SIXTH GENERATION:- or seventh in line.

DOMINY, EDMOND B., Born June 25, 1839. Died in 1888, age 49 years. MARRIED in 1860 to LORETTIE DUGLASS, Born May 29, 1839. Died ?. CHILDREN:- JOHN, Born May 21, 1862. Died December 29, 1921. Married Ida Nunemaker. HATTIE, Born June 15, 1865. Died in 1886. Married Burr Sager. WILLIAM D., Born June 7, 1871. Died in 1949. Married Ella Early. FRANK, Born June 14, 1873. Died November 7, 1947. Married first to Mable Cary. Second marriage to Alta Terpin. GEORGE, Born August 23, 1877. Married Emma Terpin. Died October 29, 1954. North Lewisburg, Ohio.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, Hayden, Ohio.

Edmond was born in Madison County, Ohio, preparing himself as a farmer, but when his father sold his holdings in his native county, he accompanied his parents to their new holdings in the Township of Washington, County of Franklin, Ohio.

He located upon the Elrick farm of 120 acres purchased by his father in 1864, who later sold and subdivided the farm about 1870 between him (Edmond) and his brother Jerry, who had purchased from Mrs. Warner, her farm of 10 acres across the road from Edmond.

He made farming life's ambition, rearing his family of four sons and one daughter. In 1888 in early manhood, - "as life entering into full bloom - at the age of 49, he was taken by death."

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, JOHN, Born May 21, 1862. Died December 29, 1921. Age 59 years. MARRIED December 29, 1881 to IDA NUNEMAKER, Born January 25, 1864. Still living. CHILDREN:- MAUDE, Born November 23, 1882. Died July 20, 1915. Married John Kennedy. ELEANOR R., Born April 12, 1885. Married Charles H. Dye. EVEA, Born February 23, 1890. Married first Wilber Harrison. Second marriage to Aldo T. Johns.

RESIDENT:- Plain City, Madison County, Ohio. Moved to North Lewisburg, Campaign County, Ohio. Removed to West Mansfield, Logan County, Ohio, thence to St. Marys, Auglaize County, Ohio, where he died in 1921.

John, was born in Madison County, Canaan Township, Ohio, accompanying his parents to their new home in Franklin County. He received his education in old Sub-district No. 6, located on his Grandfather's farm. From this old one room school, he took the county teachers examination, passed and taught before and after his marriage for a number of years.

He was offered better pay as a clerk for Ballinger & Kerwin, Plain City, Ohio, in the hardware business. After a few years there, he and a Mr. Creviston entered the hardware business going to North Lewisbuigh, Ohio, to locate for a time. Selling his interest, he removed to West Mansfield, Ohio where he opened the sheet metal roofing business. Through the trade, he learned of a better opening in this business at St. Marys, Ohio where he moved continuing in this business till his death.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, MAUDE, Born November 23, 1882. Died July 20, 1915, age 33 years. MARRIED on December 12, 1901 to JOHN KENNEDY, Born?. Died?. CHILDREN:- LELIA DOLORES. Born March 18, 1903. Died July 1, 1903, age 3 months, 14 days. OPAL FEATH, Born May 25, 1906, Died November 8, 1910, age 4 years.

RESIDENT:- North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio and West Mansfield, Logan County Ohio.


EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, ELEANOR R.. Born April 12, 1885. Living. MARRIED:- February 18, 1907 to Charles H. DYE, Birth?. CHILDREN:- NONE.

RESIDENT:- Columbus, Ohio, now R.F.D. No. 4, Fostoria, Seneca County, Ohio.

"My parents moved from Plain City to North Lewisburg, Ohio, when I was nine (9) years old. I graduated there, from High School in 1903. In the fall of 1903 and the winter of 1904, attended Bliss Business College, Columbus, Ohio, graduating.

"I went to work for the Watkins Brothers of Toledo, Ohio. There I met my husband. He was ticketagent and telegraph operator. I was riding back and forth from Toledo to West Mansfield, Ohio, and he sold me my tickets. We were married as above noted.

"He was promoted to Train Dispatcher, and we moved from Columbus to Fostoria in 1927. He was retired from service on March 1, 1951. We are now living on our farm three (3) miles from Fostoria on Route No. 4, Ohio.

"You probably have forgotten I am your Mother's name sake. No one knows me hereby 'Ella' . they call me Eleanor."

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, EVEA - Born February 25, 1890. Living. MARRIED:- December 11, 1911 to WILBER HARRISON. (Divorced.) CHILDREN:- RICHARD - Born April 17, 1913. MARRIED:- November 23, 1915. (Second ) to ALDO T. JOHNS., Born April 9, 1889. Died May 21, 1948. CHILDREN: NONE.

RESIDENT:- 802 Columbus Street, St. Marys, Auglaize County, Ohio.


SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, HATTIE - Born June 15, 1865. Died in 1888, age 23 years. MARRIED:- Date in 1883 to BURR SAGER, Born in 1855. Died in 1920. Age 65 years. CHILDREN:- DELLA, Born October 24, 1884. Died January 1, 1940. Married John Wirick. INFANT SON born, died 1888.

RESIDENT:- Washington Township, Franklin County, West Hayden, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.


SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, WILLIAM DUGLASS - Born June 7, 1871. Died in 1949. MARRIED:- January 22, 1895 to MARY ELLA EARLY - Born April 2, 1868. Died April 2o, 1926. Age 58 years. CHILDREN:CLARENCE HERBERT Born November 7, 1895. Died July 10, 1902, age 7 years. CLARA MAY - Born February 26, 1898. Living. Married Oscar Forest Wright. WIRTH EARLY:- Born February 14, 1902. Living. Married ?. WALTER HENRY Born December 13, 1904. Living. Married Pauline Marie Hall. AUGUSTA WILLIE.- Born March 4, 1906. Died June 9, 1907, age 1 year. PAUL LAWRENCE.- Born May 28, 1909. Living. Married Lorene Eddy.

RESIDENT:- Washington and Norwich Townships, Franklin County, Ohio. Moved to Plain City, Madison County, Ohio.

Willie, as he was known to all, was born on his father's farm in his native township and county where he worked and lived until after his marriage.

His health was always not the best. He had been warned by a physician from his boy-hood days that he must take care of himself. He sold his equipment and moved his family to Plain City, where he lived, when his devoted wife preceded him in death. He enjoyed the ripe old age of the late seventies.

I think it would be interesting to relate a little story I know that actually happened. Uncle Ed, as we called him, lived across the field from our home in hollering distance, and we boys were always together. George, the baby, whom we called "Tag Along! if couldn't go! always bawled."

Well, it happened this way. They plowed a patch of new ground to sow to turnips for winter use. So once a week we had a boiled dinner or supper, consisting of sow-belly, turnips, and potatoes. OH! Boy! Great eating, to see the fat running down your chin and dropping off.

I'm just a little ahead of what I want to tell, one late fall day it was snowing and getting cold. So Uncle Ed called over to my father (Jerry), "we best pull and top the turnips, before they freeze." So we boys had to prepare for the occasion. Coming into our teens, we felt we were to be men soon if we had a chew of tobacco in our mouths.

We were busy pulling the turnips to top and pile which they covered with the turnip tops to protect them until ready to bury or put in cellar for winter use.

WELL, it happened - standing bent over pulling turnips, "Willie" swallowed his cud of tobacco, and didn't he get sick. OH! Today I can still see Uncle Ed put him over his shoulder, his head hanging down, holding him by his legs going to the house.

Aunt Ret, as we called her, saw Uncle coming with Willie and began to scream and wring her hands. "OH! OH! What's the matter with Willie! Oh! Get a Doctor quick!" "No! Loretta No! No! Willie will be alright in a little bit."

Pretty soon it happened, Willie's stomach couldn't stand the strain and up came a big cud of tobacco."Now Loretta, I told you Willie would come out alright."

So you see, - it all happens - something in our early youth - something to remember of those days passed and gone, never to return.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, CLARA MAY - Born February 26, 1898. MARRIED July 7, 1914 to OSCAR FOREST WRIGHT Born May 13, 1890. CHILDREN:- MARY ISABELLE - Born May 16, 1915- Married first to Joe Howard Sparks. Second to Victor Edison Vertner. DORTHA ANN - Born July 15, 1920. Married George Williamson Loy. DONALD LEE - Born January 7,1922. Died ? Married ?

RESIDENT:- Jefferson Township, Madison County, Plain City, Ohio,moved to Jerome Township, Union County, Plain City, Ohio.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

WRIGHT, MARY ISABELLE - Born May 16, 1915. Living. MARRIED January 26, 1930 to Joe HOWARD SPARKS. Divorced. CHILDREN: WALTER MARION - Born October 5, 1930. SECOND MARRIAGE January 29, 1936 to VICTOR EDISON VERTNER - Born October 21, 1915. CHILDREN: DONALD EARL - Born March 20, 1937.

RESIDENT:- Brown Township, Franklin County, Hayden, Ohio. Moved to Jerome Township, Union County, Plaid City, Ohio.

NINTH GENERATION:- or tenth in line.

WRIGHT, DORTHA ANN - Born July 20, 1920. MARRIED to GEORGE WILLIAMSON LOY - Born September 27, 1917. CHILDREN:- None given. RESIDENT:- Jerome Township, Union County, Plain City, Ohio

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, WALTER HENRY - Born December 13, 1904. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED May 21, 1927 to PAULINE MARIE HALL - Born March 26, 1906 at Nelsonville, Ohio. CHILDREN :- MARIE LEE - Born September 26, 1938. Died in infancy. MILITARY SERVICE:- None.

RESIDENT:- 1190 Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio.

WALTER, the third son of William Duglass and Mary Ella (EARLY) Dominy was educated in the schools at Plain City, Ohio. Entering the trade of baking as an apprentice, he has made it his life's ambition becoming a Master Baker in the Art of baking. But then the machine age came and robbed him of his Art, as you do not get the rating any more because the machine does the work. Walter has been 27 years with the Kroger Company, Columbus, Ohio, and is now acting as a supervisor. EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, PAUL LAWRENCE - Born May 28, 1909. Franklin County, Ohio. MARRIED April 13, 1932 to LORENE EDDY - Born November 6, 1915, at Athens, Ohio. CHILDREN:- NONE MILITARY SERVICE:- NONE.
RESIDENT: 2713 Homecroft Drive, Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio

PAUL, the fifth son of William Duglass and Mary Ella (EARLY) Dominy, was educated in the schools at Plain City, Ohio. He, like his brother (Walter), learned the baking trade as an apprentice. He has been 26 years with the Kroger Company, Columbus, Ohio, as a Baker.

DOMINY, WORTH EARLY - their second son left his home unawares, and his where abouts is unknown to his Father and Mother, (a mother's love for her roving son never ceased - until taken by death) for more than 16 years until the onset of World War Two when news reached his father that he was in the army at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

His father went to Fort Knox to see if the report was true and found that Worth had entered the army from Chloe, Nebraska, and had been sent to Fort Knox to train for a Motor Mechanist Repairman of the Army Air Force. He was attached to the 28th Airborne Squadron for service. After his discharge he returned to his father's home for a short stay and then returned to Omaha, Nebraska. When last heard from he was a resident of Archer, Missouri.

SEVENTH GENERATION:- or eighth in line.

DOMINY, FRANK - Born June 14, 1873, Franklin County. Died November 20, 1947, North Lewisburg, Ohio. MARRIED September 23, 1897 to MABLE CARY - Born October 16, 1880. Madison County, Ohio (Divorced.) CHILDREN:- JACOB EDWARD - Born December 6, 1899. Married Mable Four. GERALD FRANK Born February 20, 1903. SECOND MARRIAGE:- March 10, 1921 to ALTA TURPIN:- Born January 15, 1878 at North Lewisburg. Died in 1935.

RESIDENT:- Madison County, Plain City, Ohio, moved to Blackstone, Virginia, removed to North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio.

FRANK was born in Washington Township, Franklin County, Ohio living there until the death of his father and the sale of the farm, and then he was employed as a farm laborer.

In 1897, he was united in marriage to the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Cary, and then rented a farm in Madison County where he continued farming until 1908.

Having purchased a large farm at Blackstone, Virginia, he had a sale to dispose of his surplus personal property, taking She balance by train to equip his holdings purchased there.

After a number of years in Virginia, he received a good offer,sold his farm in 1920 and came back to his native state to live, until his death in 1947, at North Lewisburg, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, JACOB EDWARD or (JAY). Born December 6, 1899. Madison County, Ohio. MARRIED - November 24, 1934 to MABLE FOUT, Born May 1907, Marion, Ohio. CHILDREN:- JAMES FRANKLIN. Born February 1, 1950, Marion, Ohio. MILITARY SERVICE:- Registered.  RESIDENT:- 797 York Street, Marion, Ohio, removed to R.F.D. Cardington, Ohio

Jay and Jerry, owned and operated the largest service station in Marion, known as the Low Grade Station for a number of years. Being offered a good price for their station, they sold it, and Jay purchased a farm on state route No. 529, or the Marion - Cardington Highway, where he now resides - pursuing farming. 

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, GERALD FRANK (JERRY). Born February 20, 1903. Madison County, Ohio. A bachelor
RESIDENT:- 797 York Street, Marion, Ohio

JERRY and his mother live together. He purchased and operated a small service station under the name of the Low Grade Station, but recently bid on a government contract for the delivery of mail to half a dozen or more small post Offices in and around the surrounding community of Marion, Ohio, for which he received the government contract for delivery.

SEVENTH GENERATION :-or eighth in line.

DOMINY, GEORGE - Born August 23, 1877. Franklin County, Ohio. Died October 29, 1954, North Lewisburg, Ohio. MARRIED March 27,1900 to Emma Turpin - Born September 29,1881. North Lewisburg, Ohio. CHILDREN:-ROBERT - Born August 15, 1905. Married Mildred Bankerd. D. CORWIN - Born March 14, 1911. Married Cleo Gibson.

RESIDENT:- Franklin and Madison Counties, removed to North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio.

GEORGE was born in Washington Township, spending his youth and young manhood upon the farm as a laborer, receiving his education at old Sub-district No. 6 in his native township. After his marriage, since his wife was a native of North Lewisburg, they returned to her home town to make their future home.

He entered the railroad service of the Erie Company, as an assistant foreman in installing the Block System of communication. Receiving an eye injury after several years in the service, he retired from the railroad and busied himself on his truck farm where he raised plants of all descriptions (one season selling over 50,000 sweet-potatoe slops) supplying the surrounding community's wants - as "By George" has it - just ask and see.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, ROBERT or (BOB). Born August 15, 1905. North Lewisburg, Ohio. MARRIED August 25,1927 to MILDRED BANKERD - Born March 12,1905 in Xenia, Ohio. CHILDREN:- PATRICIA ANN - Born August 20, 1933, Xenia, Ohio. MILITARY SERVICE:- Registered.

RESIDENT: - 102 Weaver Street, Green County, Xenia, Ohio.

Bob, as he is known and called by all, received his elementary and High School education in the schools at North Lewisburg.

He attended Business College at Urbana, Ohio, graduating. He received a position as Bookkeeper, and later was promoted as general manager of one of the largest lumber company of Xenia, Ohio.

EIGHTH GENERATION:- or ninth in line.

DOMINY, D. CORWIN - Born March 14, 1911. North Lewisburg, Ohio. MARRIED September 3, 1933 to CLEO GIBSON - Born September 22, 1908 in Logan County, Ohio. CHILDREN:- DIANE - Born August 2, 1946, Cincinnati, Ohio. DAVID THOMAS - Born January 20, 1950, Cincinnati, Ohio. MILITARY SERVICE:- United States Coast Guard - 26 months. Inducted 1943. Discharged 1945. - Boot Camp (13 long weeks - Curtis Bay, Maryland). RESIDENT:- 8356 Beta Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.

BIOGRAPHIC SKETCH:- "Assets at time of marriage after necessary Fee ($5.00) Five Bucks. Came immediately to Cincinnati, where Ralph Wirickhelped me get employment at the stupendous salary of $13.00 per week, at the John Shillito Co.

  "Shortly l made a connection, and became a "Traveling Salesman", selling bread wrappers (Printed Wax Paper to Bakers). I was on this job for seven years, traveling about 1000 miles a week. We made our home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I traveled Pennsylvania, New York Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky, and I was often gone from home three weeks or more at a time.

"After (7) seven years and no money to show for my efforts, I quit the traveling accent quick, because I've never been fired yet! Then I spent a year in life insurance, where I lost my shirt and two pair of pants. When I saw my uncle and my own brother buy insurance from someone who was not a blood relative but was already established, I decided that you need a break, so make it yourself and to Hell with relatives.

"Fortunately, I made a contract and became sales representative for Adam Wuest Incorporated. The firm is now (101) one hundred and one years old. We manufacture mattresses, box springs and studio couches.

"I have been with this firm now for many years, and without a doubt they are the finest employers any one could wish for. In our firm there is no Religious or Racial discrimination. Further, there is no NEW DEAL, FAST DEAL, RAW DEAL, "Something for Nothing" psy chology that is so prevalent today.

  "We built a new home last year, and with our very comfortable surroundings, and our two wonderful children, we are indeed contented. May we keep our health, and enjoy it all to the fullest - under the Divine guidance given.