SIXTH GENERATION: - or seventh in line.

DOMINY, POLLY ANN, Born February 14, 1840. Died October 12, 1912, age 72 years. MARRIED: September 7, 1865 to HENRY W. WRIGHT, (Widower), Born February 17, 1827. Died May 10, 1914, age 87 years. CHILDREN: HARRIETT M., Born June 20, 1866. Died February 26, 1899. Married Charles C. Taggert. ELLA A., Born January 18, 1868. Died April 25, 1949. Married Thomas H. Hummel. CHARLES H., Born April 30, 1869, Died October 23, 1869, age 6 months. HOWARD H., Born August 12, 1870. Died August 11, 1939. Married Hattie Bailey. STEWARD D., Born November 10, 1872. Died January 2, 1873, age 2 months. MAUD E., Born October 22, 1873. Living. Married Mathias Slyh. LAURA A., Born January 6, 1876. Living. Married Stanley P. Carpenter. DELLA D., Born March 30, 1879. Living. Married Charles Barrick, first, and L. E. Strawser, second. WILLIAM HENRY, JR., Born November 16, 1880. Died May 31, 1916, age 36 years. A bachelor. LISSIE S., Born December 29, 1882. Died April 20, 1892, age 10 years. ABBIE B., Born March 2, 1885. Died April 2, 1915. Married Charles Robey.

MILITARY SERVICE:- In 1864, Henry Wright laid aside his business and enlisted in Company D, 12th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, serving his country faithfully until the close of the Civil War.

RESIDENT:- Canaan Township, Madison County, Amity, Ohio. Moved to Plain, City, Ohio. Retired.

He in his early life, operated a Wood-Workman Shop. He built for the people of the community for miles around, such things as wagons, harrows, both single and double shovel plows; which were used extensively at that day in cultivating the corn crop. (Known as the Amity Wagon Shop.)

During that awful Cholera epidemic, which struck terror in the village of Amity and surrounding community in 1850, he and his brother John, who was helping him at his trade at that time, since the people were dying so fast, turned the shop into a coffin making shop. The people would come as far as the gate post at the road, as this leads to the shop, tack up the size wanted and he would go get it, make the box, take it out and lean it up against the post and get another measurement to be built.

To support this, it can be seen today in the "Cuttler Cemetery", a plot marking the resting place of those who died in this epidemic.

As time passed on manufacturing of these farm implements became well established; and the old Amity Wagon Shop disappeared. So he made farming his livelihood until about 1900, when he moved to Plain City, retiring from active duty.


SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

WRIGHT, HARRIETT M., Born June 6, 1866. Madison County, Ohio. Died February 26, 1899. Age 33 years. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED:- February 1, 1885 to CHARLES C. TAGGERT Born in 1859. Died in 1915. Plain City, Ohio. CHILDREN:- EDNA, Born July 15, 1886. Living GRACE:- Born August 2, 1892. Living.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio. Removed to Plain City, Ohio.

or eighth in line.

WRIGHT, ELLEN A., Born January 18, 1868. Madison County. Died April 25, 1949. Age 81 years. Plain City, Ohio. MARRIED:- November 20, 1890 to THOMAS H. HUMMEL: Born March 23,1863. Died January 14, 1938, age 75 years, Plain City, Ohio. CHILDREN:- HENRY C., Born June 23, 1895. Married First Eylan Whip. Second Gertrude Bolin.

RESIDENT:- Canaan Township, Madison Courty, Ohio. Removed to Plain City, Union County, Ohio.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

HUMMEL, HENRY C., Born June 23, 1895. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:- July 6, 1917 to EYLAN WHIP, Born September 9, 1895. Died June 22, 1929, age 34. CHILDREN:- MARTHA M. Born July 6, 1918. Died February 10, 1934, age 16 years. Madison County, Ohio. KERMIT R. Born February 21, 1920. Married Joan Theide. ROBERT L., Born December 10, 1921. Married Kay Albaugh. SECOND MARRIAGE:- August 8, 1934 to GERTRUDE BOLIN, Born January 5, 1906. CHILDREN:- NONE.

MILITARY SERVICE:- Served in World War One, from May 10, 1918 to December 6, 1918. (2nd Lt. Infantry.)

RESIDENT:- Plain City, Union County, Ohio, removed to Waverly, Iowa.

Henry C. is general sales manager for the Schield BANTAM Company, Waverly, Iowa, manufacturers of the Bantam Trench Hoe, draglines, clams, and shovels, one of the most called for and used implements today in the building and construction game.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

HUMMEL, KERMIT R., Born February 21, 1920. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:-November 19, 1943 to JOAN THEIDE. Born July 4, 1921. Waverly, Iowa. CHILDREN:- SUSAN LEE, Born September 19, 1944. RICHARD KERMIT, Born April 26, 1946. JON FREDERICK. Born January 15, 1949, in Waverly Iowa.


RESIDENT:- Waverly, Iowa.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

HUMMEL, ROBERT L., Born December 10, 1921. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:- May 26, 1945 to KAYE ALBAUGH, Born April 4, 1922. Waverly, Iowa. CHILDREN:- THOMAS ALAN, Born March 3, 1946. JAMES CARL, Born May 2, 1950 in Waverly, Iowa.


RESIDENT:- Waverly, Iowa.


SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

WRIGHT, HOWARD H., Born August 12, 1870. Died August 11, 1939, age 69 years. MARRIED:January 5, 1893 to HATTIE BAILEY, Born May, 1875. Madison County. Died February 27, 1902, age 27 years. CHILDREN:- GAY H., Born April 6, 1891. Married Thetis Rilee.

RESIDENT:- Madison County, Plain City, Ohio.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

WRIGHT, GAY H., Born April 6, 1891. Madison County. Ohio. MARRIED:- November 17, 1912, Orangesburg, South Carolina to THETIS RILEE, Born December 14, 1890. Daughter of Sam Rilee and Mattie Lee Johnson of Virginia.

To this union, nine children were born: First, GAYMON HOWARD, born December 22, 1913 in Camden, South Carolina. Married Clara Strother of West Jefferson, Ohio. They have one son GAYMON FINDLEY, born September 13, 1949, at Amlin, Ohio. Second, VIRGINIA LEE, born

August 30, 1915 in Madison County, Ohio. Died of severe burns on April 25, 1920, age 5 years. Third, HARRIETTE R., Born May 26, 1917, in Madison County, Ohio. Married LOWELL WILLINSON of Hilliards, Ohio, on September 2, 1939. LOWELL entered the Army Air Corps February, 1943, was killed in the Aleutian Islands, October 27, 1945. Has one daughter Susan Lynette, born July 20, 1945. Fourth, FRANCES, Born April 25, 1919, in Madison County, Ohio. Married Henry C. Burbridge, of Columbus, Ohio, October 19, 1938. Have two children: Thomas Lee, Born May 26, 1939 at Hilliards, Ohio; Thetis Virginia, Born May 6, 1942, at Hilliards, Ohio. Fifth, HENRY H., Born June 21, 1921, in Madison County, Ohio. Entered the Army in June 1941. killed in Italy on January 17, 1944, World War Two, age 23 years. Sixth, EDWIN H., Born February 5, 1923, in Madison County, Ohio. Entered the Army in February 1943. Discharged in February 1946. Married Dortha Frey October 15, 1949, at Columbus, Ohio. Seventh, CAROL JEAN, Born November 29, 1926, at Amlin, Ohio. Single. Eighth, BEVERLY ANN, Born April 17, 1930, at Amlin, Ohio. Married Howard Ernest Geese, April 2, 1949. Hilliards, Ohio. He is now serving in the United States Navy. Ninth,POLLY LOU, Born August 27,1935, at Amlin, Ohio. Single.

RESIDENT:- 26 North Huron, Columbus, Ohio

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

WRIGHT, MAUD, E., Born October 22, 1873. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:- July 12, 1899. to MATHIAS SLYH, Born October 14, 1872. Died June 24, 1937. Madison County, age 65 years. CHILDREN: ABBIE LOUISE, Born February 6, 1902. Living. Daughter born and died July 2, 1904. GENEVA HARRIET, and GERALDINE HELEN, TWINS, Born July 22, 1909. GENEVA, Married First Cecil H. Pennington. Second George Rupp. GERALDINE, Married Raymond Myers.

RESIDENT:- Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio. Removed to Plain City, Ohio.

Mat, as he was known to all came from one of the county's leading Agricultural families. He made farming his life's ambition until his health became impaired, and he moved his family to Plain City, retiring from active duty.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

SLYH, GENEVA HARRIET, Born July 22, 1909. Madison County. MARRIED:- June 20, 1936 to CECIL, H. PENNINGTON. Divorced. CHILDREN:- CAROLYN ANNE, Born May 18, 1930. Married Russell A. Noble. MAUD ELAINE, Born October 14, 1937. Student. SECOND MARRIAGE; April 13, 1949 to GEORGE RUPP, Born March 20, 1887.

RESIDENT:- 2845 Morse Road, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION or ninth in line.

SLYH, GERALDINE HELEN, Born July 22, 1909. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:- February 10, 1934 to RAYMOND N. MYERS, Born ?. CHILDREN:- JERRIANNA, Born March 29, 1935. Student. JEANNINE, Born June 20, 1936. Student.


RESIDENT:- Harrisburg, Franklin County, Ohio.


NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

PENNINGTON, CAROLYN ANNE, Born May 18, 1930. Plain City, Ohio. MARRIED:- September 12, 1948 to RUSSELL A. NOBEL, Born August 28, 1918, Columbus, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- In World War Two, with the 82nd All American Airborne Division.

"On March 24, 1942, I took the oath in the Army at Fort Hayes, Columbus, Ohio. On March 30, 1942, I boarded a train for Camp Clarborne, Louisiana, arriving April 1, 1942.

"At this camp I took my basic training, in September 1942, boarded train for Fort Bragg,

North Carolina. During my stay there I had two furloughs home, one in October 1942, and the other in January 1943

"In April 1943, I took a train for Buzzard Bay, Massachusetts, being stationed at Camp Edwards. On the 29th day of April 1943, we set sail from New York for North Africa. On the 11th day of May 1943, landed at Casablanca, North Africa. "A week later moved to Oujda, where we trained for the invasion of the Island of Sicily. In about two weeks the Division moved to Kairouna, North Africa.

"On the night of July 9, 1943, we were on our way for our first combat jump over Sicily. On the 12th day of July 1943, 1 was evacuated from Sicily, to North Africa by a British Hospital Boat, and on July 14, 1943, I arrived at Tripoli, North Africa. Two days later I was flown by plane to Cairo, Egypt, and was put to bed in the 38th General Hospital.

"After two weeks there, was flown to Tel lioir, Palestine, where I spent the neat two months recuperating.

"In October, I started back to my outfit, taking a train to Cairo, Egypt, then by plane to Algiers, then to Oran, and from there by motor convoy to Bizerte.

"On the 18th day of November 1943, we set sail for the British Isles, landing at Belfast, North Ireland, on the 10th day of December 1943. In February 1944, we went to England to prepare for Normandy. The 6th day of June, 1944 saw us on our way to Normandy.

"In July, 1944 back to England, in September 1944, we went to Holland, in October 1944, returned to Sissones, France, where we settled ourselves for a needed rest.

"Then the blow came on the 17th day of December 1944, we were alerted at 10:45 P.M. Sunday evening, and 9:00 A.M. Monday December 18, 1944, we were on our way to Belgium. We not only had the enemy to battle, but the terrible winter weather also.

"On this trip we traveled through Belgium into Germany, stopped at Cologne then to Ludwiglust, Germany. It was there that the war ended. Then came the preparation for the trip home.

"Now back to France, where the high point men were sent hone, while the rest of the Division was sent to Berlin, Germany, as occupation troops. September 6, 1945, I left southern France. On the 15th day of September 1945, landed at Boston, Massachusetts, where I stayed to reactivate myself back to life in the U.S.A.

"I went to Indiantown Gap to be discharged from the army. On September 25, 1945 at 7:30 A.M. I arrived home in Columbus, Ohio, after three and a half years in the army, of which two and one half years were spent over seas as a paratrooper, making 6 training jumps, 2 combat jumps, 4 practice jumps, or a total of 12 jumps.

"DECORATIONS AND CITATIONS: Purple Heart Medal. Good Conduct Medal. Distinguished Unit Badge. European African Middle Eastern Service Medal with 6 Bronze Stars and 1 Bronze Arrow Head.

"MILITARY QUALIFICATIONS: Parachute Badge 1943 with 1 Bronze Star. Glider Badge 1944. Rifle M - 1 Marksman 1944.

"CAMPAIGNS: Sicily, Naples, Foggia, Normandy, Reinland, Ardennes, and Central Europe.

"I was a Tec-5 while in the Army, and am the son of Fred and Martha Noble of Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio"

RESIDENT:- Plain City, Madison County, Ohio.




As they appeared at Big Darby Baptist Church Parsonage,

  October 19, 1899, to be joined in holy bonds of wedlock.

  Reverend W. 5. Kent officiating.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

WRIGHT, LAURA A., Born January 6, 1876. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:- October 19, 1899 to STANLEY P. CARPENTER. Born August 31, 1876. Died April 30, 1954, age 78 years. Madison County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- HELEN, Born September 11, 1901. Married Wilber E. Beane.
RESIDENT:- Canaan Township, Madison County, R.F.D., Plain City, Ohio

Stanley Porter Carpenter, son of Burr and Amelia Carpenter, was born in Canaan Township, Madison County, Ohio,  Stanley has been very active in civic and community affairs.

He was a member of the Madison County Fair Board for 35 years. Also he served as clerk of the Canaan Township School Board for 27 years. He was also clerk of the Canaan Township Trustees, in which capacity he served for more than 28 years.

He resided upon a farm, a short distance from where he was born, his family being one of Madison County's first settlers, having always been one of the county's foremost in the advancement of the pursuit of agriculture.

Stanley, and his devoted wife (Laura), were the sixth members of the Dominy family, to celebrate the Golden Era. If he had lived to October of this year, they would have spent 55 years of wedded bliss and happiness, they being one of the last surviving couples.

To commemorate, on Sunday, October 23, 1949, in their attractive country home, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Carpenter celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

At the door, guests were most cordially welcomed by the son-in-law, Wilber Beane, and then they soon saw the smiling celebrants and their daughter, Helen, greeting and smiling with the guests.

In the bedroom were displayed the beautiful gifts and floral remembrances that friends had presented to show in some small degree the place the two held in the hearts of the community.

The dining table was most effective with its Damask cloth heavily decorated with embroidery and drawn work. In the center, literally covered with roses of frosting, was a two tiered cake. Linking it were the silver, mints, nuts, and golden ice cream with the symbolic 50.

Presiding at the coffee urns were Carolyn Noble and Marilyn Huntley, who were relieved by Charlotte Hennis and Jerriane Myers. Maud Elane Pennington and Jeanene Myers removed the plates.

Among the guests were six couples who had previously celebrated their 50th anniversaries: the Beachs, John Schofields, W. R. Kilgores, Marion Boyers, Newton Dominys and Merritt Stalbirds.

Relatives and friends brought congratulations and heart-felt greetings from Bell Center, Dublin, Hilliards, Norwalk, Akron, Painesville, Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg as well as from the surrounding community.

At 6 O'clock 30 people gathered for the family dinner, and also to honor Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bidwell, who at that date were celebrating their 45th anniversary. Each one was presented a dainty souvenir by the host and hostess. It truly was a day long to be remembered.

This is the sixth Golden Era to represent the Dominy family in the "Course of Time" and a great honor to be bestowed a family. 



This couple have lived all their lives in Canaan TownshiA Madison County, Ohio. Both are 73 years young. They have one daughter, Mrs. Wilber E. Beane, and a grandson, Duane.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

CARPENTER, HELEN, Born September 11, 1901. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED June 17, 1925 to WILBER E. BEANE, Born July 17, 1900. Dark County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- DUANE C. Born December 29, 1927. Married Marilyn Huntley.

RESIDENT:- 3661 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, Ohio.

Wilber Edward, was born on a farm in Franklin Township, Dark County, Ohio. He attained his grade and high school education in the Franklin Township Rural schools, graduating.

He entered Defiance College at Defiance, Ohio, in the fall of 1918, enlisting in the students army training corps, a course prepared by the college for officers training. Then the war ended, and he was discharged. He completed a year of normal training at the college, then taught two years in the Franklin Township elementary schools.

He registered in the College of Agriculture at Ohio State University in September 1921, graduating in June 1924, with a B.S. degree in agriculture.

Following graduation he accepted a position as Vocational Agriculture instructor in the high school at Arcadia, Ohio, a position he held for twenty years; also serving as principal of the schools for a period of ten years at the same time.

During his teaching at Arcadia, Ohio, he attended summer school at Ohio State University, and Stone Biological Laboratory at Gibraltar Island on Lake Erie, being granted a Masters Degree from Ohio State in August, 1937.

He resigned from teaching in February 1944, to take a position with the Du Pont Company of Wilmington, Delaware as sales demonstrator for their products.

In June, he was notified that he had successfully passed a civil service examination he had taken, and had been appointed a zone deputy collector in the Internal Revenue Department at Columbus, Ohio.

He resigned his position with the Du Pont Company, coming to Columbus, Ohio in August 1944. He has served the department as a deputy collector, an auditor, and at present is with the Proof of Claims Department in the Internal Revenue Bureau.

It is interesting to note, he was initiated and entered apprentice in Arcanum Lodge No. 295 F and A.M. on February 3, 1922, at Arcanum, Ohio, passed to the degree of Philocraft on April 14, 1922, and raised to the degree of Master Mason on September 26, 1922.

He took the York Rite at Fostoria, Ohio, from 1929 through 1935. He was High Priest of Garfield Chapter at Fostoria in 1937, and Master of Fostoria Council in 1940, and had advanced through the offices of Fostoria Commandery to Generalissimo when he resigned on moving to Columbus, Ohio in 1944.

On April 9, 1938, he was elevated to the Degree of Royal Ark Mariner in International Lodge No. 4 Moored to Essex Council No. 12 at Windsor, Canada.

Wilbur took the Scottish Rite work in the Valley of Toledo, Ohio on May 10, 1943. He has since transferred all his membership to Columbus, Ohio with the exception of the Blue Lodge and the Royal Ark Mariner Degree.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

BEANE, DUANE C., Born December 29, 1927, Arcadia, Ohio. MARRIED:-DECEMBER 23, 1950 to MARILYN HUNTLEY, Born July 23, 1927, Columbus, Ohio. CHILDREN:- One son. Infant still-born. July 30, 1954.

MILITARY SERVICE:- In World War Tao, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps May 15, 1945, when seventeen years of age. He took his basic training at Shephard Field, Texas, and then attended Technical school at Scott Field, Illinois and Kearns, Utah, where he trained as a Cryptogramic Technician.

During this period, he was promoted to the rank of corporal. Duane was stationed at Hamilton Field, California for a few weeks before going to Guam. Sent on August 5, 1946, he served ten months as a message center clerk with the 17th Communication Squadron Command.

He routed radio and teletype messages, classified and precedented messages, kept records and files and made reports, all in secret codes. He was discharged from the service September 9, 1947.

RESIDENT:- 957 Hunter Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. Moved to 812 North Main Street, Mishawaka, Indiana.

Duane returned from the service and entered the Ohio State University, graduating from the Commerce College on December 20, 1951, with a B.S. degree in Business Administration.

He accepted a position with the Studebaker Company in their new jet engine plant at South Bend, Indiana, as an accountant.

SEVENTH GENERATION: - or eighth in line. 

WRIGHT, DELLA, Born March 30, 1879, Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:- February 19, 1913 to CHARLES S. BARRICK, Born in Franklin County, November 19, 1868. Died March 29, 1914. Age 46 years. SECOND MARRIAGE:- December 6, 1917 to LEWIS E. STRAUSER, Born September 14, 1873. Died February 17, 1938. age 65 years. Plain City, Ohio. CHILDREN:- HENRY LEWIS, Born September 30, 1918. Single. RESIDENT:- Plain City, Union County, Ohio

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

WRIGHT, ABBIE B., Born March 23, 1885. Madison County. Died April 2, 1915. Age 30 years. MARRIED:March 20, 1910 to CHARLES H. ROBEY, Born January 21, 1884. CHILDREN:- OPAL K., Born June 12, 1911. Married Edward H. Hennis. HUGH E., Born March 22, 1915. Married Ellen Mae Page.

RESIDENT:- Darby Township, Madison County, R.F.D., Plain City, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

ROBEY, OPAL K., Born June 12, 1911. Madison County. MARRIED:- December 10, 1931 to EDWARD H. HENNIS, Born January 20, 1914. CHILDREN:- CHARLOTTE IRENE, Born June 9, 1932. ESTHER CAROLINE, Born September 28, 1938. ROBY NEAL, Born January 11, 1943, Madison County, Ohio.

MILITARY SERVICE:- Registered. OCCUPATION:- Farming. RESIDENT:- Madison County, R.F.D., Plain City, Ohio

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

ROBEY, HUGH E., Born March 23, 1915. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED:- September 16 1927 to ELLEN MAE PAGE, Born April 27, 1917. Plain City, Ohio. CHILDREN:- HALIE JO ANN, Born May 13, 1938. Plain City, Ohio. JOHN GLADE, Born January 9, 1940. Plain City, Ohio. MARY GANISE., Born July 29, 1945. Plain City, Ohio.

RESIDENT:- Plain City, Ohio.


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hennis of Plain City announce the engagement of their daughter, Charlotte Irene, to Mr. Richard D. Lambka, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lambka of Plain City, Ohio.

Open church wedding will be an event of August 14 at 7:30 P.M., Big Darby Baptist Church with the Reverend Richard Boswer officiating.



Taken December 15, 1864


Taken December 15, 1864



As they appeared at their farm home.

This photo was taken at their fifty-sixth wedding anniversary.