate family, the groom being an invalid for the last eleven years of his life.

For this occasion, the wedding dinner consisted of fried and stewed chicken, the wedding cake in the center of the cable with 50 candles of red, white, and blue, pies, and other dainties to grace the table on such an occasion.

At the close of dinner, their son, Newton, and their daughter-in-law, Anna, presented to each a two and half gold dollar in honor of their long life and happy marriage.

This happy marriage continued annually til their 56th wedding anniversary, then death doth - call'd the groom to the great beyond - June 18, 1921. Quoting:

"You have told us you will not forget us
In the years which shall come and shall go!
When thy sympathy, love and devotion
Were warmed in my loving heart glow."

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, NEWTON J., Born July 1, 1872. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- December 15, 1896, to ANNA MAY MITCHELL, Born June 23, 1875, Dublin, Ohio. Died September 4, 1953. Age 78 years. CHILDREN: NORMAN LLEWLLYN. Born February 6, 1899. Died June 11, 1900. Age I year, 4 months. CORLISS NEWTON., Born May 3, 1901. Died August 18, 1904. Age 3 years, 3 months. ELEANOR MELVINA., Born March 6, 1903. Married Charles W. Lewis. RUTHELLA., Born November 27, 1905. Married Henry Albert Termeer.

MILITARY SERVICE:- Registered. Hospital Corps.

RESIDENT:- East Warren Street, Columbus, Ohio, removed to 29 South High, Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio.

Newton was reared upon the farm and his education began in the school of old Sub-district No. 6, in that day commonly known as "Dominy's College" because the location was upon land owned by Grand-father and four Dominy families were represented therein.

I've seen enrolled in chat old one room school not less than 50 to 80 girls and boys from six to twenty-one years old, taking advantage of the opportunity afforded them.

What man does not like to recall his old school days, and let his mind wander back, in these few lines, to the only living school mate-today, as we started to school more than seventy five years ago?

I've wandered back to old sub-district No. 6. I've sat beneath the tree, an elm it used to be.
Upon the school house playing ground, which sheltered you and me;
But none were left to meet me, Abe, and few are left to know.
Who played with us upon the grass, some 75 years ago.
The old school house is altered now, the benches have been replaced now.
By a home, that has taken it over now.
But the same old bricks are in the walls, the old bell does not swing, Abe, as it did some 75 years ago.
The spring that bubbled, neath the hill, is very low;
And kneeling down, dear Abe, to get a drink was startled so,
To see how much, I changed since 75 years ago.
But few are left of our old class, excepting you and me.
And when our time is come, Abe, and we are called to go;
I hope they will lay us where we played, more than 75 years ago.

Years have passed and the old school has ceased its usefulness. From this school there has been a continuous improvement in buildings and method of teaching year by year, by the modern centralized schools of the township. I went three years to high school at Hilliards, Ohio.

In 1892, the Ohio Medical College moved into its new building on North Park Street, Columbus, Ohio, offering courses in Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Nurses training. In the fall of 1893, I entered Ohio Medical College, graduating in the spring of 1896.

While attending medical college I took advance training in Physiological and Clinical Chemistry with Microscopy, relative to Plant action and Animal energy on the human system.

Acting as assistant in the chemical laboratory, I had the honor of making two "Quantative Toxicological Analysis and Diagnosis", of suspected cases of poisoning. The analysis showed and proved that they had been given Arsenic and Morphine in quantity to produce the desired results.

The Ohio Medical College united with the Starling Medical College, and after consolidation became the Ohio Medical University, which is now absorbed by the Ohio State University, and is now known as the College of Medicine, College of Dentistry and College of Nursing - with advanced training in the Science-Art of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing - formed the great "Medical Center" - to Ohio State University, which, I am proud to be a part thereof.

I followed the profession as a Pharmaceutical Chemist until 1905, however owing to ill health and through the advice of physicans I quit the practice taking up carpentry in 1906. In 1913 I entered the contracting business until 1926.

In boyhood days, I had the desire to attend rallies with father and grand-father, as there were in those days marching delegations carrying banners "Symbolic of their Views".

I went with them to Columbus to attend the Foraker - Reed rally in behalf of the election of McKinley for Governor of Ohio. I was delegated to carry a very large banner, as it seemed no one else cared to tackle it. The banner was four feet long, two feet wide and thirty inches high, with a row of lighted candles through the center, suspended on a shaft high above my head.

The line of match was from the east front of the State Capitol, south on Third to Main Street, west to High Street, thence north to Goodale Street, west to the old Goodale Park skating rink building, where the speeches were made.

When on the march I was greeted from the sidewalks - "You're a well greased boy!" and I would answer back, "It's McKinley grease, will all come out in the wash! - by cracky!" With flares making the line of march the colors of the rainbow, it was a beauty to behold.

My political activity started in 1908, when elected to the Republican State Central Comittee representing my township, in said body continuously until 1926, then getting the appointment as postmaster at Dublin, Ohio, continuing as such for a period of eleven years-resigning.

I was elected eighteen years as Clerk-Treasurer of the township. By virtue of said office was exofficio clerk of the township Board of Education, and was the foremost instigator in the consolidation and centralization of the schools of the township, for the better education of its children.

Served two terms as First Deputy County Recorder, also four years as First Assistant Fire Marshal of Investigation. I am a firm believer in representative Government, as drawn by our fore-fathers, backed by, and based on, Jeffersonian principles, given us through the Declaration of Independence, as laid down by the Constitution.

If we as a Nation adhere to these, our prosperity will be untouched, and our livelihood excelled by none.




As they appeared at the Presbyterian Parsonage at Worthington, Ohio,

December 15, 1896 at seven o'clock P.M. to be united in holy bonds of wedlock.

Reverend H. P. McAdam, officiating.



This couple, born in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio, has lived most of their life in Dublin, Ohio. The mister 74 years, the misses 71 years young. They have two daughters: Mrs. Charles W. Lewis, 6066 Flora Villa Drive, and Mrs. N. A. Termeer Sr., 25 South High Street, Dublin, Ohio, and nine grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

The third golden wedding celebration to appear in the Dominy family, was held Sunday, the 15th day of December 1946.

This happy event was the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Newton J. and Anna Mitchell Dominy. Dinner was served at high noon by the Dublin Night Club, the table being decorated for the occasion , - to the immediate family.

At one o'clock P.M. their home at 29 South High, Dublin was thrown open til five o'clock P.M., and again from seven o'clock til ten o'clock P.M. to receive their relatives and many friends. Our record book for the occasion gives more than 200 names.

On the table in the center of the dining room, - candle lighted, was a large white Wedding cake - decorated with a bride and groom, given by their daughters - service served by Ruthella Termeer, and Eleanor Lewis, daughters; Margaret Michel, niece, and Patricia Hovorka, granddaughter.

The bride at two o'clock, assisted by the groom cut the cake, service began - each received a hunk of cake, ice cream with a golden bell in center, and a cup of coffee, as many times as each cared to be served.

Before the serving ceremony began, the parents of Eleanor and Ruthella presented to them the two and half dollar gold pieces that had been given to their grandparents (Jeremiah and Eleanor Dominy) in 1914, as a momento to father and mother (Newton J. and Anna M. Dominy) on their golden wedding.

They received from their many relatives and dear friends beautiful gifts and floral decorations, in memory of the occasion.

Now for each year the family - honors the marriage date, up to the present 1952, we celebrated our fifty-sixth wedding anniversary, but, a fatal accident - 73 days before, came and severed the golden link that would have bound us "together" for another year's celebration.

This golden age in the Dominy's family is quite remarkable-these three golden weddings within "The Course of Time", one hundred and seventy-four years or one and three quarter centuries - of bliss and blessed happiness.


This photo was taken on Tuesday the third day of May 1904, on the third birthday of Corliss Newton, great grand-son of Henry (4), - who took flight - August 18, 1904.

From left to right: Jeremiah (2) 63 years young, Henry Dominy (4), 91 years young, Newton J. Dominy 32 years young, Corliss Newton Dominy 3 years old.

The ages of this generation is 189 years, almost two centuries of life span. Quoting
from William Cullen Bryant:

"So live that, when the summons come to join
The innumerable caravan, which moves
To that mysterious realm where each stall take
His chamber in the silent halls of death,
Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night,
Scourged to his dungeon; but, sustained and soothed.
By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave
Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch
About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams."

EIGHT GENERATION: - or ninth in line.

DOMINY, ELEANOR MELVINA, Born March 6, 1903. Dublin, Ohio. MARRIED:- Went to Kentucky in 1923 to CHARLES WILLIAM LEWIS, Born September 19, 1905. Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN: PATRICIA JEAN., Born July 12, 1924. Married Robert L. Hovorka. WILLIAM NEWTON, Born March 10, 1926. Married Frances Wilder. CHARLES OTTO, Born November 23, 1931. Married Rita Catherine Welch. DAVID BRUCE., Born May 24, 1937. Student. JAMES EDWARD., Born January 19, 1946. Student.

RESIDENT:- Karl Road, Columbus, Ohio. Removed to 6066 Flora Villa Drive, Perry Township, Linworth, Ohio.

Eleanor received her elementary and high school education in the centralized schools of Washington Township, graduating in 1921, and then went to Bliss Business College at Columbus, Ohio, graduating as a Business Secretary.

She was married to Charles W. Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. William I. Lewis of Columbus, Ohio.

Charles or Chuck as he is known, received his education in the Columbus City schools, graduating with honor from North High School in the spring of 1924, "As his marriage had to be kept a secret or he could not have completed his education".

He was one of North's star athletes in the fields of Baseball, Basketball, and Football, receiving special recognition in football and basketball.

He supervised basketball two seasons for the Dublin High School Team. He entered carpentry with his father for a number of years, then went to work for the Borror Brothers Contractors, until he entered the carpenter business for himself.

He is now one of the leading builders in the city of Columbus, a member of the National Home Builders Association, also the Home Builders of Columbus, Ohio.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

LEWIS, PATRICIA JEAN, Born July 12, 1924, Dublin, Ohio. MARRIED:- October 12, 1946 to ROBERT L. HOVORKA, Born January 25,1920. San Francisco, California. CHILDREN:-HELENE ANN, Born October 7, 1948, Columbus, Ohio. SUSAN MARIE, Born November 7, 1953, San Francisco, California. ROBERT LEO, Born March 23, 1955, San Francisco, California.

MILITARY SERVICE:- Robert L. in World War Two, enlisted in the Army of the United States September 15, 1942, while a student at the University of San Francisco, attending the Reserve Corps school for nine months studying radio theory, operation and maintenance.

Bob entered active service on June 11, 1943, and was assigned to Camp Kohler, California, qualifying for the specialized Training Program and was then transferred to Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio to study Electrical Engineering.

At the close of A.S.T.P. he transferred to Fort Monmouth, New Jersey to study fixed station radio transmitters, and was assigned to 4025 Signal Service Group, Asiatic - Pacific Theater on October 10, 1944.

Stationed at Hollandia, New Guinea, he installed and maintained fixed station transmitting equipment. He was one of six who planned, constructed, and operated Armed Forces Radio Station W. V. T. F.

He returned to the states on the 24th of February 1946, and was discharged on March 10, 1946.

DECORATIONS AND CITATIONS:- Philippine Liberation Ribbon. Asiatic - Pacific Campaign medal. American Campaign Medal. World War Two Victory Medal.

RESIDENT:- 90 East 8th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. Removed to 246 Diamond Street, San Francisco, California.

PAT, as known to all, received her elementary education in the Linworth, Ohio schools, graduated from Worthington High School, entered Ohio State University in Architectural Engineering, took a year's work and during the war was offered a position as a draftsman with the Associated Telephone Corporation, accepted and when the company moved its offices to Chicago Illinois, she remained here for reasons of her own.

At this instant, she was awaiting the return of her lover, who was in the far flung Pacific. When the war ended, he returned to the states and after a rest up trekked across the states from his home in San Francisco, to meet his fate, whom he had met while at Ohio State taking advance technical training in Electronic and Radio Engineering.

Having been engaged, soon arrangements were completed and they were married and resided in Columbus, Ohio, until they moved to his home city, San Francisco, in July 1949.

Bob attended the University of San Francisco, taking premedical course until enlistment in the army. At present, the California School of Fine Arts and the Art League of California where he is now enrolled studying Commercial Art Technique, graduating with the highest honor in the school of Fine Art and Art League of California, which prepared him as a Professional Artist.


NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

LEWIS, WILLIAM NEWTON, Born March 10, 1926, Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- August 13, 1944 to FRANCES WILDER, Born November 18, 1927, Worthington, Ohio. CHILDREN: DANIEL REED, (DANNY), Born March 2,1947. Los Angeles, California. DEBRA LEE, (DEBBIE), Born December 18, 1950, Columbus, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- He enlisted December 21, 1943, and was sworn in January 5, 1944 at Columbus, Ohio. Went to Great Lakes, Illinois, for six weeks boots training, then took six weeks at Gunner's Mate training school and there was made a Seaman First Class.

"In May 1944, was sent to the naval Amphibian Base at Solomans, Maryland, assigned to L. C. T. training crew, later assigned to L. C. T. 1256.

"In September 1944, sent to New Orleans, Louisiana, where the 1256 was loaded on L. S. T. 595 to be sent over seas, leaving the last of September for Panama.

"Arriving in Cologne, Panama for a six day stop, then through the Panama Canal. Our first main stop was in the New Hebrides Islands, (made Gunners Mate Third Class there), in the first part of November.

-Thence to the Solomon Islands, Hollandia, New Guinea, and on to Biak, where we picked up the Forty-First Infantry, taking them to the Philippine Islands.

"Out destination was Mindoro, our L. C. T. 1256 was unloaded there, and we stayed on this island for about three weeks.

"Leaving there, we went to Subic Say on the island of Luzon. We were based there, joined the Seventh Amphibian Fleet, thence to Manila, where our L.C.T. 1256 was the first to land.

"Then back to Subic Hay, from there we made landings around Cavite, south of Corregidor, in Manila Bay.

"In the spring of 1945, we went to the South China Sea, in Lingeyan Gulf, thence to Okinawa in the summer of 1945, at Buckner Bay, stayed there for two months.

"Leaving there in September 1945, landing in Korea in October, in Jensen. I was transferred to L.C.T. 688. In November 1945, we left there for Saipan, in the later part of the month left for Eniwetok Atoll, stayed there for six weeks while our ship was being repaired.

"Thence on to the Island of Bikini, then to Pearl Harbor, landing there in February 1946, from there to the states, landing at San Francisco, California, March 6, 1946.

"Discharged March 10, 1946, at Shoemaker, California, on my birthday - the happiest day in my life; served two years, two months, and six days. (Eighteen months over seas)."

RIBBONS AND DECORATIONS:- American Area. Asiatic - Pacific, (1 Bronze Star). Philippine Liberation, (1 Bronze Scar). Victory Medal. Korean Area.

RESIDENT:- 1609 East Whittier Street, Columbus, Ohio. Removed to 6036 Flora Villa Drive, Perry Township, Franklin County, Linworth, Ohio.

Bill, as he is called by all, received his elementary education in the Linworth schools, went to the Worthington High School and in his junior year quit school at seventeen years of age, contemplating that he would be drafted after the coming March, his eighteenth birthday.

He volunteered in the United States Navy, took his basic training at Chicago Naval Base, specialized in gunnery, sent to Solomon, Maryland for amphibious landing training before going overseas.

After his return from the service to his home, he followed carpentry with his father, but his ambition since childhood was to be on the railroad. He was employed as brakeman and fireman with the Panhandle System making runs to Sandusky, Toledo and Detroit, and east to Pittsburgh. These tuns necessitated him being away from home from 3 to 4 days at a time or else move his family either to Marion or Cambridge.

Being listed as one of the last employed, he would be the first to be laid off, it happened a few years ago, when the system was reducing their employment to meet present conditions, but would be called for future uses. Sill was offered a place with the Surface Combustion Corporation of Columbus, Ohio, where he is now employed as an assistant foreman.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

LEWIS, CHARLES OTTO, Born November 23, 1931. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- June 25, 1951 to RITA CATHERINE WELCH, Born Jan. 30, 1932. CHILDREN:- CHARLES OTTO, JR., Born May 4, 1953. St. Petersburg, Florida. CHRISTOPHER ORIN, Born April 23, 1955. Columbus, Ohio.

RESIDENT:- 736 - 7th Avenue, North, St. Petersburg, Florida, removed to 1016 - 16 Street, North, St. Petersburg, Florida. Removed to 6050 Granville Rd., Linworth, Ohio.


Charles, "Chuck" as he was known by all, received his elementary education in the Linworth, Ohio schools. He attended Dublin High School until his senior year and was active in high school sports, especially in football, playing the position as tackle.

He quit school to work with his father in the building business for a short time before going to Florida to work, after which he then was united in marriage to Rita Catherine Welch, a member of the Roman Catholic Faith of which Charles became a member before they were married.

He was engaged in general carpentry when taken into the military service and was as follows:

U.S. 53105706 Det-20 - 1277 ASU. Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, 14/ Aug / 52.

"I left St. Petersburg, Florida, the 29th day of January 1952, for Jacksonville, Florida, there was processed and sworn in the 30th, was held over night and stayed in the Jefferson Hotel at government expense.

"Shipped out to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, was again processed and got shots. Was in Roster 25 - 1 - E Company E, 2404 USARTC. Fort Jackson is an infantry and artillery camp. Arrived 31/ Jan/52.

"Left 11/Feb/52 and went to Camp Gordon, Georgia, assigned to the Signal Corps for basic training, was placed in Company 11 SCRTC BTC, and was made squad leader.

"We had a fairly easy basic but very strict, arrived 11/Feb/52. Left here 12/May/ 52. Then was sent to Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, for radio repair school, but on arrival was switched to camera repair school and placed in Company 22 SRSCC TSU. I waited for four weeks for school to start, and my wife joined me at that time. We lived at 116 Broadway, Long Beach, New Jersey.

"While going to school I learned the basic repairs of still, motion picture, and aerial cameras. I was among 10 men out of 10,000 who were selected for honor students.

"This probably my old teachers will never figure out because I was the 'Dum-Scull' of the class."

Note: The following was taken from the Ohio State Journal of July 17, 1952:

UNIFORMS AND CIVIES. PVT. CHARLES O. LEWIS o/ 6036 Flora Filla Drive, Linworth, Ohio, has been awarded an honor certificate for "superior qualities and adaptness in classroom work, plus soldierly conduct in his company" for the month of July at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. He has been attending an Army Signal School there.

"I got my first leave from 24/July to 12/August/52, after which I report to Camp Kilmer, New Jersey, for shipment to Europe for Bremerhaven, Germany."


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, RUTHELLA, Born November 27, 1905· Dublin. MARRIED:- May 14, 1925 to HENRY ALBERT TERMEER, Born August 23, 1905. Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- HENRY ALBERT JR., Born December 24, 1926. Married Marilyn Alice Peters. JERRY DOMINY, Born November 9, 1930. Married Marjorie June Hyland. RICHARD DUANE, Born January 29, 1933. Married Marilyn Jean Leonard. GARY NEWTON AND LARRY EUGENE, TWINS., Born August 15, 1937. GARY NEWTON, Student. LARRY EUGENE, Died August 17, 1937. (A Blue Baby.)

RESIDENT:- 25 South High Street, Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio.

Ruthella received her elementary and high school education in the centralized schools of the township graduating in 1923. She took one year's work at Ohio State University in the College of Education; then entered Office Training College, graduating as a Business Secretary.

She was united in marriage to Henry Albert, son of George Jr., and Nellie Tetmeer of Columbus, Ohio.

Alas he is called and known to all, received his elementary education in the Columbus City Schools, but his higher education at Grandview High School from where he graduated.

After his marriage, he was associated with the Chamberlin Weather Strip Company for a number of years and also the Diamond Weather Scrip Company.

He then entered with his father to learn the Cabinet Makers trade, and after a few years associated with his father in that business. They became partners in the Columbus Store Fixture Company, at 689 East Twentieth Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, in the manufacturing of barroom fixtures, restaurant equipment, and all other kinds of store room fixtures.


Forced from its present location by the expansion o/ the Ohio State Fairgrounds, the Columbus Store Fixture Company will move from 689 East Twentieth Avenue to a new building at 1410 East Seventeenth Avenue shout August 1st, the firm announced yesterday.

The new building is being erected by Albert Termeer, member o/ the firm and son o/ its founder. Site was purchased from Ted W. Koons through H. M. Pratt, associated with Robert G. Denmead, realtor at 55 East State Street

The firm manufactures custom-made store and restaurant fixtures and has been to business 25 years. Three generations of Termeers are associated in the firm. George Termeer has bad 50 years experience in the business, his son Albert bas had 28 years, and a grandson Jerry has been with the firm four years.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

TERMEER, HENRY ALBERT JR., Born December 24, 1926. Dublin, Ohio. MARRIED:- June 20 1948 to MARILYN ALICE PETERS, Born May 25, 1926. Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:-HENRY ALBERT III (HANK). Born June 19, 1950, Dublin, Ohio. DONALD JAMES, Born May 27, 1952. Dublin, Ohio. NEWTON THOMAS, Born December 21, 1954, Dublin, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- In the World War Two, Albert was inducted into the United States service at Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio, on March 28, 1945, and was sent to Camp Atterbury, Indiana, Company A Reception Center for processing.

Then sent to Camp Fannin, Texas, for his sixteen weeks basic training.

It was there in his basic training, he received an Expert Infantryman's Badge with Company B, 53rd Battalion, 11th Regiment. Sent to Camp Livingston, Louisiana to complete a special training with Company B, 135th Battalion, 34th Regiment, receiving a ten day delay in route to camp. In August, while home on furlough, Japan surrendered. As the war's end cut short the training period at Camp Livingston, he was then overseas bound being sent to the Replacement Port at Camp Adair, Oregon, Company D, 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment for Pacific duty.

It was there at that time, some 5000 of the 18 year old boys volunteered for Regular Army duty. He with others reenlisted for one year and was transferred to Company A, 8th Battalion, Fort Ord, California for processing, entering the regular Army in Company H, 4th Regiment, and was to report to Camp Atterbury, Indiana after a 30 day furlough.

Albert returned to Camp Atterbury to F Company, Reception Center for assignment, and was sent to Camp Pickett, Virginia, for overseas duty. The troop train stopped on its way through Columbus, Ohio for two hours where his family met him. He arrived at Camp Picket, was assigned to Company Dr 14th Battalion, 4th Regiment, A.G.F.R.D. No. 1 and later to Company B, 14th Battalion, 4th Regiment for overseas at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey.

While at Camp Pickett he visited Washington, D. C., and New York City while at Camp Kilmer. Went overseas on Transport J. R. Brooks sailing January 19, 1946, embarking at Le Havre, France, January 29, 1946, and was sent to one of the various replacement camps around Le Havre, named after cigarette brands, to Company C, 2nd Battalion, Camp Herbert Tareyton, France.

Then to Marburg, Germany on a slow train, riding for five days, in ancient passenger coaches and box cars, put in Sub-Co. P. 376th Replacement Infantry Company, 72nd Battalion, for processing. Was assigned to M.P. Platoon, 3rd Infantry Division stationed at Bad Wildungen, Germany.

It was there the Military Police Platoon became a Company for duty. When the Std Infantry Division went back to the States about August 5, 1946, they took only a skeleton division, the others remaining for occupational duties.

Out of his company of M.P.'s that remained, he was one of the ten who was sent to the 1st U. S. Constabulary in Bamberg, Germany, and Albert was attached to the HQ's, U.S. Constabulary, Provost Marshal Section, in charge of Traffic, and carried A. P.0.46 C/O, P.M. New York, N.Y. until about the expiration of his enlistment.

In the later part of October 1946, left for Port of Embarkation at Bremerhaven, Germany. Upon arriving there, he was attached to 317th Company Sub Co. D. and later to the 318th Sub D. leaving for home in packet 9283 aboard the ship Gen. M. B. Stewart about November 10, 1946, arriving in the good U.S.A. on the 24th day of November 1946, and was discharged at Fort Dix, on November 29, 1946.

During his army career Albert traveled in 25 states: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and while overseas was in four foreign countries, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. The latter two were visited during furloughs.

DECORATIONS AND RIBBONS:- Expert Infantryman's Badge, 1945. Presidential Unit Citation 1945-46, awarded to 3rd Division. VICTORY RIBBONS, 1945-46. European Occupation Ribbons, 1946. French Fourragere - Unit Citation Awarded to Third Division by France.

RESIDENT:- 40 Glenmont Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, removed to 126 Franklin Street, Dublin, Ohio, later purchased the M.F. Karrer property at 75 South High, where he now resides.

Albert received his elementary and high school education in the centralized schools of the township, graduating in 1944, and entered Ohio State University in the College of Engineering, going one half year before being inducted into the army.

On return from the service, he reentered Ohio State in the College of Commerce and Business Administration, majoring in Accounting graduating March 7,1950.

He was employed by the Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Company in the Commercial Lighting Department, resigning to accept a position as timekeeper in the North American Aviation, Inc., makers of the new F86 Jet Saber Engine Airplane and who are now working out details on a new jet engine, the most powerful and fastest jet afloat - a revolution in jet engines.

He was promoted to the Accounting Department ac North American and later was offered a better position at the Westinghouse Electric Corporation Plant, 300 Phillippi Road, Columbus, Ohio, in their accounting department, where he is now employed. He also was elected as Clerk of Washington Township in 1951 and is presently serving in that capacity.

He was united in marriage to Marilyn Alice, daughter of Mrs. Henry Peters of 40 Glenmont Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. Marilyn received her education in the Columbus City Schools graduating from North High, and attended the Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

TERMEER, JERRY DOMINY, Born, November 9, 1930, Dublin, Ohio. MARRIED:- August 21, 1949 to MARJORIE JUNE HYLAND, Born June 12, 1930.. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN: STEVEN JERRY, Born November 4, 1951, Franklin County.


RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, R.F.D. No. 1, Amlin, Ohio. removed to 6160 Riverside Drive, R.F.D., Worthington, Ohio.

Jerry, called Jake by his associates, received his elementary and high school education in the centralized schools of the township, graduating in 1948. He entered Ohio State University in the College of Education completing one year's work.

He felt, after having a heart to heart talk with his mother and father, as to his education that he would like to learn a trade. He then entered the field of "Cabinet Making" with his father and grand-father who own and operate the Columbus Store Fixture Company at 1410 East Seventeenth Ave., Columbus, Ohio.

He was united in marriage to Marjorie June, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymeth Hyland of Amlin, R.F.D., Ohio. Marjorie was educated in the centralized schools of the township, graduating in 1948, and was employed with the Farm Bureau Insurance Company of Columbus, Ohio, until she took upon herself to become a mother, which now occupies her full time.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

TERMEER, RICHARD DUANE, Born January 29, 1933, Dublin, Ohio. MARRIED:- October 15, 1954 to MARILYN JEAN LEONARD, Born December 11, 1937.

Richard Duane, of the ninth generation of Dominy's, better known and called by all DICK! son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Albert Termeer, Sr., 25 South High, Dublin, Ohio, was one of the four Dispatch carriers, who were winners of The Columbus Dispatch College Scholarship Awards in 1951.

This scholarship is awarded annually by the Dispatch, is for $400. The money is placed to the credit of the winner at the school of his choice to be drawn on as he needs it during his college training.

Besides the above, he also won other awards, The Otterbein Scholarship award of $150 and the North West Kiwanis Club award of $150, these for outstanding scholarship and leadership in his school and community.

Carrying the Dispatch is a family affair. The Termeer boys have been on the job for years. Dick, 18, scholarship winner, also holding down the job. He inherited it from his two older brothers, who had been on the route more than ten years. His little brother Gary is being groomed ready to take the place.

Dick was chosen valedictorian of his class at Dublin High, finishing high school with an average of 95. This redhead, quite handsome, with freckles to spare and a winning smile is a "three letter man" in athletics holding down first base in baseball, quarterback in football and forward and co-captain on the basketball team. He also won a spot on the Dispatch Second Team All-County basketball squad.

This and other records, prove pretty thoroughly that Dick's academic achievements don't derive from a "bookworm" nature. He was president of his class in his junior and senior years, was leading man in the junior class play, and business manager of the high school annual.

All this, of course, is in addition to carrying of 70 daily and 80 Sunday Dispatches on the only route in Dublin.

Not quite sure yet about his choice of education, Dick is going to Otterbein and is preparing for either journalism or physical education.

RESIDENT:- 475 E. Hudson Street, Columbus, Ohio.


SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, CARL SCHURZ, Born August 29, 1874. Franklin County. Died April 16, 1944. Age 70 years. MARRIED:- January 1, 1913 to JENNIE JONES, Born September 22, 1885. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:-MARGARET DOROTHY, Born November 30, 1913. Married Harold P. Michel. ANNABELLE JANE, Born June 26, 1916. Married Clarence R. Holt.

MILITARY SERVICE:- Registered for World War One.

RESIDENT:-Washington Township, Franklin County, R.F.D. No. 1, Hilliards, Ohio.

Carl S., youngest son of Jeremiah(2) and Eleanor Sager Dominy, was born near Hilliards, Ohio. He spent his entire life on the farm where he was born.

He became ill in August 1943, and lived until April 1944, died at the age of 69 years, 7 months, and 17 days, in the home which he loved and cherished.

After attending school in the grades at Dominy's school located near his home, he attended Hilliards High School for two years and Dublin High for one year. He carried a teachers certificate, but never had the opportunity to use it.

He was a staunch Republican in political affiliation, and although not a member of any church, his church connections were Methodist, where he attended.

He was a faithful member of the Odd Fellows Lodge at Hilliards, and for a number of years served as its financial secretary.

He was united in marriage to Miss Jennie Jones, daughter of Stephen and Margaret (Schmelzer) Jones, at the farm home of John and Ella Walker, Brown Township, Franklin County, Ohio.

Jennie, was born at Hilliards, Ohio. To them were born two daughters, Margaret Dortha, and Annabelle Jane. Both received their elementary education at Amlin, Ohio, and also graduated from Hilliards High School.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, MARGARET DOROTHY, Born November 30, 1913, Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED: June 28, 1933 to HAROLD P. MICHEL, Born December 6, 1909, Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- None.


RESIDENT:- 201 Avery Road, Franklin County, Hilliards, Ohio.

Margaret received her elementary schooling at Amlin, Ohio, graduating from Hilliards, Ohio. After graduating she got a position as clerk in the office of the Bureau of Rivers and Harbors of the United States, Columbus, Ohio, a position she held for a number of years. She resigned her position, so she could accept one near her home, she being offered the position as Clerk- Treasurer of the Board of Education of the Norwich Local School District, which she accepted and still holds.




Life is a narrow vale, between the cold and barren peaks of two eternities; we strive in vain to look beyond the heights, we cry aloud, but the only answer is our wailing cry; from the voiceless lips of the unreplying dead there comes no word, but in the dark hour of death, hope sees a star, and listening, love can hear the rustle of a wing.

She is a member of the Methodist Church of Hilliards, Ohio. She was united in marriage to Harold P., son of Mr. Louis and Mrs. Della (Parker) Michel of Norwich Township, Franklin County, Ohio.

Harold, known to all his friends as Mike, is an electrician by trade, also is Fire Chief of the Hilliards Norwich - Brown Township Volunteer Fire Company. He received his education in the centralized schools of his township.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, ANNABELLE JANE, Born June 18, 1916. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- June 28, 1952 to
CLARENCE R. HOLT, Born August 18,1912. Franklin County, Ohio. CHILDREN:-CARL RAY, Born April 19,
1954. Franklin County, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- In World War Two, Enlisted December 5, 1942 sent to Fort Benjamin Harrison, ten days for clothing and equipment.

From there to Camp Chaffee, Arkansas, assigned to the 499th Armored Field Artillery Hdg. Battalion 14th Armored Division for 9 months and became a Corporal there.

MANEUVERS:-The Tennessee Army Maneurvering Area for 4 months. The Camp Campbell Kentucky Area for 3 months. North Carolina for 2 months, the Eastern Personnel Reassignment Center, to the 3162nd Signal Service Company, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, 1st of April to December 2, 1944.

Went overseas on the ship, Iale De France. 10 days later arrived at Glasgow, England, then to Herford, England for 3 months.

On the 1st of April 1945 crossed the Channel to Le Havre, France thence to Camp Lucky Strike, thence to Cheagne, France, receiving one battle scat. Then to Luxemburg for one month to six weeks.

In Metz, France, Bill became a Technical Sergeant and then to Camp Twenty Grand, from June to August inclusive. In a camp near Marseilles, France during September, October, and November. Left Marseilles and went to Weisbaden, Germany, sent a month, then to Frankfurt, Germany, joining the 3118th Signal Service Command and hence to Hanhow, Germany to Camp Top Hat.

On the 18th day of March 1946, he left Top Hat on the ship Raven, arriving March 27, 1946 in the United States, going to Camp Shanks, Bill was discharged at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, April 1, 1946, arriving home on the same day.

RESIDENT:- 6578 Hayden Run Road, Washington Township, Franklin County, R.F.D., Hilliards, Ohio.

In my research work, it appeared that Annabelle might be a Maiden Lady in our family, as it did occur in the family of Henry Loren (3), Beekmantown, New York, a daughter Mary A. Who lived to enjoy the golden age of 98 years - young!

But wedding bells tolled the breaking of this tradition, for St. Paul's Lutheran Church in New Rome was the setting on June 28th at 7:30 P.M. ceremony uniting Annabelle Jane Dominy, daughter of Mrs. Carl S. Dominy of Hilliards, Ohio, and the late Mr. Dominy, and Clarence R. Holt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Holt, also of Hilliards, Ohio.

The bride was given in marriage by her uncle, Newton J. Dominy of Dublin, Ohio. Mrs. Harold Michel of Hilliards, her sister, was the bride's only attendant. Mr. Raymond Molt was his brother's best man, and seating the guests were Mr. Richard Holt, brother of the groom, and Mr. Glenn Anderson.


At ,St. Paul's Lutheran Church, New Rome, Ohio, June 28, 1952.

Saturday 7:30 O'clock, P.M.

Reverend Mr. Arthur Rismiller, Officiating.

Hostesses at the reception, held at the church, were Mrs. H. A. Termeer, cousin of the bride; Miss Gail DeWolf and Miss Betty Grooms both cousins to the groom.

Both the bride and groom received their education in the centralized schools, and are graduates of Hilliard:, High school.

Mrs. Holt was formerly associated with the United states Treasury Disbursement Office, and then with the United states Internal Revenue Department. Mr. Holt is with the Columbus Bolt and Forging Company, and also associated with his father in the delivery route of the Columbus Dispatch a distance of 300 miles.

At present, Mrs Holt has laid aside her duties - and taken upon herself - the blessing "a bundle of Joy" - a Mothers love - a new arrival - six pounds, one nonce, baby boy "Carl Ray".